Volunteer with Indiahikes

An opportunity to volunteer for futuristic leadership programs in the outdoors

Volunteering for an outdoor leadership program is deeply rewarding. You not only get to trek in some of the most beautiful locations in our country, but you also get to be part of a futuristic learning program. 

Such volunteering is rare. But at Indiahikes, we are constantly running such Outdoor Leadership Programs in the Himalayas and around Bengaluru. So you'll find steady opportunities to volunteer for such programs.

What is an Outdoor Leadership Program?

In our Outdoor Leadership Program participants learn and practice leadership and teamwork skills. This is something no classroom training can impart. The experiential learning program focuses on building resilience, confidence and the ability to overcome difficulties in young learners.

We do this through a trek which is specially designed to bring out these aspects. 

The video below will give you an idea about what happens on a futuristic learning program.

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So where does volunteering come in?

As a volunteer you play a crucial role in helping us administer the program, working closely with us in the reflection sessions and gradually drawing out natural learning from the outdoors.

In fact we don’t call you a volunteer. On the outdoor leadership program you are called a Program Coordinator. At the end of the program, you’ll also receive a certificate acknowledging your role.

This is not an easy volunteership, which is why we are very choosy about whom we take. You need a certain amount of wisdom to administer the program -- that comes only with work experience. Which is why we are looking at 2-3 years of minimum work experience. You also need trekking experience, without which you cannot relate with the program. You also need to be very fit -- because it involves being active all the time, going up and down the slope whenever required.

This means waking before others, sleeping after all are tucked away in their sleeping bags, and helping with facilitating the program.

Why volunteer

Volunteering in our experiential learning program can help you advance your career and grow personally.

You develop new skills that are relevant to your career goals. For example, working with children can help build leadership, communication, and organisational skills. These are valued in the workplace.

The hands-on nature of our experiential learning programs helps build confidence and resilience. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Volunteers say these programs add a lot of meaning to their lives. Many go on to join us as future team members.

Volunteering in our program is a great way to meet new people and expand your network. It can lead to new professional opportunities and connections.

What are we looking for in our volunteers?

We are extremely picky about our volunteers aka program coordinators for two reasons.

First, program coordinators must be good with children because we frequently conduct such programs with schools with students from the age of 9 all the way till 17.

Second, program coordinators play a big role in administering the whole programme. This requires good people skills, discipline and leadership ability.

Third, the entire volunteering period is a 6-day marathon with hardly any time to breathe, eat or sleep. Program coordinators need to be physically and mentally capable to handle these situations.

We have specific eligibility criteria.

Every volunteer:

  • Must be between the age of 25 and 32.
  • Must have at least 2-3 years of work experience
  • Must have done at least one Himalayan trek with Indiahikes
  • Must be extremely fit

At Indiahikes, such leadership programs are not just transformative for the participants, they is equally transformative for us, the organisers, too.

Looking for a longer commitment? Consider the Indiahikes Outdoor Internship program

This internship is for usually 15-20 days in Bangalore. It ideally suits young adults between the age group of 19 and 26, who are looking to gain experience in Experiential Learning skills. 

The Experiential Learning Treks will be conducted around the beautiful hills surrounding Bangalore.

At Indiahikes we design some very impactful experiential learning treks for school students. These treks help school children to become more resilient, confident, develop leadership skills and also get them accustomed to hardship. At the end the impact of this program is measured and detailed studies drawn out.

During the internship you will be part of the facilitating team. You will also help in designing and implementing the program.

At the end of the program you gain valuable skills of imparting experiential learning programs. As a byproduct you also learn a very high order of collaborative leadership skills. A certificate of internship is awarded to you at the end of the program. You also get a stipend of Rs 1,000 per trek during the internship program. You may go on 9-10 day treks during the 15-20 day program.

This internship suits those:

  • Who are between 19-26 years old (male or female)
  • Have work experience (preferable)
  • Like working with children
  • Are very good communicators of thoughts
  • Can articulate in English well
  • Can give 20 days full time for this internship.
  • Ideally Bangalore based, but we can make exceptions if you feel you are well suited for this role (we will take care of your housing).

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are an amateur looking to learn about stargazing or an expert astrophile looking to observe some of the greatest celestial shows, this trek is for you. 

Joining this trek means getting to spend 6 days together with like-minded people who enjoy stargazing as much as you do.

For stargazing, we choose treks that have open views, and have a vantage point like a ridge from where you can witness the starlit sky. We started our stargazing treks from Brahmatal trek, where you camp on the ridge, at Tilandi. It is one of the best-known campsites for stargazing in the Himalayas.

Another trek that we have chosen for stargazing is the Phulara Ridge trek. On this trek too you have open vistas, a stunning ridge and campsites that are great for observing the night-sky.