Shachi Tripathi

Trek Leader

Shachi Tripathi is a Trek Leader at Indiahikes. Shachi's first trek to Kareri Lake changed her life. It made her realise who she was what she believed in. She resonated with the values and goals that Indiahikes stood for and knew that she had to be here. Every day since then has felt more meaningful for her than before.

She wants everyone to experience treks – to get closer to nature and the mountains as there is much to learn about life from these humble majestic giants. 

Shachi has led teams to about 22 treks. She is well-known as a trek leader for her storytelling sessions and her ability to create a safe space for her trekkers.

Articles by Shachi Tripathi

“I Have Always Wondered What Goes On A Family Trek.”

By Shachi Tripathi