A must-see photo story about Kedarkantha

It’s been a while since we saw such drop-dead gorgeous pictures of the Kedarkantha trek. This is a must-see blogpost written by Jai Pandya. It’s a five minute read, but you might spend hours just ogling at the moonlit pictures. Jai trekked with us to Kedarkantha in the second week of March 2016.

Oh how we could do this trek a hundred times over and never get tired!

KK - Jai Pandya
Juda Ka Talab in all its glory. Picture courtesy – Jai Pandya


Here’s an excerpt:

“Himalayas are famous for being unpredictable in nature, and so we were prepared for it, but no one had expected this amount of downpour. This could potentially fail our summit attempt. Would we make it?”

Read the entire blog here.



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Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy

Swathi Chatrapathy is the Chief Editor at Indiahikes. She heads the content team and runs a video series called Trek With Swathi. Before joining Indiahikes, she worked as a reporter and sub-editor at Deccan Chronicle. She holds a Masters in Digital Journalism and continues to contribute to publications such as Deccan Herald. Trekking, to her, is a sport that liberates that mind like nothing else can. Through her work at Indiahikes, she hopes to let more people experience this sense of liberation, by spreading information about trekking and by instilling the right spirit of trekking in them.Read Swathi's other articles. Watch Swathi's video series here.

13 thoughts on “A must-see photo story about Kedarkantha

  1. Hi Swati,
    I will be travelling to Dehradhun in the first week of April and was looking for trekking in one of our wonderful landscapes. Here i come across a blog on Kedarkantha trek. I am thrilled to do this. However i have queries if you could help me out with this:
    1. what is the extent of snow that i can expect in the first week of April. Would i still get to experience the trek on powder snow
    2. can the trek be shortened to 3 days as i plan to visit Rishikesh as well
    3. Can you suggest some amazing treks that i can possibly do in the first week of April

    Hoping to hear back from you 🙂

    1. Hi Shrutika,
      Here are answers to your questions –
      1. You will find snow till mid April at altitudes above 11,000 ft on the Kedarkantha trek. This is unlikely to be powdery snow unless there is fresh snow fall that time.
      2. We do not customise treks to shorten the duration. However, it is possible to do the Kedarkantha trek in 3 days (excluding travel) on your own.
      3. Har ki Dun, Deoriatal-Chandrashila, Kuari Pass are some of the other treks that you can do in the first week of April in Uttarakhand. If you are okay with going to the Eastern Himalayas, Sandakphu is also an option.

    2. 1. Extent of snow can’t be predicted. It varies from year to year.
      2.No. If you can do double trek only then it is possible. You must have double stemina to complete a trek in half time as compared to normal trekkers.
      3. You just go to har ki dun straight from sankari ie. don’t go to kedar kantha.

  2. What kind of shoes are required for the trek? Will normal sports shoes work? Is there any renting facility available at the base camp?

    1. Hi Ajit,
      We do not recommend sports shoes for this trek. You will need shoes with ankle support and tough soles to provide you with a good grip. We do have rentals available on the Kedarkantha trek. You can get the details here.

  3. Hi
    We are planning a trek around April last week or May first week. Can u suggest some treks where I can experience snow during this time.

    1. Hi Mani,
      There won’t be any snow at Kedarkantha in September. The meadows and clearings will all be green. You will star seeing shades of brown closer to the summit.

  4. Hlw,
    I watched many videos of kedarkantha trek on YouTube organized by IndiaHikes. I noticed during hole February due to heavy snow the views are not so clear like December.
    If I want to enjoy clear views from summit and snow falling on pine Forest at at the same time during kedarkantha trek.. which month will be appropriate?????! March 3-8?or March 8<?

    1. Hi Mehedi, if you want clear views, then autumn is hands down the best time of the year! That’s October and November. After that it would be winter months of December, Jan and Feb. Followed by summer months of March and April. The view gets more and more hazy after March though.

  5. Hi. What trek is appropriate for mid jan season? We are looking for a moderate difficulty trek and with a lot of snow. Also tell me the appropriate gear required for it.

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