Saraf Prashanth

Prashanth is an IC designer by profession in a semiconductor firm in Bangalore. He developed a love for the mountains and outdoors during his college years. In his college years, he did a lot of treks in Western Ghats. After post-graduation, he did his first Himalayan trek: Chadar. His first trek with Indiahikes was as a volunteer for the IIM program. He was truly mesmerized by the Green Trails Intiative. It made him realise trekking was not just about the adventure or thrill of summiting a peak. It is also a way of giving back to the mountains by educating fellow trekkers and locals about the importance of maintaining the sanctity of those places.

Articles by Saraf Prashanth

Caught in a Blizzard on the Har Ki Dun Trek

By Saraf Prashanth