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Why Introduce Our Himalayan Outbound Programme To Your Workplace

Here’s a unique leadership and team building program for companies and B-schools. IIM has been a part of it for 9 years, it’s time more companies look into it.

How Trekking With Your Classmates Can Transform You Into A Confident Person

Read more about how trekking is much more than an simple outdoor activity. It is an exercise with potential to completely transform a person.

How Trekking Can Boost Your Management Skills

Trekking is the ideal activity to put one’s managerial skills to the test. With the focus being on organisational behaviour, planning out an executing a trek can greatly help boost one’s management skills.


“Indiahikes is highly professional with amazing skills to organize the event in synchronization with nature. The entire module of the program such as pre-planning, execution, sequencing of events, enthusiasm of organizing team, the briefing sessions, the arrangement, the food, the trek, the tents etc. was a wonderful experience. Happy to be associated with them.”

Prof. Sanjay Choudhari, IIM Indore
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“There is a strong need for bringing in the experiential component where students really learn about skills, they learn about values and attitudes.

This is precisely the idea behind having such innovative courses where students not only learn about leadership and teamwork but are actually involved in tasks that involve leadership and doing things that can be called teamwork.”

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Prof. Sourav Mukherji, Dean, IIM Bangalore
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“The bond created between classmates, was definitely the biggest highlight, it was loads of fun as students helped one another this educational along with being incredibly fun! Teamwork was an important lesson i’ve learnt from this trek, this is indeed an beneficial exposure to all who participate. About the clean-up activity on the trek I, personally believe it is an incredible initiative to be aware of our surroundings and to keep it clean.”

Siya Nayak, Class 10
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“The lesson that I am taking back from the trek is  that  experiences are more valuable than objects and there is a solution to every problem. I’m going to implement the lessons learnt in daily life by practicing them in everyday life(especially in math). I have also decided to try and do everything on my Bucket list.”

Vikram Sujive, Class 10
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