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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions At Indiahikes

Worried About A Third Wave?

With so much speculation about the third wave of Covid affecting the country, we understand that you might be worried about trekking.

However, at the moment, all our treks are running normally. Our teams are spread out in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand. Every week, over 200 trekkers are spread out on 5-6 different treks. All treks are running smoothly and well.

If there is a third wave, a lot will depend on the state government’s guidelines. If we see any curbs coming in from the state government, we will act on them immediately. If we feel it is unsafe for trekkers and local folk, we will call off our treks.

From our experience of the first and second lockdowns in the country, we have strong protocols in place to ensure trekkers are not stuck anywhere in the mountains. Our trekkers have always reached the safety of their homes within a day after lockdowns were announced.

We have also made sure that trekkers don’t lose out on the trek fee they have paid. We have always issued vouchers of the entire trek fee, which they can use on any treks in the next one year.

So you can go ahead and plan your trek. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Do I Need an RT-PCR Test before my trek?

For all Indiahikes trekkers, we have made an RT-PCR test mandatory. This RT-PCR test must not be older than 72 hours before your trek. Only those who have two doses of vaccination, or have been affected by Covid in the past three months are exempt from this rule. (We’ll require proof of both of these.)

This rule is irrespective of the state government rules in Himachal, J&K and Uttarakhand. We want our trekkers to ensure they are not carrying any infections to the mountains, where medical care is practically non-existent.

If trekkers are found without RT-PCR tests, they will not be allowed on the trek.

Which are good treks in September, October and November?

September, October and November are post-monsoon months to trek with the best mountain views, the clearest weather and some lovely autumn colours.

We have over 20 Himalayan treks open during these months, some of them easier treks, some challenging ones. Some even in Nepal!

You’ll find the best treks to do in these months here –

All these treks are fast-filling. So plan your trek soon!

What is the size of your trekking group?

We take around 21-23 trekkers in each of our trekking groups. The size varies for different treks. For our tougher treks, we take slightly smaller groups of around 16-18 members.

Can I join your treks as a solo trekker?

Yes, absolutely. Many solo trekkers join our teams and have wonderful experiences. They end up meeting like-minded people on the trek and don’t feel like they have come alone on the trek any more.

Our pre-trek experience team ensures that you know your entire team well much before you actually head out on the trek.

Additionally, we have several women trekkers who join us solo as well because of the safety they get with the Indiahikes team. You’re welcome to join us as a solo trekker too.

I’ve never trekked before. Can I trek?

Many people are intimidated by the idea of a Himalayan trek. It’s true that there are very real risks and challenges.

However, almost everyone can participate in a Himalayan, if they are physically fit and mentally prepared for their trek. Around 75% of our trekkers are beginners and they trek comfortably.

What will really help you is that after you register your trek, the Indiahikes Pre-Trek Experience Team will guide you on how to prepare for the trek. They will give you a fitness routine to follow and guidance on what to bring for the trek. They will also put you in touch with the rest of your trekking team, so that you know your trek mates well in advance.

Given that we have been introducing Himalayan treks to beginners since 2008, you’re in safe hands.

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