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Trek With Swathi

Deoriatal Chandrashila Peak trek best in winter

Why Deoriatal-Chandrashila is the best trek during Christmas

Deoriatal to Chandrashila peak is the best Christmas trek for families with children, especially if it is your first time in the Himalayas. In this video, Indiahikes founder Arjun Majumdar explains why.

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Get fit with Akanksha

Trek with Swathi-Running-Indiahikes

Fitspiration for a winter morning

Preparing for a trek but finding it hard to let go of your blanket in the morning? Here are expert tips from Akanksha that will have you up and running every morning.

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Trekking tips


Top 5 winter treks in India that you must do

Winter is coming. And if you’re wondering which trek you should do this winter, this post by Arjun Majumdar will come in handy. He lists out the best treks to do in India in winter!

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Product Reviews

Lifestraw 1 Indiahikes

Lifestraw Go – A worthy portable water filter for trekkers

Here is a review of portable water filter Lifestraw Go which is economic without compromising on quality. Indiahikes trekkers can avail a 25% discount on the Lifestraw Go! You’ll find the coupon inside this article.

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Valley of Flowers


7 year old Samyak treks to the Valley of Flowers

Shitalkumar Ramchandre went on the Valley of Flowers trek with his son Samyak. After getting back he wrote a blog to motivate his 7 year old son who fell in love with high altitude hiking. Read on to know how this father son duo successfully completed the trek against all odds.

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Trek With Swathi


Pin Bhaba Pass – A challenging crossover trek in the Himalayas

Indiahikes founder Arjun Majumdar recently went on the Pin Bhaba Pass trek. The Pass itself makes the geographical contradictions of the two valleys more pronounced. In this video he explains why this is the most dramatic cross-over trek in Himachal Pradesh.

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Trekker Blogs


7 days of trekking in the Kashmir Valley

Hooma went on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek to give her husband company. Little did she know that the trek would have such a profound impact on her.

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Get fit with Akanksha


How to be loyal to your trek preparation after the first two weeks?

You’ve chosen your trek and you have a fitness plan in place. You cannot stop gloating about how much you’ve been working out. Thursday was tiring so you binge into pizza. Friday is party night and Saturday is for marathon watching series. Fitness is about persistent efforts. Akanksha tells you how to stick to your plan.

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Trek Stories

At Talley Valley - Talley Valley Trek Indiahikes

“We found the perfect trek”- The Explorer of Talle Valley gets candid

Initially, the route to Talle Valley wasn’t appropriate for trekking. Explorer Soumya Jyoti Mitra went out of his way to find the perfect trekking trail to this little known gem of a trek. Read on to relive his experiences during the exploration.

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How we celebrated Durga Puja at Sandakphu

The Sandakphu trek is fascinating for many reasons. Computer Science student Asmita went on this well-trodden trail with her family for Puja holidays. And boy did they love their unconventional Puja holiday!

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Trek With Swathi


Bhrigu Lake – The best high altitude grasslands near Manali

A lot of trekkers do the Bhrigu Lake trek to get to the famous lake. While the Bhrigu lake is definitely worth getting to, this is not why you must do this trek. It is the meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trek that are the real treat. Here Arjun explains what the trek is like.

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Trek updates


Trek updates: Kick-starting the IIM program

After months of extensive preparation, the Indiahikes IIM program is finally underway. A week of exciting challenges for students is in store as Roopkund, Rupin Pass and Everest Base camp via Gokyo Ri seasons wind up. Here are this week’s updates from the Himalayas.

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Pin Bhaba Pass


Pin Bhaba Pass trek: A lifetime experience

In September 2016, Kedar Narwadkar went on the Pin Bhaba pass trek. He was lucky enough to be part of the batch our founders Arjun and Sandhya were a part of. He came back with a lifetime experience and lots of newly gained knowledge about high altitude trekking. Click here to know what his trek was like!

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Trek Experience


Har Ki Dun – The Valley of Gods with a Dual Personality

Har Ki Dun is perhaps the oldest trek in our country. Along with the serpentine Supin river, the region is steeped in mythology. But what people don’t know is the fact that Har Ki Dun is a trek with dual personality. Both seasons; winter and autumn are so different yet beautiful in their own right.

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Get fit with Akanksha

Kuari Pass-Indiahikes

How I learnt to love cardio whilst preparing for my trek

Preparing for a trek but still scared of cardio? Our in-house fitness expert Akanksha gives some tips about how you can learn to love your cardio.

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Trekker Blogs


Each day is a Musical on the Buran Ghati trek

When Neha decided to go on the Buran Ghati trek with her husband, little did she know that the beautiful meadows of Dayara would bring out the romantic in her. She just couldn’t stop humming! Click here to read (listen) to her Sound Of Music moments.

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