“I Have Always Wondered What Goes On A Family Trek.”

“I Have Always Wondered What Goes On A Family Trek.”

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By Shachi Tripathi


I have always wondered what goes on a family trek. Recently I got an opportunity to lead a Deoriatal Chandrashila family trek with 7 families!

What I witnessed throughout the trek was sheer love, compassion, empathy in kids and their parents. 

Our conversations were around, friendship, kindness and love. 

We also talked about having hardships at school like bullying and not being kind.

The parents realised that treks are the best way to connect and to know the untapped potential their children possess. 

Shachi with children on the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek

They became kids with them, climbing trees, eating wild strawberries. They saw how children were helping each other out climbing steep sections, crossing streams and rivers, giving out helping hands, washing their own dabbas in cold water, taking so many responsibilities and pushing each other to reach the summit together, even when they were tired to go on. 

One kid, Vidushi, talked about how even living under one roof did not get quality time from her parents. This was the first time she actually saw mom dad being together, taking care and loving each other. "Not just the trek, even preparing for the trek helped us bond really well.. We haven’t spent time this way in a long time". her father added. 

I deeply thought about how parents just shower kids with gifts, but the true gifts kids want is time, stories, building things together, experiencing things together, affection. 

Kids got closer to nature, tracing leaves on Trek memory books, running around in the forest to find that one perfect leaf which resonates with them, hugging the trees, drawing them to learn different perspectives.

During bad weather they were grateful for rain poncho, hot food, eating hailstorms and finding happiness in smallest of the things, like moss which they called "the fluffy".

I am so grateful to be a part of something which brings families together. It gave me a purpose.

The families after completing the Deoriatal Chandrashila trek

These kids are the future of us, the values they hold will define the course of the future. Treks help them be kinder, loving, grateful and caring. Families after the trek provide them a cradle to grow, be more supportive and loving.

Shachi Tripathi

Trek Leader

About the author

Shachi Tripathi is a Trek Leader at Indiahikes. Shachi's first trek to Kareri Lake changed her life. It made her realise who she was what she believed in. She resonated with the values and goals that Indiahikes stood for and knew that she had to be here. Every day since then has felt more meaningful for her than before.

She wants everyone to experience treks – to get closer to nature and the mountains as there is much to learn about life from these humble majestic giants. 

Shachi has led teams to about 22 treks. She is well-known as a trek leader for her storytelling sessions and her ability to create a safe space for her trekkers.