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Fitness Makes Your Trekking Experience Better

Why Fitness is Important for Your High Altitude Trek

By swathi chatrapathy

2022-09-07 | 3 min read


A Beginner's Guide to Get Fit for a High Altitude Trek


Why Running Is A Good Pre-Trek Workout: A High Altitude Marathon Runner Speaks

Get Trek Fit With Anushree

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A Guide To Start Your Trek Fitness Preparation

At Indiahikes, we take fitness extremely seriously. It is part of our core values. Everyone who works at Indiahikes, be it on the slopes, or in the of...


Can Being Fit Reduce The Chances Of Getting AMS?

We all know that Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) cannot be entirely escaped on a high altitude trek. But can you reduce your chances of getting it by ke...


Trekking With High BMI - All Your Questions Answered

In December of 2019, Gaurav headed for his first high-altitude trek to Kedarkantha — overweight, underprepared, and with a BMI that was way above norm...


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Why Running Is The Best Exercise To Get Fit For A Trek (Vs. Swimming and Cycling)

Indiahikes gives a lot of importance to the physical preparation for a trek, and we strongly recommend running as an excellent form of exercise for tr...


From 2km to 21km: How Trekking Made Me A Half Marathoner

“I think you need to stop”, reasoned a voice. “Look, you aren’t able to breathe”, it panicked. Then a louder assertive voice that seemed to have heard...


How Trekking Made Me A Regular Runner

Last Sunday, I ran my first 14 kilometer run. It was organized by an NGO near home called “Hope for the Children Foundation”. We ran to support the “S...

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What Ailments Do You Face After A High Altitude Trek?

I have a question for you today. After coming back from a high altitude trek, have you faced any physical ailments? I’m looking to put together a seri...


How to Deal With a Knee Injury on a Trek

Knee injuries are tricky to deal with. A lot of trekkers have written to me about the pain and annoyance of living with a knee injury. Today, I will d...


What is Trek Fever and How to Avoid it

I want to tell you a true story about my friend Aditya and his trek fever. Aditya is your average fit guy from Bangalore. He plays football regularly,...

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How trekking changed the course of fitness in Nandini’s life 

Nandini has been trying to get fit since her 20s. She has been involved in various physical activities like aerobics and cardio. However, trekking was...


How Even A Serious Leg Injury Couldn’t Keep Neha From Trekking

“I was closest to my father; he meant the world to me. But as they say, life is uncertain. It took a turn for worse and I lost my father to cancer. My...


From Skipping PT Periods to Living the Fitness Lifestyle: Here’s How Trekking Changed Ramon’s Life

"I recently came back from the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. This was my 5th trek with Indiahikes. When I look back from where I started, I cannot believe...

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