Top 6 Himalayan Treks to do in Winter 2020 (Pro tips inside)

In this post, I’m sharing the best winter treks in 2020.

Now is when you should start planning your winter trek — you’ll get to choose the dates you want (although our popular winter treks are already down to their last slots) and your flight tickets will be least expensive now. You’ll also have enough time to physically and mentally prepare for your winter trek. 

Further, to keep trekking safe, we have put in a 31-point safety check in place, which will be strictly followed on all treks. 

Use this as a guide to choose your winter trek. Watch out for a few pro tips that accompany these treks as well.

Here are the top 5 winter treks in India you must do in 2020

1. Dayara Bugyal Winter Trek

best winter treks in india
You never see snow in as much abundance as in winter. This is Dayara Bugyal in winter. Picture by Sudheer Hegde

This is a trek I love simply because it’s such a relaxing climb and yet gives you such grand returns. You never expect such views and experiences on such an easy trek! And in winter, it’s even prettier (if that’s possible) with the meadows blanketed in shimmering white snow.

Given the ease of the climb, this trek is especially good for families and beginners in winter. But don’t let that stop you if you are an experienced trekker — you can go on this trek ten times and you won’t tire. I would also recommend it to those who have already seen it in another season. It’s a completely different trek in winter.

Difficulty in winter: Easy-Moderate
Highest altitude: 11,978 ft
Duration: 6 days
Available in: November, December, January, February, March


2. Brahmatal Winter Trek

best winter treks in india
The Brahmatal trek is something that all trekkers rave about for the snow experience. Picture by Devang Thapliyal

This is our co-founder Sandhya’s favourite trek. When she went last year. she stood at the summit, with a riveting view of two most celebrated mountains — Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. She also saw the entire Roopkund trail laid out before her — literally a bird’s-eye view. I would highly recommend reading this personal note she wrote after her Brahmatal trek to get an idea.

Choose this if you want a grand snow experience. Most trekkers come back raving about the snow here. Also, be physically prepared because it has some good climbs.

Difficulty in winter: Moderate
Highest altitude: 12,250 ft
Duration: 6 days
Available in: November, December, January, February


3. Deoriatal Chandrashila Winter Trek

best winter treks in india
The Chandrashila summit climb sees a lot of snow in winter, and you get to slide down from the summit all the way to the bottom. Picture by Satyen Dasgupta

This is a trek we dearly missed in winter last year. It used to be one of India’s most popular winter treks. The popularity died down when the forest department closed some crucial campsites. But now new alternative campsites have come up. So we’re back to running this grand trek. The trail, of course, remains as charming with its vibrant forests, the lake and the climb to the Tungnath temple and Chandrashila summit.

This trek gives a highly unfair reward for the amount of effort you put in. You get to see almost all the most magnificent peaks in Indian Himalayas including Mt Nanda Devi, India’s highest summit. And you get to experience snow in winter. If the dates suit you, don’t think twice, just go for it.

Difficulty in winter: Easy-Moderate
Highest altitude: 12,083 ft
Duration: 6 days
Available in: November, December, March, April


4. Mukta Top Winter Trek

best winter treks in india
Mukta Top is one of our most secluded winter treks. Picture by Assad Dadan

If you’re looking specifically to get away from crowds, pick this one. Rarely do we come across a spectacular trek that has enchanting forests, meadows, superb mountain views and a very satisfying summit climb. Mukta Top is one of them.

The seclusion at Mukta Top comes at a cost though. It’s mildly tougher than all other winter treks because it starts a good 2000 ft lower than all others. So make sure you’re extra fit for this one! 

Difficulty in winter: Moderate
Highest altitude: 11,838 ft
Duration: 6 days
Available in: November, December, January, February


5. Kedarkantha Winter Trek

best winter treks in india
You’ll not see snow-laden pine forests like the Kedarkantha trek on any other trail. Picture by Bappaditya Chandra

Do I need to introduce this trek? This trek exploded in terms of popularity when we opened it up in winter 2011. It has endearing campsites, a thrilling summit climb, and one of the best winter experiences in the Himalayas. Most trekkers treat it as a bucket list trek, and they’re completely justified because it’s not every day you come across such a perfect winter trek.

We are doing this trek from the Kotgaon route, and not from Sankri. This new trail is isolated and it bypasses the crowd. I have to say it is a lot prettier than the older route as well. Read all about this route here

Difficulty in winter: Moderate
Highest altitude: 12,500 ft
Duration: 6 days
Available in: October, November, December, January, February, March, April


6. Sandakphu Winter Trek

On the way to Sandakphu – seen behind the Sleeping Buddha with Mt Everest, Mt Makalu, Mt Lhotse and others. Picture by Anil Vesvikar

Choose this trek if you are looking for a strong cultural experience. You get a peek into what the Nepali trekking culture is like.</span> <span style=”font-weight: 400;”>It’s a trek on the border of India and Nepal, constantly weaving in and out of the two countries (feels very international, I tell you!). It also gives you views of four of the tallest mountains in the world — Mt Everest, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu and Mt Kanchenjunga. No other trek gives you that.

Not many trekkers know this, but on this trek, you stay in tea houses for a few days, and you also get the Indiahikes camping experience for 2 days. It’s a great way to experience the best of both worlds. While you get snow on this trek, it is not as much as our Uttarakhand or Himachal treks. So do keep that in mind.

Difficulty in winter: Moderate
Highest altitude: 11,950 ft
Duration: 7 days
Available in: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April


So those are the good winter treks to explore this year. Just remember, any time from mid-December to the end of March will give you a good snow experience! 

We have also opened up the dates all the way till April. If you like to plan early, you can get started here

If you need help making a decision, drop in a comment below. 

We’ll help you out!

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266 thoughts on “Top 6 Himalayan Treks to do in Winter 2020 (Pro tips inside)

  1. Thanks for this beautiful compilation of wonder treks, the first TREK i did was Chandrshilla glad to fin it on the top of your list.

  2. I have planned for Sandakphu trek in december last week. But i am not sure whether it will be snow. I wanted a trek where i can walk in snow/ice. Which one would you suggest ?

    1. It will be chilling cold. It doesn’t snow heavily like Himachal and Uttarakhand. I was at Sandakphu on 1.1.16 and the minimum temperature through the night was -12. It was awesome. The Sleeping Buddha is visible clearly. And, you’re above the clouds.

    1. Hi Srinidhi there will be snow in February at Sandakphu. That’s peak winter and it will be very cold. The temperature could drop to around -10 degrees at night.

  3. Can u recommend a best trek for dec last week as some of the treks are full..any good options will be helpful{ 7-8 daus trek}

    1. Hi Shrishail, the Kuari Pass trail will have too much snow in the month of February. The best season to do this trek is from September to December.

    1. Hi Avinash, there will be snow in Kedarkantha during the last week of December. 🙂 Unfortunately, all our batches are full.

  4. Hi Ajay ,
    Which is the best time for the HKD trek … there should be a best snow view … please let me know the best season

    1. Hi Sanjay, well- there is December and March where Har Ki Dun is an extremely pretty winter trek. Unfortunately, the forest department has closed the Har Ki Dun trail for this December. You can try going in March though! 🙂

        1. Hi Govind, all treks above ~12,000 ft are closed in winter because there’s too much snow and the trails are blocked. Treks above 14,000 ft usually have a very small window — May-June (summer months) and Sept-Oct (post-monsoon when the snow is washed off). In Himachal, you do have the chance of climbing high even in July, Aug and September, but definitely not in winter.

          The treks mentioned in this post all climb to around 12,000 ft and even they have too much snow. Our technical team usually forces a way through in the snow and makes a route for trekkers. So these are the only possible treks in winter.

    1. Hi Deepthi, you’ll find that most of our winter batches to all treks are full. We’ve opened fresh batches to a fresh trek – Kuari Pass. You can take a look at the details here –

      If you’re going on your own, then Deoriatal is a very good trek to do independently and in the third week of December.

      1. Hi! I want to trek in the month in Jan 2nd week, I have done Kuari and Brhamatal, and would like to ip the difficulty level.
        Any suggestions please

        1. Hi Murtaza, in the second week of Jannuary, any trek would be quite challenging. It’s one of the most snowy months in the year and that itself makes most treks very challenging. If you’ve already done Brahmatal and Kuari, I’d recommend the Kedarkantha trek to you. It’s one of the most gratifying summit climbs. You’ll find all details about the trek here –

  5. Hey, Planning to trek in dec end.

    I am nto able to decide which one to go, Chandrashilla or Har-ki-dun.
    Could you please give your opinion, which is better and preferable why?

    Would love to know.

    1. Hi Nischith

      Go for Chandrashila. Har Ki Dun trails are closed from December to February, thanks to a new order passed by the Forest Department. If you find that December batches to Chandrashila are full, you can go for the Kuari Pass trek. It’s a grand trek to do in winter. Here are the details –

    1. Hi Akash, I think Brahmatal would be an excellent choice. A great snow trek, magnificent views of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti and camping beside the frozen lakes. 🙂

  6. what are the chances of finding snowfall at Kuari pass during the last week of Dec?
    I have booked for this trek after getting shifted from HKD, hoping for a snow trek.

    1. A lot! 🙂 More than Har Ki Dun in fact because Kuari goes to a higher altitude. Most trails in Uttarakhand, beyond a certain altitude (say about 10,000 ft), will have snow. 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Can you please suggest a 4-5 day trek for the last week of January in Himachal ?? A trek where I would find snow on my way. 😀

    1. Hi Ridhi

      Himachal Pradesh sees too much snow in January, that is why we only run the Prashar Lake trek in January. It is a weekend trek.

      I think you will like the Brahamatal trek. It is in Uttarakhand. The trek is for 6 days. It is a beautiful snow trek. You can get all the details about the trek here:


  8. Hi,

    I am planning for a trek in March end toKedrakantha or Chandrashilla. Which one will you suggest this being my 1st trek. TIA

    1. Hi Saurabh

      March is the best time to do the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek. It will be laden with full bloomed Rhododendrons. It is a very good trek for a beginner. You will a ball of a time on this trek. 🙂


    2. Hi Saurabh

      March is the best time to do the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek. The trail will be laden with full bloomed Rhododendrons. It is a very good trek for a beginner. You will have a ball of a time. 🙂


  9. Hi,
    I am planning for the trek in the first week of March, where i can enjoy the snowfall and snow walk and the best view of himalayas. please suggest me some best treks.

    1. Hi Rejesh

      In March, you should do the Deoriatal trek. It is one of the most beautiful treks in our country. The Rhododendrons on this trek will begin to bloom and you will get to experience snow on your climb to the Chandrashila summit too. From the Deoriatal campsite, you will see the sunrise on Mt Chaukhamba, which in my opinion is the reason for you to do this trek. 🙂


  10. What is the best time to go for chadar trek. Landscapes covered with snow is must :p . Can you please provide itinerary for the same with associated cost.
    Will it be a good choice considering it will be the first trek for few of them.

    1. Hi Saikat, The Chadar forms between January-February. Mid Jan to mid February to be exact. Ladakh is dry- so snowfall and having landscapes covered with snow are not very common. As in, there will be powdery snow but not snow fields, if you know what I mean. 🙂 Unfortunately, we don’t run treks in Ladakh. Here is why:
      I wouldn’t recommend Chadar for first timers. The extreme conditions are not for ones who are stepping into the world of the trekking for the first time. They should do something along the lines of Kedarkantha or Brahmatal before trying out Chadar.
      You can look at our documentation here:

  11. Hi,

    Would any of the treks have snow in March/April?

    I am looking for moderate difficulty treks with wonderful scenery and snow.

    1. Hi Nikhar, March- yes. April, not as much. The only trek that will have lots of snow in April is Pangarchulla. It has the best of Kuari Pass trail with a summit climb to boot.

    1. Hi Kevin, While not primarily a snow trek, you can do Rupin Pass for the excellent snowfields in the month of June. 🙂

  12. I am first time trekker and would like to know good moderate trek between September – November also if there is good snow as well. As i search on indiahike , there are no calendar yet for September – November 🙂 when it will be publish ? .. so accordingly i can check and apply for trek ?

  13. What are the easy to moderate treks recommended during December? I am keen on a trail that has Meadows and also gives clear view of multiple peaks…

    1. Hi Rupi, in December, go for the Kuari Pass trek. It clearly suits your requirements, with the lovely Gorson Bugyal meadows. It also has few of the best mountain views. 🙂

      1. Many thanks Swathi. What about Sandakphu trek around December? I loved the trek details and also the reviews…Also seems it gives crystal clear mountain views during that time of the year…

  14. I want to experience fresh and most amount of snow…so can anyone suggest me the best trek in winter?
    Difficulty level looking for is Easy/Moderate.
    Indiahikes says that Kedarkantha is best winter trek but i am also looking for bhramatal as a option
    Plzzzzz suggest.

    1. Hi Jigar if you’re going for Brahmatal, try and go in January or February. It is a beautiful trek! Kedarkantha is good too, if you time it in the last week of December. 🙂

  15. Hi Arjun & India Hikes team, Thanks !

    We are 3 friends looking for a trek in December 2017. Mid to late December. We are keen to do 4-6 day trek. We did Kilimanjaro in Dec 2016.

    We are not sure if it would be extreme cold or inhospitable. which treks would you recommend and can we speak to get some guidance / can you help us with it ?

    1. Hi Saurabh, we have many winter treks in December, especially in the second half of the month. I would recommend the Kuari Pass and Kedarkantha treks. You’ll find all the December treks here –

      It will be extremely cold, but not so inhospitable if you are well-equipped. You will need five warm layers and warm accessories to manage the negative temperatures. You’ll find everything you must carry in the list of things to get in each of the trek pages.

      Alternatively, you can call us on +91 9343831803 if you have any specific questions.

  16. I want to tell Kedarkanth or har ki doon in February, 2018 to experience walking and camping through ice. Which one will be the best?? Additionally publish the dates of starting the trek in February.

    1. Hi Kunal, Brahmatal and Sandakphu are the only treks we run in February. All other treks are inaccessible because there is too much snow. We’ll put out the dates by July or early August for 2018.

  17. Hi Swati/indiahikes team
    I read in one of your earlier replies, that har ki dun trail is closed by forest department in Dec.
    I am planning to join the HKD trek in Dec this year, and the site shows that dates are available too.
    Could you just clarify whether or not the HKD is happening this Dec 2017 ?


    1. Hi Rohit, we are running the HKD trek till December 31st. After that, it has been disallowed by the forest department because January and February are peak winter months and that is when animals hibernate.

  18. Hi Swathi,
    I am doing the Kedarkantha trek with Indiahikes in the last week of Dec. I’m thinking of following it up with Beahmatal in the first week of Jan. Just wanted to know if there’ll be batches for Beahmatal on around 3rd-4th Jan because I cannot do the trek any later than that.

    1. Hi Divyam
      Yes we do run the Bhrahmatal trek in January but we still need time to work out the dates. It is advisable that you take atleast a day or two of rest if you’re planning to do two treks back to back.

  19. Hi Swati
    I want to do a trek in mid January for 10days atleast. Which one do you suggest? I dont mind difficult trails also. I have done the EBC before and totally loved the trail. So anything similar is also fine. Please do suggest. very confused

    1. Hi Mahalakshmi. In January, not many difficult treks are accessible because there is too much snow beyond 12,000 ish feet. In fact, very few treks are accessible. One would be Brahmatal (it is an excellent snowy trek in Janury. Fairly difficult because of the extreme weather conditions and high snow). Second is Sandakphu, which has relatively lesser snow.

      If you have been to EBC already, then go for Brahmatal. It is very different to trek in Uttarakhand as compared to Nepal. 🙂

  20. Please suggest best trek for first week of December. Preferably not an easy one. The trekkers are experienced.

    1. Hi Amritansh, all our December treks are moderate. You could go for either the Sandakphu Phalut or the Brahmatal trek. Both are challenging in their own ways. Brahmatal is a rare trek to be accessible in peak winter and comes with a close view of Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. The Sandakphu trail keeps moving in and out of Nepal. It has some stunning forests to look forward to among the view of four of the tallest mountain peaks. Hope this helps 🙂

  21. Hi,please tell me what kind of weather will be there on Har ki doon trek in september second batch that is in some where third week.Will there be snow or still rains.

    1. Hi Manju

      We do not have any batches in September. Monsoon recedes in September. However, it is very humid at lower altitudes and is not a great season to trek. In October the season of trekking begins. You will be greeted with clear views during this time.

  22. Hi team,
    We are a bunch of 6 friends planning a snow trek in Feb/March 2018. We have completed the Kedarkantha and Singalila Pass treks earlier. Please suggest best trek routes apart from Deoriatal-chandrashila.

  23. Dear IH team,

    I wish to do a winter trek in third week of january 2018. I am confused between Har ki dun and Brahmatal. I have done Hampta and Chadar before. I wish to do a trek which will be a little different from these two. Which one would you suggest based on Snow cover, forest cover and visibility of high peaks?

    P.S. Is there any way one can do Dzongri La at that time?


    1. Hey Arjun, go for the Brahmatal trek. They have some really pretty forests too 🙂

      You can do the Sandakphu trek during that time too where you will be going to the Dzongri Top. Both these treks have really nice thick forest trails. But you cannot do the Har ki Dun trek in January because there is too much snow on the trail during this time which makes it inaccessible.

  24. Guys, how difficult is the Brahmatal trek? I have done Kedarkatha with you before. Also, will you guys open slots in jan for prashar lake? I really want to do that.

    1. Hello Lekha
      Brahmatal is a moderate trek. It isn’t very difficult if you prepare well before a trek.
      As of now we do not know when we will be running the Prashar Lake trek.

  25. Hello,
    I have planned for Kedarkantha trek in January first week. But i am not sure whether it will be snow or not. I wanted a trek where i can walk in snow. Kindly suggest me.

    1. Hi Amit, there is a lot of snow in January, making most treks inaccessible. After the first week of January, even Kedarkantha becomes inaccessible. I’d suggest going for the Brahmatal trek. You’ll trek in lots of snow and you’ll camp in snow as well. It’s a great trek to do in January. Here are the details –

      1. Hi Swati,
        First of all let me mention you are looking so Charming.
        Want to Compliment you for looking so Beautifull.
        Thank you so much for sending me update really find it very beneficial.
        I am Beginner in Trekking please Advice which Trek to go and how to prepare for it,

  26. Hey, I am planning for trekking in nov between 15 to 25th, can u suggest good snow trek, also please let me know can I play in a team as I am single.

  27. Which trek will be better in the last week of December , Brahmatal or kauri pass??
    Where wil the trek be more adventurous
    And wI’ll the entire trek be possible or can the snow cut short the trek ?

    1. Hi Abhay that’s a tough choice. Both treks are brilliant in the last week of December. And you’ll be able to complete both of them too, unless there’s a snow storm that requires evacuation. However, that rarely happens. I’d say go for Brahmatal. The views from Brahmatal are slightly closer than on Kuari Pass. Honestly, you can go either ways, but if you really have to choose, go for Brahmatal.

  28. Hi I wanted to know which trek is better Chandrashilla or Bhramtal .. I would most likely be going between 15 dec to 25 dec ..Which trek will have snow??

  29. I have booked a Har Ki dun trek in the last week of December 2017. What r my chances for finding snow?
    Last year HKD trek was closed in month of December is there any chance this time also trek will get closed at last minute??
    Will the temperature drop to -10 degree?I am planning to carry DSLR camera for capturing landscape and birds in the HKD trail . What will be your suggestion?

    1. Hey Anusha
      There is a high chance of snowfall on your batch. And the temperatures are likely to drop to as low as -5 to -10 degree Celsius. We are certain of running our treks to HKD until the end of December so no, the trek will not be closed at the last minute unless the Forest Department raises an alarm.
      You can definitely carry your DSLR but keep it covered whenever you aren’t using it. Make sure you don’t get any moisture to enter the camera. Even if it means going to the kitchen tent and keeping your camera in a bag of rice. A great option would be to carry silica gel packets in your camera bag.

  30. hai
    i want to spend some time in snow with good view as i am a photographer. in which trek we can see the nanda devi and small himalayan hamlets. i already did har ki dun.

    1. Hello, you could do the Kuari Pass or the Deoriatal Chandrashila for good views of the Nanda Devi and the surrounding peaks like Dronagiri, Hathi Ghoda and Nilkanth. Deoriatal especially has a 360 view of the mountains at the summit and is quite a thrilling experience. If you wish to see snow then do these treks in late December or January, March and April.

  31. Hello,
    We’ve narrowed down our options to Sandakphu, Kedarkantha or Har ki Dun trek. Can you help us select the best amongst them?
    Also we’re looking for any dates between 20 Dec and 10 Jan. Unfortunately all the slots among this trek are full as we’re a group of 8 people.
    Please help if there can be any solution for this.

  32. Hi,

    I want to gift a trek to my husband. He is trekker but has never done a trek in north… he has trekked in south n west india.

    could you please suggest me some good trek…

    1. Hi Ruchita what a wonderful gift! 🙂 Kuari Pass and Deoriatal are good treks to gift. I’m suggesting these two particularly because they have long seasons. So it will give your husband a good amount of flexibility. And they’re great treks almost throughout the year! 🙂

  33. Hi,
    Could you please suggest the best trek in the month of December?
    If possible a place and time when there is just the perfect amount of snow cover. Not too much but just a thin layer and beautiful views.

    1. Hello Akash
      It is very unlikely for it to snow on the running treks in the beginning of December. If this is your first trek go for Brahmatal or Kedarkantha trek. It will be a good start for you in the mountains.

  34. Hello,

    Kindly suggest which is better for december end. Sandakphu or Kedarkanta or any other. I wanted to trek in Snow. If not of this year, then next year december as your batches are showing full.

    1. Hello Sanjay

      Have you heard about the Dayara Bugyal trek?
      Its an alpine meadow trek and words cannot describe how beautiful it looks covered under light powdery snow in December. Its just lovely in December. This is also a good option if you don’t wish to be trekking with too many people around. You can know more about it here –

  35. Hi,

    Which of the winter treks where I can see snow are currently open? Are there any treks in Nov, where I can see snow as well?

    1. Hi Raunaq, in November there isn’t any snow on the trails that are easily accessible. It starts snowing only in the last week of December. If you’re trekking in that time of the year, all the treks mentioned in this article will have snow.

  36. Hi,
    I’m visiting Manali in November, Is it offseason??? Most trek advisors I contacted told me that November is not the best time to visit Manali as it will be usually dry, I’m confused now. I wanted to do Hampta pass trek but the season is from Aug to Sep. Can you please suggest any good treks with moderate difficulty that are good in November end where I can experience the snow and also enjoy lush green meadows along the trek. Please email the details to [email protected].

    1. Hi Darshan, the tour operators are not wrong. It’s going to be dry in the lower reaches of Himachal and there will be too much snow in the upper reaches. Hampta Pass will be blocked with too much snow as it’s at around 14,000 ft. You will not be able to cross the pass. It starts snowing here by around mid- October. The meadows will not be a lush green either because it’s autumn or early winter. You find lush meadows only in June, July, August, and to an extent, the first week of September.
      You could try climbing to Bhrigu Lake, but that is most likely going to be under snow too!

      If you really want to trek in November, then Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand is a great option! The views are stunning in November and the meadows are a golden brown! It’s one of the best early winter treks.

      1. Hi Swathi,

        Thanks for the reply! I have 3 treks in mind Har Ki Dun Trek, Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek, Kuari Pass Trek. I have watched all the 3 trek videos, it seems magnificent. Please suggest one trek which is ideal for me around Nov 20. I want to experience forest camping, snow at the summit if not along the trek and stunning view of snow-covered peaks at the summit.

        Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi,
    I plan to do a snow trek in march 18 or earlier. Which one will be best scenic and easy snow trek? I had already done Chandrashila trek last march.

    1. Hi Arijit if you have already done Chandrashila, then you could consider Brahmatal in March. It’s a gorgeous snow trek, with nice rhododendrons in March. It’s one of the best treks to do at that time of the year! 🙂

  38. Hi,
    I want to visit the Himalayas around 3rd week of December with snowy mountains and breathtaking views. Kindly suggest me a trek for atmost 1 week of easy to moderate difficulty

    1. Hi Mahesh, if you’re looking for an easy-moderate trek, Kuari Pass is a great option. It has enticing views throughout the trek, if you time it towards the end of the third week, you’ll trek in snow too! And the campsites are breath-taking too. So go for it. 🙂

  39. HI, What will be climate like in March’18 (11th march’18 – 16th Mar’18 Batch)for Brahmatal Trek. Amount of Snow Fall & temp..
    Essential things to carry??


    1. Hi Shabil there is a lot of snow on the Brahmatal trek in March. It is as good as a winter trek in March. You’ll need at least 3-4 warm layers to keep yourself warm. The night temperatures can dip to zero degrees.

    1. Hi Ishan, all these treks have a near-equal amount of snow in March because they are climb up to similar altitudes. Har Ki Dun perhaps has the most snow because the trail lingers around at that altitude for a longer time. So go for Har Ki dun in March!

  40. Hi Swathi,

    I want to gift a trek to my son with moderate difficulty btw 24-31 st december 2017 .He is a first timer and would prefer a location where he can experience some snow too .
    Thanks Vibhuti

    1. Hello! Kuari Pass would be a great trek to gift to him! It’s perfect for first timers and there’s a lot of snow at the time you’re looking for. Just write to [email protected] and he’ll help you with it! 🙂

  41. I have 3 treks in mind Har Ki Dun Trek, Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek, Kuari Pass Trek. I have watched all the 3 trek videos, it seems magnificent. Please suggest one trek which is ideal for me around Nov 20. I want to experience forest camping, snow at the summit if not along the trek and stunning view of snow-covered peaks at the summit.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. Hi,
    I am planning a trek in the month of December but not sure of the dates and the trek ( maybe kauri or chandrasheela) because of the availability of the treks and snow.

    Can you please suggest the best one to go for?

    1. Hello Rohit
      Both these treks are beautiful. On the Kuari Pass you will get big mountain views throughout the trek and they will appear to seem quite close to you. While the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek is a summit climb from where you can spot almost all these mountain peaks. You will find snow on both these treks only towards the end of December. I’d say you go for the Kuari Pass trek if this is your first high altitude trek 🙂

    1. Hello Vaibhav
      Yes, the Brahmatal trek can be done by beginners. We can’t predict snowfall but it seems like it might come in a bit early this year. You can expect it to snow around that time.

  43. Hi, I ‘m planning to do a trek with my friend in the third week of Christmas, it seems like all the batches are full for kauri pass trek. Please let me know what are the other options i have.
    you can send me an email with the details if you have. ThAnKs.

  44. Hi, I’m planning to go for a trek with my friend this December in the third week. We are looking for a moderate-high level trek for 6 days. It will be good if we can get to see the snowfall as well. But as I can see most of the batches for Brahmtal and Kuari pass are already full in the third week. Do we have any other option here or you can suggest us something with our preferences ?

    You can send me the email with the details.


    1. Hello William, you will find snow on all our winter treks – Kuari Pass, Deoriatal Chandrashila, Brahmatal, Dayara Bugyal and Kedarkantha. Since we’ve got news of it snowing at Kuari Pass already, we are expecting an early snowfall on all our other slopes as well.

  45. hey! i was planning for a trek in mid jan with friends. which one do you suggest? it has to be snow clad and is it possible to see snow fall?

  46. Hello,
    I am planning my first himalaya trek this year between 10 to 20th dec. All batches of kauri pass trek are full for dec. Please suggest trek between brahmatal, deorital and kedarkantha since all batches of Kauri pass are full. My priorities are snowfall, mountain view, jungle trail and good camp sites.

    1. Hello Abhijit, I’d suggest you go for the Brahmatal trek. It has some very pretty forests and beautiful campsites! You can also spot big mountain peaks like the Trishul and Nanda Ghunti on the Brahmatal trek. You will thoroughly enjoy this trek 🙂

  47. Any trek (with snow or snowfall) available in the first week of December?Anywhere in Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand? Low temperatures are fine with us.Please recommend some possible treks with snow in it.

  48. Hi IH
    I m willing to trek over the sandakfu by this December 16 to 22. What shall be the weather over there ? How cold(temperature) it shall be? Are there any chance to snow.

    1. Hey Masud
      From what we’ve heard most recently, the temperature at the Sabargram campsite is going as low as -10 degree Celsius at night. We will be providing double sleeping bags to our trekkers now on. So there is a high chance of snowfall by that time.

  49. Hi,

    Can you suggest which is the best trek for the last week of January? Also, please advise on whether they are suitable for beginners? Our preference is snow trekking.

    1. Hello Ramesh, you can go for the Brahmatal trek or the Dayara Bugyal trek in the last week of January. Both these treks are great snow treks with lovely forests and brilliant views!


    1. Hello Sarvesh, do the Brahmatal trek in February or the Kedarkantha trek in March for a ‘lots of snow’ trek experience!

  51. Hi,
    I am planning to do a trek in late March 2018, can you suggest which is a good option for a moderate 3-4 days trek? I do not want to do any ice hiking/climbing.

  52. Hi,

    Looking for a trek in mid jan of 2018. Done few himalayan treks earlier, but this is going to be my first winter trek. Have 7-8 days in hand. Which one would be good? A suggestion in preferential order would be great!

    1. Hi Ribhu,
      Brahmatal, Dayara Bugyal and Kedarkantha are great winter treks to do in mid Jan. All of these are 6 days long including the drive to the base camp. You can select your trek depending on what you are looking for.
      Brahmatal has a mix of forest and meadows (these are filled with snow in winter), a short summit climb and really close views of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. Dayara Bugyal has long stretches through snow filled meadows and a short summit climb with a panorama view of the Garhwal Himalayas. Kedarkantha is a summit trek with beautiful forest stretches.

    1. Hi Neeraj,
      Roopkund has way too much snow to trek at this time of the year and will be inaccessible. Brahmatal is a good trek to do during Christmas.

  53. Hi Team, I wish to do Hampta Pass trek with the exact way shown in the vdo under “Why This Trek ?” . Which is the month I can see Hampta as in the vdo? Also, is Chandratal lake open during that time?

    1. Hi Padma,
      You can go to Hampta Pass in the first week of September to see it this way. The road to Chandratal should also be functional at this time.

  54. Hello,
    I am planning for a himalayan trek between the months of Feb-April 2018. I want the trek route to have some amount of snow. Of course the greenery is important, but I want to experience snow trekking as well.
    Which treks would have snow during feb to april this year? I am regular trekker from Maharashtra and have completed quite a few treks here in the Sahyadris, so difficulty would not be much of an issue I pressume.

  55. Hi India Hikes team,

    I am first timer and am looking out for a winter trek in last week of either jan or feb or mar 2018. Which trek would you suggest? I am looking out for a trek where there will be snow (want to do snow trekking) and also a good view.. does last week of March (say week of 24 march) have snow? I am looking for a 5-6 days trek. Please suggest.

    Somewhere I read that in the last week of March, we will not get to see much of the snow and the temp is generally between 0 to 14 degree. Is this true?

    Which are the months when we can witness snowfall?

    Your early revert will help me in plan out my trek.


    1. Hi Jay,
      If a combination of views and snow is what you’re looking for, we recommend Kuari Pass or Brahmatal. Both of these are good for a first time trekker.
      While it is difficult to predict if there will be fresh snowfall in March end, you’ll definitely get to trek through snow. If you wish to experience snowfall, I’d suggest you go to Brahmatal in February or early March.

  56. Hello,
    I am a first timer and is planning for Deoriatal – Chandrashila Peak Trek on 6th of April. Will there be snow and how difficult would it be for a first time person

    1. Hi Anju,
      Deoriatal-Chandrashila is a good trek for first time trekkers.
      Around 6th April, you are most likely to find snow on the trail from Chopta to Chandrashila summit.

    1. Hi Sonali,
      There will be snow at the higher campsites and the summit in the last week of March. Day temperatures will range from 6 to 14 degrees celsius and night temperatures from -4 to about 4 degrees depending on the campsite.

    1. Hi Tarun,
      March end will be a great time to do Har ki Dun trek. Flowers start blooming here in spring and you will also find snow on the trails.

    1. Hi Sunny,
      Pangarchulla trek will have trails over snow. You will get to camp in snow at the higher campsites on this trek. The summit climb to Pangarchulla peak makes this a challenging trek.

  57. Hi,
    I am slightly confused between Kuari Pass and Har-Ki-Dun trek. I want to do Winter trek. Could you please suggest which months are ideal to trek at these 2 locations?

    1. Hi Madhuri,
      Both Kuari Pass and Har ki Dun are great winter treks. Which one you choose largely depends on what you want to see on the trek and when you plan to trek.
      Har ki Dun is a valley trek. It’s relatively protected from wind and the sun so the snow stays here longer than it does at Kuari Pass. You can go here as late as mid April and expect to find a good amount of snow if there has been adequate snowfall in the winter.
      Kuari Pass is more open. So, the amount of snow is much lesser in April, unless there has been a bout of late snowfall.
      Har ki Dun takes you really close to snow capped mountains. However, you don’t see long distance views of larger ranges. Kuari Pass, on the other hand, gives you great views of the entire Garhwal Himalayas.

    1. Hi Avishek,

      It’s not possible. Even in the month of March-April there was close to 2-3 feet of snow. In January there would be too much snowfall, which blocks the trail.

  58. Hi, why doesn’t the Dzongri Top trek feature in this list? Is it too difficult a winter trek? Or is there any other reason?

  59. Hi
    I have done the Chaddar trek but still don’t consider myself as avid trekker as chaddar was more of walking rather than a rigorous trek.

    Looking at an option for Jan 2019 or Feb that can be easy to moderate level where trek part is 4 days.

    Any suggestions?

  60. Hi,
    I would like to go for the Sandakphu trek in December end. Can you please guide me as in if that’s a good time to go, considering the fact I haven’t gone for much trekking before.
    Also, please let me know the dates for December 2018.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jayeeta,
      December end is a good time to go to Sandakphu as the views are very clear. This trek is very windy so make sure you carry adequate warm layers.
      You will find the dates for December batches in this link.

  61. Hi
    I’m a beginner.. My husband and I are keen to do a snow trek around Christmas Eve but looking for an easy trek ..heard about parashar lake…
    1)Will it be good / comfortable
    2) what are chances of enjoying snow
    3) any other option

    1. Hi Nidhi,
      Here are my answers to your questions –
      1. Prashar Lake is a good trek to do in December. It is only a weekend trek so it’s not suitable if you’re looking for something longer.
      2. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get to see snow here in December. Mid Jan to early March is when it snows here.
      3. Other alternative for beginners are Dayara Bugyal winter trek, Kuari Pass and Kedarkantha. All of these treks are likely to have snow by end of December.

  62. which would be the best trek for us? and the best time to go for it ? considering we want a summit trek with lots of snow and highest possibility of snowfall.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      I would suggest that choose a timeline after the second week of December. That is when the first fresh snowfall comes on most Himalayan treks. You can choose Brahmatal, Dayara Bugyal or Kedarkantha – all of them get an equally high amount of snowfall.


  63. Hello,We are planning to trek in 2nd or 3d week of december,2018.
    So which trek should we do as we want to see only snow during trek?

    1. You could go to KEdarkantha or Dayara Bugyal. Both these treks will have snow on the trail by the third week of December.

  64. Hi Swathi,
    This is Srilatha.we are a couple aged 60 and 56. Iam having BP and taking medication. We are beginners. In june 2018 we went to kailash, mansarovar by road. We did not go for parikrama. Do you think we can go on a trek and if so please suggest a trek.

    1. Hi ma’am you could consider an easy-moderate trek like Dayara Bugyal. I wouldn’t recommend going in winter though. See if you can make it in April — there will still be snow and the weather conditions during the day will be more favourable. So either Dayara or Kedarkantha in March / April would bea good option for you.

      Before going, see if you would meet the fitness criteria, because all of these treks involve trekking around 4-5 km everyday. And these trails are usually uphill. So to test yourself, try and cover 4-5 km by brisk walking. See if you can cover it in around 45 minutes. If you can, then you can consider these treks.

  65. We are planning trek in first half of February and we had kuari pass in mind so whats the current status of kuari pass trek is it still running?
    And if yes what are thr dates available and an evergreen question will there be snow?

    1. Hi Manan, Kuari Pass in February is a bit doubtful. This is mostly because of the presence of snow. The involves a long ridge walk, which becomes dangerous when there’s too much snow. So Brahmatal, Kedarkantha or Dayara Bugyal would be better option in Jan and Feb.

  66. Hi Swati,
    Your mail came at the right time when I was planning a winter trek this December. I am looking for a challenging, less crowded and snow covered trek. While I was going through the options, I read about Chainsheel bugyal trek though couldn’t find any dates or more information. Can you please let me know if it’s available during the winters. otherwise I am thinking of Dayara Bugyal in January as it’s less crowded then.

    1. Hi Yashshri, we won’t be running the Chaainsheel Bugyal trek in winter. Actually, that was a trek we ran for a very short period of time. So Dayara in Jan would be your best option. 🙂

  67. Hi Swathi,

    What’s the status of Brahmatal Trek? It is operable in the month of Jan? I already have the bookings.


  68. Hi Swathi,
    Though its way long to get ready for the midway of next year, still as a novice and at a age of 47+, is it possible to take part in expeditions India Hikes organize. I have never take part in hiking before, though went to around 13K feet a couple of times. My question is about the possibility of hiking specially high attitudes like Rupin Pass and all, if my fitness requirements are ok.

    1. Hi Debjit, 47 is not so old at all! Our founder is around 45 years old and he can fly up the mountain, but that’s only because he goes running 6 days a week, covering 5km in 27 minutes everyday.
      If you can be dedicated to a fitness regime, then it’s absolutely fine to head out on a trek. Start off with something easier than Rupin Pass, like Dayara Bugyal and then go for the Rupin Pass trek. It isn’t a good trek to start with, it’s more for someone with some experience.

  69. Hey!
    We’re a group of beginners from Bangalore and wanted to experience lakes, snowfall, snow and good views of mountain ranges; Please suggest a trek for mid december (starting anytime between 15th to 20th)
    Had considered Brahmatal, Kuari pass, HKD, Chandratal and Deorital; please suggest an ideal one for abundance of snow.
    Also, no dates for chandratal and deorital are reflected on the website… So is it accessible in december?
    Plese do let me know (Snow, lakes, views) via e-mail. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Devansh, a good trek to go on in December for beginners would be Dayara Bugyal. It has snow, it has stunning views, it has beautiful forests and very pretty campsites too. So this is something I would highly recommend.

      Another option is Brahmatal. This one too has stunning views and a good snow experience. I would suggest choosing out of these two treks.

      The forest department isn’t allowing camping at Deoriatal and Chopta right now, so that’s out of question. Even Kuari Pass is not allowed right now. Har Ki Dun is rather tough for a first timer.

  70. Hi Swathi,
    I was planning to do har ki dun trek during 1st or 2nd week of February.
    So i wanted to know 2 things
    1 does the trek run during that period as currently dates are not shown at IH site.
    2 is it a good time to do that trek during that period.

  71. HI India hike Team

    Planning for a winter trek with you guys.
    With respect to government ban on camping at high meadows of Uttarakhand, will brahmataal or dayara budhyaal trek be available in Feb 2019. ? If yes then which will be more fascinating if we consider views and campsite surrounding.

    1. Hi Hartej, all of these treks are currently open to trekkers. For Brahmatal, the route hasn’t changed much. For Dayara, the campsites have changed. We don’t be camping in the meadows, but will be visiting the meadows. You can choose either of these treks depending on your dates and our availability. Both of them are stunning treks in February.

  72. Hello! Planning a snow trek in early march 2019. Which trek will be a perfect choice ??? ( ps : snow and views very much important )

    1. Hi Monik, in March, Har Ki Dun is a fantastic snow trek! So is Dayara Bugyal. You could go for either of these. 🙂

  73. I’m looking for winter Trek in first /second week of December . Read about the 4 winter trek of Brahmatal,Kedarkanth, Dayara Bugyal,sandakphu but not able to decide which one to go for.
    Precisely i’m looking for a trek with stunning views of Himalaya’s , good local experience and experience of Snow . Had some experience of high altitude treks in Ladakh and Spiti . So Could You please suggest me which one to opt for ?

    1. Hi Ravi, if you’re going for the views, then choose Brahmatal. We have just returned from there and the big mountains on this trek are up close and absolutely stunning! 🙂

  74. Hi,
    I’m planning for a winter trek in early January. I’m surprised why there are no dates available for Har Ki Dhun, Hamta pass, Rupin pass and also Roopkund is canceled. Are you guys planning to reveal the dates later??? What about Chadar Trek? I’d love to do this trek with IH. Well, for now, it just leaves me with Bhramatal and Kedarkanta. Kedarkantha is too crowded so that leaves me with only Bhramatal. I feel like I’m out of options lol. However, though Bhramatal is underrated I heard it’s the best when covered in snow. Will it be covered in powder snow in the first week of Jan? Please reply fast as all seats getting booked

  75. Hi,

    I am planning for a winter trek in coming month of feb 2nd or 3rd week. Could please suggest a location where I can find snow and snowfall both?

  76. Hi.. I am planning for a trek in mid March.. Can you please tell where can i surely get snow and what are the bet treks for 4-5 days.. ??

  77. Hi swathi
    I am planning for a Himalayan trek. This would be my first Himalayan trek. I am 32 but I might not reach the fitness criteria. But I can comfortably walk 5 kms in 50 min. Which trek will be good for me in mid of April. ??
    where I can experience the snow and also enjoy lush green meadows along the trek??


    1. Hi Priyanka, I would suggest starting off with either Dayara Bugyal or Phulara Ridge. Both of them are perfect for beginners and your fitness level suits this — although you will have to run and train more rigorously and try to bring 50 minutes to 40 minutes. Both these treks will have greenery and snow in April. It’s a great time to trek!

  78. Good morning
    My friends and me, we are planning for Bramhatal trek in the third week of December. I would like to know that what are the chances of finding snow at that time ? Kindly let me know.
    Thank you !

  79. Hi.
    I am planning for an Himalayan trek. Did Sandakphu in the fourth week of December by 2018. I felt the trek to be easy. I would love a challenging trek with some good views and most importantly very less crowd. Winter treks would be ideal. Can you please suggest some treks? I do not see Kedartal post October. Will batches be open by Dec for Kedartal?

    1. Hi, nope we won’t be having Kedartal batches in December due to the cold. And we do not have moderate-difficult treks in winters as fresh snow raises the difficulty level of treks. But you may look at Kedarkantha and Brahmatal treks for spectacular mountain views during the season 🙂

  80. Please help me choose a trek for Mar 2020. Beginner trek, I am aged 52. I am looking for an easy trek with good views and nature at its best. Do not prefer crowds.

    1. Go for Dayara Bugyal. It’s the best trek for beginners, there isn’t much crowd and it’s great in March. You’ll find all the details of the trek here –
      If not this, choose Deoriatal-Chandrashila. It’s another fantastic trek, and even crosses the Tungnath temple on the way to the summit. It might be slightly more crowded compared to Dayara, but you definitely won’t feel the crowd. Here are the details –

  81. Is it not better to have a snow laden pine forest route?? Because it’s said that the new Kedarkantha route has no such snow laden pine forest.

    1. The Kotgaon route has a mixed forest, and not just pine. But there are lots of pine trees there too. The region there, including the Rupin Valley and the Har Ki Dun valley have an abundance of pine trees. Also, the forests on the Kotgaon side are a lot more dense and pretty! You get the same Juda Ka Talab feeling here as well.

  82. I was planning to Trek in 2 nd week of december 2019. Already done Brahmatal in Jan 2019. Do u think Har Ki Dun will be a good option? Would choose it if there is good snow on the trail during that time. Kindly suggest.

    1. Har Ki Dun is actually a great option in the second week of December. There may or may not be snow, it depends on when the first winter snows come in this year, it’s a bit hard to predict. But going by the extreme weather conditions this year, we suspect there will be snow by the first week of December.

  83. Hey Swathi.
    I am interested in Har ki Dun trek this winter. When is the best time to experience snow?
    Also, I cant find dates after Mid-December as I was planning to go for this trek in January to experience maximum snow.
    If Har ki Dun isn’t possible in January, please recommend similar alternatives.

    1. Hi Bhavik, Har Ki Dun is closed in winter because animals hibernate during that time. If you’d like to experience snow at Har Ki Dun, then March and April are grand months to trek. There’s a lot of snow in these months, accumulated over two months of winter. So time your trek in those months, preferably before mid-April. 🙂

  84. Hi, kindly suggest a difficult to challenging Winter trek in mid January. i had already done Chadder & Pin Parvati trek.

  85. I would to trek with my wife.Here what we look for
    1.Snowtrek obviously
    2.Snowfall if possible
    3.Beautiful camp sites
    4.Least crowd
    5.Like to do in December to early feb

    1. Hi Hemanth, Mukta Top is definitely a trek you can look into. It is not crowded and there will definitely be snow in the time period you’re looking at. As for snowfall, that’s totally unpredictable. If you’re lucky, you’ll experience it. 🙂 You’ll find all the details and dates of the trek here –

  86. When will the dates for Brahmatal trek open i was just checking yesterday and today i came to book and there are no dates avaliable. Please help

    1. Hi Nihar, this was a technical glitch on the website. You’ll be able to see the dates now. Please take a look.

  87. I am looking for Brahmatal trek dates in Dec last week or Jan first week will there be any opening during that period

  88. Hi ,

    We would like to go for a trek in mid December. This is our first Himalayan trek. We would like to see some snow too. Could you please suggest a trek which is fairly easy and with good views.

    1. Hi Abirami, if this is going to be your first trek, Dayara Bugyal would be a good option. You’ll surely see snow and the trek is a good mix of small challenges and rest as well! It’s a good choice for first timers. 🙂

  89. Hi Swathi, Great articles and guides.

    I want to plan for trek on this December 2019, i want to experience treking on snow (see fresh ones), what’s the best one? Though it’s my first trek, guess i’m fit and would consider taking moderate-difficult treks (that helps with less crowd)

    1. Hi Dinesh, given all your requirements, I think Mukta Top would be the best option. It’s a virgin trail, with nobody expect our few teams. It’s a new trek, so nobody has walked on it yet. It’s beautifully snowy with terrific summit views! It’s definitely a trek to watch out for. 🙂

  90. Click here for details and dates of the Sainj Valley trek – Link is not correct. It is taking to nag-tibba. Check and update pl.

    1. Hi Ritesh, Deoriatal-Chandrashila is in a region that gets a lot of snow in winter. And the trail is in such a way that it gets very high snow and gets completely blocked by early January. So we don’t do the trek in Jan and Feb. We reopen the trek around mid-March, which is a really nice time to do the trek.

    1. Definitely the Dayara Bugyal trek if you’re a beginner. It is less challenging and gives you the right dose of adventure as well!

  91. Hello trekkers, nice compilation of winter treks. I want to know if the trek path for Chandrashila Deoriataal trek will also touch Mukumath where the idol is placed during winter from Tungnath. And do the doors of Tungnath temple remains closed in end of December when the idol is shifted down to Mukumath ?

    1. Hi Papiya, going to Mukunath is not included in the itinerary. But you could take a vehicle there by keeping an extra day after your trek. It is around 19 km away and not part of the trek plan. The doors of the temple remain closed in December all the way till around end of April / early May. But the peace and tranqility you find at the temple still remains 🙂