Why you need a trekking pole

Ever gone on a trek and thought, “I can’t go on any more! I could really use another leg!” or maybe, “Oh my God this bag is heavy! Can someone please share this load with me?” Those are just few of the things a trekking pole does. It acts as a third leg, it shares the load of your backpack with you, it gives you more propulsion. A trekking pole is one of THE most useful equipment ever made in the world of trekking. In this episode, Swathi tells you more about why you need a trekking pole.


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4 thoughts on “Why you need a trekking pole

  1. Hey IH/Swathi, I was looking for Trekking Pole in IH and i found an option to order…but that link is not taking anywhere…Can you please help from where i can buy the items suggested by you (IH) like Crosstrek 56 Trek Pole ?

    1. Hi Suresh
      If you have registered for the trek then you need to click on this link. You will have to select the trek you have registered for in order to buy the trek pole and make the payment.

      If you haven’t registered for a trek then you can buy it from any Decathlon store.

  2. Hi, I am from Jaipur and going on solo trekking to Kheerganga in mid April. Do i need warm clothes at that time? Is it necessary to submit medical certificate for Kheerganga Trek?


    1. Hi Anil,
      Yes, you will need at least two layers of warm clothes in mid April at Kheerganga. If you are trekking on your own, you do not need any medical certificate. However, if you doing the trek with Indiahikes, you will need to submit the medical certificate.