Stargazing Treks At Indiahikes

A special trek for stargazing enthusiasts

We are introducing stargazing treks at Indiahikes — a special trek where you spend every night stargazing with an expert, diving deep into the mysteries of the night sky.

What can you expect from our stargazing trek?

We will have focused sessions on these topics

  • Observe and learn about different galaxies - Our own Milky Way and our nearest neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy
  • Mark the common constellations of the Northern Hemisphere including Orion, Cassiopeia, Big Dipper, Little Dipper. Learn the history and mythology behind these constellations. 
  • Recognise and learn about the brightest stars of the night sky including the Summer triangle
  • Observe the visible planets - Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and Mercury (early morning sky)
  • Natural and artificial satellites - Observe the moons of Jupiter and Saturn in the binaculors

The experience will be facilitated by our Senior Trek Leader who specialises in stargazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are an amateur looking to learn about stargazing or an expert astrophile looking to observe some of the greatest celestial shows, this trek is for you. 

Joining this trek means getting to spend 6 days together with like-minded people who enjoy stargazing as much as you do.

For stargazing, we choose treks that have open views, and have a vantage point like a ridge from where you can witness the starlit sky. We started our stargazing treks from Brahmatal trek, where you camp on the ridge, at Tilandi. It is one of the best-known campsites for stargazing in the Himalayas.

Another trek that we have chosen for stargazing is the Phulara Ridge trek. On this trek too you have open vistas, a stunning ridge and campsites that are great for observing the night-sky.

Stargazing Trek Experience in Pictures