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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions At Indiahikes

When will trekking will resume?

Unlike 2020, there is a silver lining of the vaccination drive in our country this year. We notice it reflecting in our registrations as well. 

Trekkers are signing up for treks from July onwards — our high adventure summer treks and monsoon treks. Buran Ghati, Rupin Pass, Bhrigu LakePin Bhaba Pass, Valley of Flowers, Tarsar Marsar, Kashmir Great Lakes, Hampta Pass — these are treks that trekkers are planning for with the safety net of the vaccination drive. 

We do expect India to flatten the curve by July. So you can safely plan your treks around then. 

In fact, you’ll notice that many of the dates are already full, so plan your treks soon. 

In the worst case scenario, if things don’t pan out well, our cancellation policy will ensure you lose nothing even if you have to call off your trek. Read our cancellation policy here.

Which are good treks in July, August and September?

July, August and September are great months to do some of our best monsoon treks. These are the only months when high altitude treks in Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are accessible to trekkers.

All these treks are fast-filling. So plan your trek soon!

Here are the best monsoon treks in our country (they are open only during July, August and September):

  1. Hampta Pass
  2. Valley of Flowers
  3. Kashmir Great Lakes
  4. Tarsar Marsar in Kashmir
  5. Pin Bhaba Pass
  6. Bhrigu Lake
Can I join your treks as a solo trekker?

Yes, absolutely. Many solo trekkers join our teams and have wonderful experiences. They end up meeting like-minded people on the trek and don’t feel like they have come alone on the trek any more.

Our pre-trek experience team ensures that you know your entire team well much before you actually head out on the trek.

Additionally, we have several women trekkers who join us solo as well because of the safety they get with the Indiahikes team. You’re welcome to join us as a solo trekker too.

I’ve never trekked before. Can I trek?

Many people are intimidated by the idea of a Himalayan trek. It’s true that there are very real risks and challenges.

However, almost everyone can participate in a Himalayan, if they are physically fit and mentally prepared for their trek. Around 75% of our trekkers are beginners and they trek comfortably.

What will really help you is that after you register your trek, the Indiahikes Pre-Trek Experience Team will guide you on how to prepare for the trek. They will give you a fitness routine to follow and guidance on what to bring for the trek. They will also put you in touch with the rest of your trekking team, so that you know your trek mates well in advance.

Given that we have been introducing Himalayan treks to beginners since 2008, you’re in safe hands.

What are the fitness requirements?

Each trek has its own fitness requirements, which you can see in the “Get yourself fit” section on the relevant trek page. You will need to develop your fitness to meet these criteria before you start your trek.

We have several resources and videos on this website to help you get fit. Once you register for your trek, your trek coordinator will also be in touch regularly to provide additional support and check your progress.

With a regular fitness plan, the fitness requirements are achievable by most people and will ensure maximum enjoyment and safety during the trek.

What’s included in the trek fee?

Each trek is unique and may include different things in the trek fee. You can find out exactly what’s included in the “What’s Included” section on the relevant trek page (on some trek pages this information is located in the “Cancellation Policy” section).

Generally speaking, your trek free includes all costs while on the trek, including:

  • Accommodation (e.g. tents and/or lodges)
  • All meals (simple, nutritious and vegetarian)
  • Expert trek leaders and support team
  • Trekking and safety equipment
  • All permits and camping charges

Your fee usually does not include expenses incurred in getting to and from the base camp or your personal equipment, such as your backpack, shoes or clothing.

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