About Programme

The Himalayan Expeditioners Program is the most advanced Outdoor Leadership Program we offer for schools. 

Students take the reins in planning and executing their own 4-day trek with guidance from our experienced team. Himalayan Expeditioners is an immersive experience, pushing students out of their comfort zones and building invaluable life skills and leadership skills.


Doing things they’ve never done before: Students experience the thrill of trekking through stunning landscapes, pitching camp under starry skies, and standing together in awe at the summit. 

Developing resilience, problem solving skills and leadership skills : They learn to overcome challenges they never thought possible, from cooking meals to navigating the terrain. 

Note: We recommend starting with our Wilderness Explorers and Eco-Adventurers programs, but direct entry is also an option. We customise the program to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for every participant.

  • Develop confidence through overcoming adversity/difficult tasks
  • Get accustomed to hardship and build resilience
  • Practice empathy
  • Practice meaningful collaborative working

Note: If you have other specific outcomes in mind, we can integrate it into the programme design.