Why Stay Three In A Tent: Indiahikes Founder Shares His Thoughts

A few weeks ago, we stirred up a storming debate about whether we should house two or three in a tent.

Surprisingly, we received rather contrasting responses.

Over emails, we received:

  • 471 responses in favour of three to a tent
  • 187 responses for two to a tent
  • 66 for putting up an addidional charge and allowing three to a tent.

Our website, on the other hand, took the other direction. There are 182 comments and still counting, all of them with strong opinions. More than half of them are for two in a tent.

But our founder, Arjun Majumdar, has a very different thought on this topic.

“Everybody knows that housing two people in a tent is more comfortable. That’s a given. There’s no two ways about it. But my thought is not on this. I think with three in a tent, there’s a very big blessing that trekkers don’t pay enough importance to,” he says.

In the video below he sums up his thoughts on why trekkers should opt to stay three in a tent. Watch it here.

What do you think about what Arjun has to say? Do you share the same ideas? Put your thoughts down in the comments below.

Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy is the Chief Editor at Indiahikes. She also runs a video series, Trek With Swathi. Before joining Indiahikes, she worked as a reporter and sub-editor at Deccan Chronicle. She holds a Masters in Digital Journalism and continues to contribute to publications such as Deccan Herald. Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates that mind like nothing else can.Read Swathi's other articles. Watch Swathi's video series here.

5 thoughts on “Why Stay Three In A Tent: Indiahikes Founder Shares His Thoughts

  1. Very well said, sir!!

    Agreed about how people prefer more about comfort more than social connections. Indiahikes is doing great bringing trekkers together through obligation. this is good.

  2. Totally on point. Trekking is always about experience and not about luxury. An experience of a lifetime at the cost of compromising a bit of comfort and luxury.

  3. I have different take on it , bond is developed when you are tracking , sweating it out together, helping each other on the way, pepping up not so fit colleagues , sitting around a bonfire chitchating. However , when it finally comes to call it a day and hitting the head to pillow One certainly needs little space to sleep peacefully. Imagine the plight of a non snoring person or a light sleeper when two people snoring away right next to the ears of each other, at best two to a tent not more than that for sure. Tracking needs to be fun not a sleepless night.

  4. So, finally how many people would be a in a tent? I haven’t seen a post talking about the what the final decision is. My brother and I are planning a Hampta Pass trek in August. He is a 6 feet 2 inches tall and muscular guy. 2 other tentmates plus everyone’s backpack would make the tent extremely stuffy. I know this as I experienced this when I did KGL in 2015 with IH. Please let me know if you can allow 2 in a tent, else his trek ecperienced will be ruined for sure. He has done shorter higher altitude treks on his own, and 2 in a tent isn’t a luxury for him. Its a need. Kindly reply.

    1. Hi, we encourage 3 people to share a tent. If for some reason, that’s not possible then you need to write a mail to your Trek Coordinator who will figure out the logistics and help you resolve the query.

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