Why Choose Us

India’s Largest & Most Widely-Recommended Trekking Community

Indiahikes is primarily a trek documentation organisation.
We explore, write and document treks.


New Trails, New Explorations

Indiahikes has been instrumental in bringing out great treks in India — be it the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, The Rupin Pass, The Buran Ghati, The Roopkund or any of them listed on our website. All great treks in India have either been discovered, the route modified, or simply brought to people’s attention by Indiahikes.


Innovation in Trekking

Today, the way treks are conducted in India is not how things were earlier. Indiahikes brought in a culture of trek leadership, which in turn turned the focus on safety. Indiahikes brought in safety devices and protocols that changed the face of Indian trekking. Today, it has become a lot safer to trek in India because of these systems.


Great Treks

Finally, at Indiahikes, we also run great treks. Our attention to detail shows everywhere. All our equipment is especially designed and made for Indiahikes in factories abroad. The same attention to detail shows in the efficiency and training of our trek leaders, the food we cook, the care we take of the environment. One way to know Indiahikes is to interact with our staff. They love working with Indiahikes. It shows up in a great trek.

Hiking Club

Indiahikes started the Hiking Club in 2015 to evolve the term “trekking.” We believe all children should trek. In our experience as a trekking organisation, we see adults imbibe lessons from outdoors on a daily basis. Children are much more receptive to the world in their growing years.