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Best treks for Monsoon

Hampta Pass Trek

Upto 14,035 ft
6 days

The Hampta Pass is tailor made for those looking to experience the high Himalayan adventure. This trek is perfect...


Bhrigu Lake Trek

Upto 14,009 ft
4 days

The Bhrigu Lake trek is an absolute must-do, especially if you're travelling near Manali! It's a quick climb to...


Tarsar Marsar Trek

Upto 13,201 ft
7 days

The Tarsar Marsar Trek with it’s perfectly manicured grasslands and aquamarine blue waters is a walk through paradise!


Best of Collections

Challenging High Altitude TreksChallenging High Altitude Treks

A crystal clear alpine lake at 16,000 feet, a crossover from the lush green Pin Valley to colourful desert of Spiti, a thrilling summit climb – each of these treks have something unique on offer for the adventure seeker.

Best treks to get up-close with Big MountainsBest treks to get up-close with Big Mountains

There are some treks which give you more than just grand views of mountains. They bring you face to face with big mountains, where you can almost touch them. You camp in the shadow of these mountains and view them in their entirety – from the base to the tip. There is a limited window in the year when these are accessible and it is not too cold or too windy – April-May, September-November.

Best weekend treksBest weekend treks

In just two days of trekking, you get to see smashing mountain views on these three treks! You also get a good camping experience! They will fit right into your weekend.

Best treks for childrenBest treks for children

If you’re looking to trek with your family, these are your best choices. They have the right mix of challenge and leisure. Make sure you avail our 50% scholarship if your child is between 8 and 12 years of age.