Why We Have A Trek Again Philosophy: Repeat Treks At No Cost

Why We Have A Trek Again Philosophy: Repeat Treks At No Cost

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Many trekkers don't believe us when we tell them this. If you would like to repeat a trek with Indiahikes, you do not have to pay Indiahikes for it. Whether you have loved it and want to repeat it, or you have left it incomplete and go back to finish it, you can repeat your trek free of cost. This is part of our Trek Again Philosophy.

Trekkers ask us how the Trek Again Policy makes any economic sense. To answer honestly, it doesn’t. These thoughts don’t come from the business of Indiahikes, but from the trekkers in us at Indiahikes.

As trekkers, there are times when you have to let go of a trek midway. Sometimes you fall ill, get hit by AMS, or, at times, simple fatigue pulls you down. It can also happen that your Trek Leader sends you down due to a safety or health issue.

Should such a situation occur, we want you to know that we feel as bad as you do. If you want to come back and do the same trek again, we do not want you to wonder if you can afford it or if you should go for another trek with the same money. At Indiahikes, we don’t want anybody to think twice before coming on the same trek. You can always repeat a trek.

On the other hand, there are times when you fall in love with a trek. When you love a trek, it goes to your heart. You would want to see the same trek in different seasons and in different colours. We don’t want money to be a factor for you decide to do the same trek again. Hence, the Trek Again Policy.

Watch this video where our founder, Arjun Majumdar, explains the thought behind the Trek Again Philosophy:

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How to Register using the Trek Again Policy?

  1. Register for a trek through the normal registration process.
  2. Once you complete the trek, email your Experience Coordinator, who will issue a full refund of your trek fee.
  1. If you reschedule or cancel your trek, our standard cancellation policy will apply to your booking.
  2. The Indiahikes “Trek Again Policy” does not apply to international treks. It also does not apply on any special treks, such as photography treks, stargazing treks, collaborative leadership programmes, or any themed treks we introduce in the future. It applies only on our regular treks within India.
  3. Trekkers who use the Repeat Trek Policy are not allowed to reschedule or cancel their treks 20 days before the trek. If they do, their Trek Again Policy is deemed null and void. They will not be allowed to repeat the trek again as part of the Trek Again Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I had registered for a trek but couldn’t go. Am I eligible for the Trek Again Policy?

The Trek Again Policy only applies if you actually started the trek, even if you had to turn back for any reason. It doesn't cover no-shows on the day of departure.

2. Why do I have to pay to register for the Trek Again Policy?

In our earlier days, we never had this process of registering and then refunding trekkers. However, unfortunately, many trekkers started misusing this policy. They would register under the Trek Again Policy, cancel their trek at the last minute, or not show up on the day of the trek. This would leave a slot empty where another trekker could have gotten an opportunity. In addition, we would have still invested our resources to accommodate that trekker, which would go in vain.

To address all these issues, we had to modify our process of registering for the Trek Again Policy.

3. Will the refund of the trek fee be made to the bank account, or will I get a voucher?

The refund of the complete trek fee minus the insurance amount will be made to your bank account.

In conclusion:

We hope you make good use of the Trek Again Philosophy to explore the same trek in different seasons and to go back to any trek that you could not complete. It's yours to use. The validity lasts a lifetime. It's a small gesture from one trekker to another.

If you have used the Trek Again Philosophy and trekked with us, tell us about your experience in the comments below.