First, a bit about Indiahikes

Indiahikes started primarily as a trek documentation organization. We explored, wrote and documented treks. We did this in great detail so that everyone could organize their own treks. We believed no one needed an organization like Indiahikes to take them on treks. We wanted everyone to trek! This was our philosophy (and still is).

To fund our documentation process we started organizing treks. We wanted to change the way people trekked. We wanted treks to be experienced and we wanted treks to be safe.

Whatever trekkers were experiencing it was something new. Trekkers loved the Indiahikes experience.The participation on our treks grew. Today, Indiahikes is India’s largest trek organization. Almost 20,000 people trek with Indiahikes every year.

As we progressed on our Indiahikes journey, we realized trekking was transforming lives in extraordinary ways. It was changing trekkers, it was changing us, it was changing our mountain folk and it was changing the society. 

It was very clear to us. The benefits went very deep, long lasting and touched every section of society. It was more imperative than ever that everyone trekked.

For everyone to trek, we had to go beyond just providing information. We had to remove obstacles that came in the way of trekking. We had to solve the problems of the trekking world. We had to innovate in every sphere of trekking.

A big problem that needed solving was where do people trek? We started to explore treks. That’s how trekkers started walking on some of the greatest treks in our country: Roopkund, Rupin Pass, Kashmir Great Lakes.

Even while exploring, we wanted to bring in a new kind of trekking. We wondered why people did not trek in winter. We explored and brought out Kedarkantha. Then the Chadar Frozen River trek.

We noticed how grave it was when people slipped on icy slopes. Our research led us to microspikes. Safety on treks changed forever after that. We were solving real problems.

When we noticed rising AMS cases on our treks, we brought in the oximeter from the medical world. It started to save lives. More problems were getting solved.

Our bio toilet was an extraordinary innovation. It not only decomposed human waste quickly, it ensured harmful bacteria did not enter the soil.

Our Green Trails vision to leave our mountains better resonated with trekkers deeply. Trek after trek, our trekkers helped clean up the mountains. We recycled and upcycled waste to an extent unimagined before. We were solving grassroot problems.

As early as 2010, we collaborated with the Indian Institute of Management, Indore to bring experiential learning to the highest echelons of Indian institutions. Today our Experiential Learning Division is on a mission to change the fundamentals of the education system in India — to make learning from the outdoors as important as learning in the classroom.

As we continue on our journey of solving problems, of removing obstacles, of innovating, it boils down to a very simple belief. It is our vision as well:

Everyone Must Trek.
It transforms lives.

Team members we're looking for

Just like us, you believe in our vision that "everyone must trek". You want to define the future of trekking in our country. There are three ways in which you may work with Indiahikes.

  • Work at our office
  • Work in the outdoors
  • Work from home

While trekking is a passion, the main reason to work with us is because you believe in our vision -- that "everyone must trek". You believe in it strongly and from the core of your heart. You want to remove obstacles; solve problems that are there in the trekking world. 

With this in mind, take a look at the open positions  and choose one that may suit you best. Do not choose multiple options. 

Open Positions

Team members we're looking for

Just like us, you believe in our vision that "everyone must trek". You want to define the future of trekking in our country. There are three ways in which you may work with Indiahikes.

  • Work at our office
  • Work in the outdoors
  • Work from home

While trekking is a passion, the main reason to work with us is because you believe in our vision -- that "everyone must trek". You believe in it strongly and from the core of your heart. You want to remove obstacles; solve problems that are there in the trekking world. 

With this in mind, take a look at the open positions  and choose one that may suit you best. Do not choose multiple options. 

Roles In The Outdoors

On Treks

Trek Leaders

Trek leaders lead the Indiahikes teams in the mountains. Trek leaders ensure that more than leading trekkers on a trek, trekkers take back a transformative change in their mind, body and spirit.

Trek leaders ensure that trekkers get to experience the unique Indiahikes trek experience that we are famous for. They are also the carriers of the Indiahikes brand.

Trek leading is a skill that is learned. You devote up to 90 days for a training and mentorship program. Training is imparted on leadership, safety, experience building, operations and technical skills. At the end of the program you go on to become a trek leader at Indiahikes.

Applicants for Trek Leaders must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 24 years of age. Male/Female. We encourage women to be trek leaders.
  • Must have a minimum of a Basic Mountaineering Course certificate from a reputed Institute.
  • Must have done at least two high altitude Himalayan treks (that go above 14,000 feet). If you have done these treks with Indiahikes, that is even better.
  • Must be willing to acquire a BLS certification (basic life support). A BLS certification can be done in any metro city at reputed hospitals.
  • Must have excellent English and Hindi communication skills.
  • Work experience in a leadership role in a different industry is preferred.
  • Must follow an active fitness regimen. BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18.5 and 24.9.
  • Smoking and drinking is strictly not permitted under our work conditions.

Assistant Trek Leaders

Would you like to assist Indiahikes trek leaders? Perhaps be a future trek leader? If so, then the ATL program is suitable for you.

The ATL role is for individuals who do not fully satisfy trek leader selection criteria (background, qualification, age, etc) but looking to be future trek leaders with Indiahikes

ATL applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 22 years old.
  • Open to both men and women. Women make very good trek leaders!
  • Must have done at least two Himalayan treks. Treks to Kheerganga and Triund do not count. 
  • Work experience in other industries is given preference.
  • Must have excellent English and Hindi communication skills.
  • Must follow an active fitness regimen. BMI (Body Mass Index) must be between 18.5 and 23.9.
  • No smoking or drinking habits at all.

ATLs undergo extensive training before being considered as trek leaders with Indiahikes. The training is in two stages. First stage is an induction period of 10 days at our Bengaluru office followed by a 90 day period of intensive training in the mountains. If your assessment is successful in each of the two stages, you become a Trek Leader with Indiahikes.

During the ATL training program you earn a stipend of Rs 4,000 per week. Once a trek leader, your earnings range between Rs 4.0 and Rs 6.0 lakhs per annum at the first level. Earnings increase considerably when you move to the second and third levels of responsibility (usually in one and a half to two years time)

Before you apply for the post of an assistant trek leader, see this video about what the job involves.

At The Basecamp

Assistant Slope Manager

It takes a lot to be a slope manager at Indiahikes. Which is why we are looking at Assistant Slope Managers to assist our Slope Managers.

The role would involve more or less the entire gamut of work that the Slope Manager does with the final responsibility resting on the Slope Manager. Assistant Slope Managers can look forward to being promoted as Slope Managers if they show good growth at their work.

Salary starts at Rs 4.5 - 5.0 lakhs per annum. Food and stay is taken care of by Indiahikes. 

What we look for in an Assistant Slope Manager:

  • Age: Between 26 and 32 years (Male or Female)
  • Work Experience: Essential in other industries, especially in a supervisory or management role.
  • Trek Experience: Must have good trek experience
  • Behaviour and attitude: Humble, respectful and courteous. Being frugal is what we admire. You prefer a bus over a taxi.
  • Location of work: Must be willing to be stationed in the mountains for long. Our work locations are beautiful and shift every season.
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Habits: Smoking and drinking is not permitted under our work conditions.

Roles in Bengaluru

Coordination Roles

Experience Coordinators

Experience Coordinators help build the unique trek experience that Indiahikes is known for. You focus primarily on the pre-trek and the post trek experience, while our Trek Leaders focus on the 'on-trek' experience. 

You work closely with other departments to build these experiences. You talk extensively with trekkers, understand and learn from their experience. 

The role also requires you to handle trekker queries, help them solve their problems, be an adviser to them and coordinate their movements.

It is a role that has communication at its crux. Which is why people who are well-travelled, socially friendly and with good exposure to the outside world do well in this role.

Experience Coordinators work out of our office in Bengaluru. 

Applicants for Experience Coordinators must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 23 years old. Upper age limit is 28 years.
  • Must have done treks (we prefer if you have done Himalayan treks. If you have trekked with Indiahikes, that's even better!)
  • If you have work experience (in other industries), it greatly matters.
  • Must be willing to work from Bengaluru 
  • Must have excellent English and Hindi communication skills. We will test your written English.
  • Female or Male.

Salary starts between 4.5 - 5.0 lakhs per annum.

Asst. Experience Coordinators

Do you want to be part of our experience coordination team? But cannot work full-time? This is a part-time home based role for those who cannot join our office team. The role requires you to assist our Experience Coordinator team.

You need to commit 6 hours a day for this. There are two shifts that we work in (9.30 am to 2.30 pm and the next shift is between 2.30 pm and 8.30 pm). We work on Saturdays too, so the work is between Monday and Saturday.

The role requires excellent communication skills (English and Hindi). Prior work experience is required.

Salary starts at 3.0 lakhs per annum. Though the work is part-time home base, you need to be Bengaluru based. The work requires you to come to the office once a week (for 6 hours).

Content-based Roles

Photo Editor

We are looking for photo-editors who can bring to life the Indian Himalayas on screen through the Indiahikes platform. 

This requires strong editing, organising, and categorising skills, given that thousands of trekkers share their photos and videos with us every season (3-4 months). 

Ideally, we would like someone who has a keen eye for detail, who can differentiate a great photograph from an average one. 

Please note that we use media files received by trekkers in different platforms — website, Instagram, YouTube, offline posters. To fit this role, we are looking for someone who can bridge the gap between the photos we receive and the photos that we can use on these platforms. 

Applicants for photo-editors must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Experience in handling a large database of media files

  • Strong technical skills, should be able to work with Photoshop, Lightroom, In Design

  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines

  • Prior experience of working as a photo editor



Content Team Members

Indiahikes is known for its information. We have been building authentic, informative and creative content for our trekking database for the past 12 years. We are the Trekipedia of the country. Every Content team member helps grow this vast database of trek information.In this role, you write thought provoking articles, research the world of trekking, document treks, interview experts in the field, work on photographs, videos and podcasts.

As a member of the content team, you also take the growth of Indiahikes forward.

The variety in the role is enormous; the work is global. Growth in this role is rapid.

The mandatory requirements are that:

  • You write well. Excellent communication skills in English are a must
  • You have prior exposure or experience to the content world
  • You are willing to be Bangalore based

Trek Documenters

Indiahikes is known for its vast database of trek information. Thousands of trekkers use our detailed documentations to trek everyday. This database is highly respected for its credibility and authenticity.   

We are looking for Trek Documenters to grow our documentation. We want to document trekking trails anywhere in the country, be it the mountains, plains, rivers or beachsides. We want to bring out information about it to enable trekkers to trek on their own. 

As a trek documenter, you will be updating our current trek documentations and also adding to new trek information. Most of these are documented by talking to trekkers. At times you do these treks too.

We are looking for team members who are

  • Have good research skills 
  • Good written and spoken communication skills.
  • Are passionate about trekking

If you have done several treks (locally or in the Himalayas), that’s ideal. 

This is a full time role that requires you to be based in Bengaluru. 

If you are keen to contribute but cannot relocate to Bangalore, write to us as well. We will see if we can work with you remotely.

Part-time Content Writers

When it comes to information about trekking, our website is deeply respected by trekkers for the credibility it holds and the authenticity of the content. We continue to grow our information database, with over 1,200 articles on the website concerning different topics around trekking. 

To grow this further, we are looking for experienced part-time writers who can ideate, research, speak to experts and write articles that deep dive into the trekking world. 

Some more specifics of the role: 

  • You are looking for writers who have at least 5 years of experience in content writing
  • We are looking for those who have the ability to ideate and work on articles independently 
  • We expect you to work on 1-2 articles a week
  • You will be paid on a per-word basis. 
  • We would prefer it if you have some trek experience. If you have trekked with Indiahikes, even better. 

Full-time Editor

At Indiahikes, we are looking for editors to help edit the content our writers create. This would mean refining the structure of content, making it more concise and bringing an Indiahikes voice into the writing. 

The editor will also be co-ordinating with all the writers at Indiahikes and guiding them towards choosing good topics, doing the right research and bringing sharp focus in the writing.   

You may even write an article or two yourself.

We are looking for editors/writers with at least 2 years of experience, excellent language skills and preferably, some exposure to the trekking world. We would like your work experience to be from the print/digital media.

This is a full time role based out of Bangalore. Salary starts between 4.2 - 4.6 lakhs per annum, based on your experience. 

Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer, you play an integral role as a content creator and visual communicator at Indiahikes. In this role you will always be designing things at Indiahikes — infographics, posters, merchandise, maps. You will work across different mediums. You will collaborate with the experience team, the content team and all merchandise team. 

For this,

  • You need to have a good design background.
  • You’ll need to know Photoshop / Illustrator.
  • Knowing InDesign would also be helpful. 

We would like to see your work. So when you apply, please send us links to your work.

Like other roles, you must be Bengaluru based. It is a full time role out of our office.

Photographers cum Filmmakers

We are looking at photographers cum filmmakers who can take the level of images and videos higher on our website.

If your photos and videos have been featured anywhere, then you are already the kind of person we are looking at.

Ideally, we would like you to be a photographer and a filmmaker rolled into one. 

We like those who have multiple skills. A good sense of design is required. Understanding website design and how it works is very important.

Location: This role will require to be on our treks. You may move from one trek to another. From time to time you may have to work out of our Bangalore office as well. 

Technical skills: You must know Photoshop/Lightroom, Final Cut Pro/Premier Pro and After Effects.

Application: To apply send us links to your photos and videos (do not attach any images), along with the prescribed application process. Also let us know about the photography/film-making equipment that you currently own.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development Team Member

Indiahikes is known for its extensive learning and development programmes. New team members enter the organisation with little or no experience, and are honed into the best Trek Leaders and outdoor experts. This happens only through our learning and development processes. 

As a Learning and Development Team Member, you are responsible for creating and implementing strong training modules at Indiahikes. Your objective is to improve the technical and soft skills of team members at Indiahikes and make them globally competitive. 

Your work will include: 

  • Researching extensively on training modules that can be adopted for outdoor leadership training. It would also mean creating these modules, researching into case-studies within the organisation.  
  • Developing and implementing new training programmes (online as well as offline)
  • Collaborating with the best training teams from across the world to create training modules and workshops for Indiahikes.

We would prefer someone who has a background in developing ‘learning and development’ modules. If you are familiar with Indiahikes or have trekked with us, that’s a bonus.

The role is full-time out of our Bangalore office.

Experiential Learning Team Members

Experiential learning is the dynamic world where we learn from the outdoors. At Indiahikes the leading IIMs and top B-schools have partnered with Indiahikes to impart experiential learning programs to their students. School, colleges and professional institutes too have partnered with Indiahikes for an experiential learning component in their curriculum.

It is a field of study that is growing enormously at Indiahikes. The beautiful part is that many of our learning from the experiential learning studies are now key experiences on our regular treks. For our experiential learning team we are looking for:

  1. Business development: You will need to visit schools/colleges and professional institutes to talk to them about our experiential learning programs. 
  2. Program designers: You will help our team in designing experiential programs as well as imparting them. It requires you to come with a background in designing experiential learning programs.

Research Interns

We are looking for research interns who would like to work on two interesting research projects.

Project 1:
The objective of the first project is to understand how our body adapts or responds to high altitude. Globally, there's very little understanding of the effects of altitude on the human body.

Indiahikes has been collecting vitals of trekkers - oxygen saturation, pulse rate and BP all through the trek - vitals that can bring a deeper understanding of how human body responds to altitude.

We have data of over 3000 trekkers. We need a data analysis specialist to help us analyze and understand the patterns over these data.

Project 2:
Our vision at Indiahikes - everyone must trek - comes from the deep belief that trek transforms lives. We know that trek has a huge impact on trekker's mind, body and spirit. We want to study and document this impact.

This we believe, will help the world see trekking as not just a recreational activity but a therapeutic activity.

We are looking for researchers with a background on clinical psychology to be a part of the study. In particular we are looking for expertise in quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Note: If you are a Data science or Clinical Psychology student doing your Masters, you can use these projects as part of your master's thesis. 

Administrative Roles

Asst. Operations Managers

Indiahikes runs one of the most complex trek operations. Imagine running treks all over the country, 365 days a year, remotely (without phone signals), yet at the level of quality, consistency and experience that we are known for. 

People are astonished at how we are able to do it. Yet, this is our skill and ability.

We need more members to join our operations team. As a team member you will help us streamline our processes, introduce new systems and innovate our trekking experiences.

You must be Bengaluru based, with at least 3 years of work experience. We are looking at those in the age group of 25-28.

Finance Associate

At Indiahikes, we manage complex operations, working in remote locations, with different payment structures. We are looking for a team member who can perform various financial and accounting tasks, such as preparing financial reports, budgets, managing accounting records, handling payments, and preparing payroll documents.

This also involves working closely with our Chartered Accountant and assisting them with financial documentation and annual audits. 

We are looking for team members who: 

  • Are proficient with Tally
  • Have a minimum qualification of a B.Com
  • Have at least 2 years of work experience in the field of finance
  • Love trekking and have done treks. 

This is a full-time position based out of Bengaluru. Expect salaries between 4.2 - 4.8 lakhs per annum.

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages Executive

On Indiahikes treks food is an important experience. Trekkers love the Indiahikes food experience. They look forward to not only tasting the local cuisine, but also to eating wholesome food that is just right for a trekker's need.
We require Food and Beverage executives to take our food experience higher. Your role is to:
  • Design wholesome and innovative menus
  • Setup high altitude modern kitchens
  • Ensure that our menu is strictly followed
  • Conduct training for our cooks
  • Order food supplies for the kitchen
  • Follow food and safety regulations
  • Develop a relationship with regular vendors
Qualification and background
  • Must have a qualification in Hotel Management
  • Must be fluent in Hindi and English
  • Minimum 24 years old
  • Work Experience: 2-3 years in the industry
Work location is variable. Most of it is either Bengaluru and Dehradun based. There are lots of visits also required to the mountains. People love this, but you need to know.
Salary starts at 5.0 lakhs an annum.

The Core Values that make us who we are

These are values that anybody working here is expected to imbibe.

You are Humble

Humility is the biggest trait we look for in our team members. Even if an applicant is highly skilled, or experience but not humble, we do not take them. You’ll find this as a virtue among all team members at Indiahikes — whether it’s our founders, our Trek Leaders or our local staff members. A humble person makes for an ideal team member. They are open to feedback, easily teachable, curious and eager to learn.They are able to grow and nurture the organisation

Humility is practiced everyday at Indiahikes. Those who are not humble are not encouraged to be at Indiahikes.

You are a Sustainability Champion

At Indiahikes we have taken the responsibility of bringing in systems that make trekking more sustainable. We are here to leave our mountains better. We do this through our Green Trails project. And for this, the best place to begin is at home. So, everyone at Indiahikes is a sustainability champion. We buy little or no packaged goods, we use no disposables. We compost our waste. We lead minimalist lives. This extends to everyone working here.

If you do not lead a sustainable life, you cannot be with us at Indiahikes.

You are Fit

We expect trekkers to be fit for our treks. It holds true for all of us at Indiahikes as well. If we are unfit, then we have little right to ask trekkers to be fit on our treks. To us, fitness is a way of life. This means everyone has a fitness routine, everyone is always ready to go on a Himalayan trek.

If you are unfit and do not have a fitness routine, you cannot work at Indiahikes.

You show Care

To show care for our trekkers is to put the needs and interests of our trekkers before our own. It means sacrificing ourselves on behalf of our trekkers. Caring means using our time, skills, and talents to help our trekkers. 

To show care is giving beyond what is required. Nobody asks you to do it. Showing care is one of our biggest differentiators at work. It has helped Indiahikes be where it is today. If you do not show care, eventually you will be a misfit at Indiahikes.

Why our Work Culture is unique

Working at Indiahikes is interesting and demanding but never boring. We are doing futuristic work.

What we do impacts the lives of others and ourselves in a big way. This adds a deeper meaning to our lives. It changes the way we think and behave. It makes us a better and a higher order human being. At Indiahikes, we are not only on a fulfilling journey of making trekking better but also on a personal journey of self discovery.

How to apply

For all positions email Arjun Majumdar: [email protected]
CC: Sandhya Chandrasekharayya: [email protected]

Subject: Working with Indiahikes — (name of position)

Arjun Majumdar is the CEO and founder of Indiahikes. Sandhya Chandrasekharayya, is the COO and Co-founder at Indiahikes. 

What to include in your email application

  • Your recently updated resume (Even if you don’t have a background in trekking, your past work experience matters to us.)
  • Write to us about (1) why you wish to work at Indiahikes. (2) Tell us why the Indiahikes vision resonates with you. (3) What do the Indiahikes core values mean to you.
  • Write another paragraph about what skills and talents of yours make you suitable for the role.
  • If you have any trek experience, mention it in the email.
  • Any specific write up or inclusions as mentioned in the role description

A note about your application status

We receive a large number of applications. If you are shortlisted we will write back within seven days, usually quicker. If you do not hear from us within 7 days in all probability your application has been rejected. You can, of course, remind us again in case you feel you are the right fit for Indiahikes.

Note: Sometimes applications get rejected because they have not followed the complete application process as mentioned in “What to include in your email” above.

What does it mean to work at Indiahikes?

Working at a startup can be extremely rewarding and equally frustrating. At Indiahikes everyone seems to be doing everything! It is very different from a corporate culture. Here responsibilities are high, work is busy. People love what they do.

At Indiahikes, the work is very entrepreneurial in nature. You have the freedom to grow your work and dream big. Our work adds meaning to our life. We ensure this by doing impactful work.

The world of the mountains is a constantly changing world. At Indiahikes we meet challenges head on. Our work is definitive and futuristic. We define the future of trekking in India by bringing in innovations. Be it in Trek Experience, designing trekking equipment, high altitude training or documenting and discovering new treks. 

In this video, our chief editor Swathi Chatrapathy interviews Indiahikes founder Arjun Majumdar on what it means to work at Indiahikes. In this video he talks about the core values of Indiahikes and who would make the right fit at our organisation.