Surya Top

A Summit Climb Amidst Grand Meadows

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7 Days


12,900 ft

A Summit Climb Amidst Grand Meadows

In our country, we have some of the grandest meadows to walk on and then some of the finest summits to climb. But there is one trek that combines both of these, and that is the Surya Top Trek.

Surya Top is an extension of our much-loved Dayara Bugyal trek. Trekkers often get teary-eyed upon reaching Dayara meadows on the Dayara Bugyal trek. They're floored by the endless grasslands, not to mention the big mountain views. Such is the setting of the meadows. 

What if we told you that this is just the tip of the iceberg? 

Surya Top is a real deal when it comes to experiencing the grandeur of Dayara meadows in its entirety. You trek on the meadows not just for a couple of hours but for two full days! At Devkund, you are at the end of the Dayara meadows. Right behind you are endless stretches of perfectly manicured meadows that extend as far as your eyes can reach. You explore all that Dayara Meadows has to offer. This is only possible when you do the Surya Top Trek.

Our first group of trekkers was bowled over by the beauty of Surya Top. See the photos here.

Another highlight of Surya Top is the ridge walk from Devkund to Siyari. You have beautiful valleys on both sides. Mt Bandarpunch and Kalanag stand right in front of you. On top, it‘s not a regular straight ridge walk. It meanders, and as it does so, the mountains play hide and seek with you. 

As you think this trek cannot get any better, comes the summit climb to the Surya Top. Though it’s not a technical climb, it tests your endurance. Once you are at the summit, the Gangotri range, Mt Bandarpoonch and Mt Kalanag that you were seeing from afar now stand at a touching distance from you. Especially Mt Bandarpoonch is so close to you, it feels like you can just jump to the other side and land on Bandarpoonch. Views like this are something any mountain lover would die for!

To sum it up, Surya Top ticks off all the boxes on the checklist of a great trek. It is a must-have trek on every mountain lover’s bucket list. 

In our country, we have some of the grandest meadows to walk on and then some of the finest summits to climb. But there is one trek that combines both of these, and that is the Surya Top Trek.

Surya Top is an extension of our much-loved Dayara Bugyal trek. Trekkers often get teary-eyed upon reaching Dayara meadows on the Dayara Bugyal trek. They're floored by the endless grasslands, not to mention the big mountain views. Such is the setting of the meadows. 

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Surya Top - Complete Trek Information

We have always wanted trekkers to be well-informed before they go on a Himalayan trek. Knowledge is the difference between a safe trek and a dangerous one. It’s also the difference between a wholesome experience and a superficial experience.

Use this section to learn about the Dayara Bugyal trek. It has in-depth information about each day of the trek, what to expect, and how you need to prepare for it. Many years of expertise have gone into this content. Trekkers find that extremely useful.


What we like about the Surya Top Trek

1. The grand ridge from Surya Top to Devkund

There are only a handful of treks that have long ridge walks in our country. Surya Top is one of those treks.
When you are on the ridge, it feels like you are trekking next to the most celebrated mountains in our country. The mountains around you play peek-a-boo as you trek. They show up for a moment, then hide behind misty curtains. It's like a game of hide and seek with nature.

Our trek leader, Shravan, who led the first group of trekkers to Surya Top, came back from the trek mind-blown.  “This is the grandest ridge walk trek I have done to date. I was awestruck the whole time I was on the ridge.  From left to right are the Gangotri range: Bhagirathi I, II, Mt Meru, Thalay Sagar, and Kedardome, and the Yamunotri range, consisting of Bandarpoonch I, II, and Kalanag. There are mountain views everywhere. It was a humbling experience," says Shravan.  “The trekkers, too, couldn’t stop talking about the ridge walk," adds Shravan.

The ridge walk from Surya Top to Devkund is the most dramatic one. Photo by Mayank Khare

2. Dev Kund Campsite with views of Mt Bandarpoonch

Camping at Dev Kund is one of the best experiences on this trek, with the Bandarpoonch massif right in front of you.

"When you unzip your tent and step out, you'll see the huge Bandarpoonch massif dominating the landscape. But it's when you're inside the tent that the mountain looks super impressive, like a giant painting right in front of you,” says Indiahikes Trek Leader Vignesh, who led another group of Surya Top.  “This is a luxury you rarely get on a trek,” he adds. 

In the quietness of the campsite, as you look out from your tent, you'll feel a mix of things. The mountain makes you feel small, but at the same time, you'll feel a strong connection to it. The sunlight and shadows on the peaks, the fresh mountain air, and the sound of leaves create an atmosphere that goes beyond just camping. It's more than sleeping outdoors; it's like being part of a beautiful story that the mountain is telling, and you get a front-row seat from the comfort of your tent.

Mt Bandarpoonch in it's full glory. Photo by Mayank Khare

3. Experiencing the Dayara Meadows in its entirety

The next big reason to do the Surya Top trek is the Dayara Meadows. You trek on the Dayara meadows for a full two days, with Gangotri and Yamunotri ranges accompanying you throughout.

Trekking on the meadows stays in your mind for a long time, even after the trek; they're covered in a bunch of colourful alpine flowers like Himalayan blue poppies, daisies, and primrose. It's like a painting with bright colours all around.

Irrespective of the season you trek in, the settings of the meadows do not fail to mesmerise you. The meadows are lush green in the summer and turn golden brown in the autumn. 

Beautiful meadows of Dayara. Photo by Arjun Majumdar

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