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These are the most popular treks in India. All groups have been full for months. But with continuous requests from trekkers, we were compelled to open a few more groups. Plan these immediately. Slots will close quickly.

Best Treks in July, August and September

Some of the best treks of our country, are accessible for hardly 3-4 months a year, in Jul, Aug and Sept. These are our treks in Himachal Pradesh and J&K. Time your trek in July for lush greenery, Aug for maximum flowers, Sept for colours!

South Indian Treks

We have lovely treks in South India, to give you a small but fulfilling taste of the outdoors. There's a great mix of treks too: from the grand meadows of Kodaikanal to the hidden forests of Goa and the sturdy forts around Bangalore, you can do one after another and still not tire.

Central Indian Treks

Central India is blessed with some of the richest and diverse forests of our country. Not just that, these treks are filled with island camps, river walks, ancient caves, lakeside camps and more.

Best Summer Treks (June)

These the the months when high-altitude treks above 13,000 feet open up. If you're looking for an adventure with snow, thrilling climbs and adrenaline, choose among these treks.

Easiest treks

If you're just starting out and worried about going on a full-fledged Himalayan treks, these are some great options for you to start off with. They'll give you a wonderful taste of trekking.

Outdoor Learning Programmes with Indiahikes

Unknown to many, Indiahikes offers excellent learning programmes in the outdoors for schools, colleges and corporates. These are focused on bringing out specific learnings, based on the needs of the institutions. Click on the programme to know more.

Exclusive family treks

These are our easier summer treks, suited to families with children between 7-14. We craft experiences for these groups differently, keeping in mind the dynamics of families with children and the presence of several children in the group.

Seniors Treks (For 58+ only)

We want seniors to trek. To enable this, we have designed a few of our groups exclusively for seniors, focusing on shorter walks, smaller ascents and descents, without losing out any of the outdoor experiences. Take a look.

Adventure Therapy Treks

We designed these treks especially for those going through a difficult phase in their lives. A certified therapist will accompany you, helping you reflect on your journey, using the outdoors as a tool. Participants from our previous groups believe this to be among the most powerful exercises to uplift themselves mentally.

Stargazing Treks

As trekkers, we are lovers of the nightsky. On these exclusive stargazing treks, you are accompanied by an expert stargazer who helps you navigate the night sky, taking you through stories and facts that you never knew.

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Witness The Most Dramatic Landscape Changes on The Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Nepal's Best Treks

Trekking in Nepal is an experience on its own. Our personal choice would be Khopra Ridge, for an iconic experience of Nepal's biggest mountains. But if you'd like to tick off the world famous Everest Base Camp on your bucketlist, you'll find those here too.

Thoughtful Benefits For You

Avail a 30% scholarship for children aged 8-14

We want to see more children trekking. Indiahikes will sponsor 30% of your child’s trek fee. Let them explore nature, build confidence, and create memories. Get in touch with us to register.

Trek Together, Save Together: 10+ Group Waiver

Sign up for an Indiahikes trek with 10 or more trekkers, and one lucky member gets their trek fee waived entirely! You only pay for 9.

You’re guarded with our trek again philosophy

If you are unable to complete a trek, or if you love a trek, you can repeat it with us anytime. You don’t have to pay us for it. See our thoughts behind this here.

Join any group, they are all women-friendly groups 

With around 30% of our trekkers being women, all women, including those travelling soare comfortable to an join our groups

Get expert guidance even before you start the trek

Get personalised support from our expert Experience Coordinators. From registration to departure, they'll prepare you every step of the way.

Joining solo? No worries, we've got your back

With multiple pre-trek conversations with trekkers, Whatsapp groups and video briefings, you'll meet your fellow trekkers much in advance, never feeling alone.

All Indiahikes Treks

This is a list of all the treks that Indiahikes organises. Click on the trek to read more about it.