New Groups Opened to our latest Ranthan Kharak trek in Kumaon
New Groups Opened to our latest Ranthan Kharak trek in Kumaon

Dates for Khopra Ridge announced for April

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Our team planted an apple tree at the campus at Karchhi to mark the new beginning.

Last week, was special for us. We finally opened our new campus for the Kuari Pass trekkers! The team going to the trek in the 9th March batch was the first set of trekkers stepping inside our campus. It was a very emotional moment for our slope team present there. 🙂

Our team planted an apple tree at the campus at Karchhi to mark the new beginning.

Last week, was special for us. We finally opened our new campus for the Kuari Pass trekkers! The team going to the trek in the 9th March batch was the first set of trekkers stepping inside our campus. It was a very emotional moment for our slope team present there. 🙂

Sandhya UC on the Atsunta Pass trek in Georgia.

Our co-founder Sandhya UC (@sandhyauc) was invited for a fireside chat by the Indian School of Business on the occasion of Women’s Day.

This was a fireside chat that happened online between Sandhya and another entrepreneur Saloni Sacheti who is working with tribal women of India to make products out of Bamboo. Sandhya shares: “In the conversation, we broadly covered topics like motherhood, challenges we face in entrepreneurship, working long distance, and how people perceive work-life balance.

The stunning ridge walk of Ranthan Kharak trek. Photo by Nitesh Kumar

We have officially opened new groups to our latest trek in Kumaon, Uttarakhand -- The Ranthan Kharak trek. 

Last year, we took two pilot groups on this trek to see how trekkers would react to such an unusual trek.

(1) For one, it is in an unusual region -- it is in the heart of Kumaon. While most of our other treks are in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, this is our first trek in Kumaon.

(2) Second reason why it is unusual is that the highlight of this trek is not a mountain top or a mountain pass or a summit. The "kharaks" (clearings) in the forests are the grandest highlight on this trek.

All women team at the summit of Kedarkantha on International Women's Day

Our Special Women’s Trek Team reached the Kedarkantha summit today!

The occasion of International Women’s Day just became extremely special for all of us as we got the news of all women successfully reaching the summit of the Kedarkantha trek.

We also had two local women guide joining us for this trek. :)

Here’s what our founder & CEO Arjun Majumdar had to say on this occasion.

“For me, Women's Day is not just a day to celebrate the achievements of women, but also an opportunity to reflect on the progress we have made and the work that still needs to be done. It is a reminder that we all have a role to play in creating a more inclusive and equitable society, both within our team and beyond.

Trainings are an integral part of working at Indiahikes.

A few days ago we finished a workshop with our trek leaders which was conducted at our Raithal Campus in two batches. It was a 6 days workshop led by the Learning & Development team.

Lakshmi Selvakumaran, the Learning & Development team head, shares, “The workshop's goal was to get the entire trek leaders team together.

We started out by discussing what are the different ways in which a team can dysfunctional. This discussion brought us to speak about 5 main team dysfunctions.

In the following days, we addressed each of these dysfunctions. We focused on building trust with the team. We also focused on how to address difficult conversations. Because trek leaders often find it difficult to bring up a conflict, thinking it may affect an interpersonal relationship or the organization may not accept their point of view.

On 21st Feb we commenced our second group of Adventure Therapy Trek on the Dayara Bugyal trek. The trek was facilitated by Izzat Yaganagi , who is a Psychological Counselor with a practice of over 13 years. She heads the Experiential Learning division at Indiahikes.

Here’s what Izzat Yaganagi shared about this trek experience. “What an eventful and intense last 6 days it has been! 14 individuals came, some with hope and some with curiosity. They bared their hearts, untangled their thoughts and worked courageously towards healing, clarity, acceptance, understanding and lightness of spirit.

Indiahikes Sari campus, the base for Deoriatal-Chandrashila trek.

On March 3rd, 2023 we celebrated the second anniversary of our Sari Campus! 🥳 Here’s what Manisha Hegde, our chief architect of the Sari Campus had to share:

“Sari will always hold a special place at Indiahikes. It is not just a landmark (literally), it is also a pivotal landmark in Indiahikes history and the history of Sari as a slope.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Winter is among the best seasons to experience snow on treks. To experience maximum snow, higher chances of snowfall and least crowds, choose Jan, Feb or March to do any of the treks below. Winter lasts all the way till mid-March.


It’s wonderful that you’re planning to start trekking in the Himalayas. You’d be happy to know that around 70% of our trekkers are beginners and always get hooked to trekking after their first trek!

Having said that, you must choose your trek wisely — something that is not too difficult, yet will allow you to experience the grand settings of the Himalayas.

From a decade of experience, these are the treks we find best suited for beginners:

Even though these treks are considered good for beginners, they need at least 30-45 days of preparation on your part. Ensure you go for the trek only after physically preparing for it.


Yes, we do have a “Repeat my trek” policy, and trekkers love it. This is because there are some thoughts and ideologies that we hold close to our hearts.

1. As trekkers, there are times when we have to let go of a trek midway. Sometimes we fall ill or get hit by AMS or at times simply fatigue pulls us down. At other times bad weather plays spoilsport, or the trail is blocked. Your Trek Leader may send you down due to a safety or health issue.

At Indiahikes we feel terrible when such an event happens.

Should such a situation occur that you have to drop out from this trek, we want you to know that we feel as bad as you do. You can always come back another time and finish your adventure. For this, you do not have to pay Indiahikes any money.

2. On the other hand, there are times when you fall in love with a trek. So much so that you want to do it again, perhaps see it in another season. If you ever desire to do a trek again, please do so. You don’t have to pay Indiahikes any money for repeating this trek. Just inform your Experience Coordinator who will guide you through a special internal process. 

Our only request: Just register for your trek in advance – you know how it is with our groups – they get booked in advance.

Note: The Indiahikes “Repeat My Trek” policy does not apply to our international treks.

This is something many trekkers ask us. If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at our careers page. Given that our organisation is growing, we have lots of new roles opening up regularly.

We are always looking for team players, who understand the trekking world and fit into the working culture of Indiahikes. More than skills and experience, we pay attention to your behaviour and values.

Getting in and starting work here isn’t easy. There are several levels of interviews and tests. But once you get through, it is one of the most rewarding and meaningful journeys in your career.

View all our roles here.


Definitely! At Indiahikes, we believe renting is the way forward, to make trekking more efficient, and more economical, without compromising the quality of trekking gear. So we have a range of high-quality gear available for rent at very small costs. 

Take a look at them here –

Your rental gear will be given to you at the base camp on the day you arrive.

In case you have rented a trekking backpack, you may use the cloakroom facility to keep your extra luggage. We want you to travel as light as possible from your home. 

Renting of items close 3 days before the start of the trek.

Yes, absolutely. Many solo trekkers join our teams and have wonderful experiences. They end up meeting like-minded people on the trek and don't feel like they have come along on the trek anymore.

Our pre-trek experienced team ensures that you know your entire team well much before you actually head out on the trek.

Additionally, we have several women trekkers who join us solo as well because of the safety they get with the Indiahikes team. You're welcome to join us as a solo trekker too.

Special Treks with Indiahikes

At Indiahikes, we see treks beyond going from one place to another. It can offer much more. We see treks as a platform for learning and transformation. This is the thought behind our special treks.

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Amit Jain

Group of March 2022 to Kedarkantha Trek

I was taken aback by the humility and ever smiling and always helping nature of all the people of Indiahikes. Right from the time I first enquired about the Trek, to making payments and to enquir...

Shiva Singh

Group of March 2022 to Kedarkantha Trek

It was great experience in trekking with IH team. Thanks for providing great Logistical support. I felt safe and secure with IH team. Team took care of providing good food all the time....

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