Best Treks in March, April

Spring is when the mountains come alive. Not only do blooming rhododendrons blaze up the forests with bursts of colours, but it's also a time to witness a good mix of snow greenery. Most of our treks get heavy bookings this time of the year. If you want to avoid the crowds, choose the Ranthan Kharak trek in Kumaon. The rhododendrons are dense, minus the crowds.

Best treks in Feb

Snowfall has come in late this year, but it has come in great volumes. Expect all the below-listed treks to have a good snow cover until Feb end.

Summer Camps for Children

An experiential learning programme for 10-16 year ol16-year-oldsds that imparts life values and skills to children. If you believe in the goodness of the outdoors, gift your child this experience in summer.

Best Rhododendron Treks

Experiencing rhododendrons is rare, not just in our country but anywhere in the world. When you have a chance to see them in such resplendent forests, it's an opportunity you must not miss. These are the best treks to experience them.

Special Treks with Indiahikes

At Indiahikes, we see treks beyond going from one place to another. It can offer much more. We see treks as a platform for learning and transformation. This is the thought behind our special treks.

Great Weekend Treks Near Delhi

If you're living in or around Delhi, you're blessed with the mountains at your doorstep. Make the best use of your weekends, exploring these trails one after another. They're all explicitly different from each other.

Treks Near Bangalore

These are perfect to head out with your family or friends on a 2-day experience, crafted on lovely trails in Karnataka

Jammu & Kashmir Treks

J&K is more than Kashmir Great Lakes and Tarsar Marsar. In 2023, we discovered over five treks in J&K, each of them promising to be a blockbuster on its own. If you want to see a trail that can beat even the classic KGL, then choose Pir Panjal Lakes.

Non-crowded treks

The last thing you want on treks is to see the city crowds. Unfortunately, most popular treks attract big, noisy crowds. To stray away from the crowds and have a serene experience, choose among these.

Challenging Treks

Say what you will about the 12,000-ers, but these high altitude adventures are in a different league on their own. Choose these if you are looking for a snowy adventure this summer.

International treks

We open international treks, keeping in mind that they must be unique and rewarding enough for you to travel all the way. We love our treks in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Indonesia, whereas treks like Kilimanjaro, Khopra Ridge and EBC are classics that cannot be missed.

All Indiahikes Treks

This is a list of all the treks that Indiahikes organises. Click on the trek to read more about it.


Crosstrek Store and Rentals

One of the biggest expenses for trekkers is trekking gear. Avoid spending exorbitant amounts by renting gear. We have premium custom-made gear available for rent on all treks.