An Off-Season Climb to Indrahaar Pass – Climb Hard. Prepare Harder.

Manas Arora, a seasoned trekker, attempted to open up the trail to Indrahaar Pass in March 2018. What followed was an expected journey that taught him a strong lesson the hard way.

Trekking Solo To Pangarchulla – Makings Of A Mountaineer

Manas Arora attempted the Pangarchulla summit early in April 2017, perhaps the first to attempt the summit for the year. Faced with a snowstorm while nearing the pinnacle, he reflects upon this trek as one that taught him strong lessons about mountaineering.

Off-Season Trek to Bhrigu Lake: A Trekker’s Account of Mission “Almost” Impossible

When Manas Arora, a solo trekker, decided to go to Bhrigu Lake in April, he didn’t he know would end up doing it Alpine Style. He narrates his story here.