Coronavirus on Himalayan treks: What you must know

There are no reports of Coronavirus on the Indian Himalayan treks. All Indiahikes treks are running on schedule and we are all set to begin our trekking season in Nepal.

How To Time A Successful Attempt To Goechala

Trekkers need to make the Goechala attempt from Lamuney, a camp earlier to Samiti. This makes the day long, very long.
Here’s why it is crucial to get your timing right for a successful Goechala trek.

Why Goechala is better done in Oct-Nov

There are two seasons to do the Goechala trek. April-May and then September end to November. Why is timing the trek right important?

I can’t wait for my next solo trek!

Many women fear travelling alone in India, but most of our women trekkers believe that the mountains are safer than any other part of the country. Rashmi Rao, who did the Goecha La trek in May 2015, came all alone from Mumbai, trekked with strangers, who turned to friends, and she can’t wait to trek again. Read all about her experience here.

All trekkers in Uttarakhand and Sikkim are safe

Trek Leaders from all the currently running batches have sent updates that trekkers on all slopes are fine. There have been very little or no tremors felt. Here are detailed updates.

Clean up drive organised by Yuksom panchayat and Indiahikes

On November 19, 2014 Indiahikes will join hands with local village panchayat in Yuksom, Sikkim to organize a ‘clean up drive’ programme. The entire stretch from Yuksom Colony to Sachen Camp will be cleaned of all litter and waste that has been thrown around by ‘Pollutocrats’.

Why Goechala In Sikkim Is The Most Romantic Trek

Arjun Majumdar writes about the Goecha La trek. He says it’s the most romantic trek in India and explains why.