Nitesh Kumar

Trek Leader

Nitesh has his roots in Coimbatore, the Foothills of Nilgiri. His childhood is filled with memories of climbing mountains and being outdoors. This was much before he was introduced to the word ‘trek’.

Nitesh has done over 27 treks in the Himalayas, and over 70 treks all over India. A moment that stands out for him is saving the life of a stranger who was hit by HAPE while attempting the Goechala trek.

Nitesh was awarded as the Best Trainee in his Wilderness First Responder course by NOLS. He has also done his Basic Mountaineering Course from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi.

We’re proud to say that Nitesh is the first-ever vegan trek leader of Indiahikes. He feels strongly about animal rights, living a sustainable life, and fitness. All these led him to veganism.

He also believes that mountains have the magic to transform people's lives. And is grateful that Indiahikes gives him a platform/an opportunity where he can make his trekkers experience how this transformation influences their lives in the cities.

Articles by Nitesh Kumar

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