A must-see photo story about Kedarkantha

It’s been a while since we saw such drop-dead gorgeous pictures of the Kedarkantha trek. This is a must-see blogpost written by Jai Pandya. It’s a five minute read, but you might spend hours just ogling at the moonlit pictures. Jai trekked with us to Kedarkantha in the second week of March 2016.

Oh how we could do this trek a hundred times over and never be bored! 

KK - Jai Pandya
Juda Ka Talab in all its glory. Picture courtesy – Jai Pandya

Here’s an excerpt:

This was my first ever snow trek. It had also been long since I went on a trek before. I had carefully opted for a batch starting in March as this time was supposed to be a safe choice in terms of weather. Just 3 days before the trek started, it started raining in the region and it didn’t stop until the very last day. As we set off on our trail, it started raining again.
Himalayas are famous for being unpredictable in nature, and so we were prepared for it, but no one had expected this amount of downpour. This could potentially fail our summit attempt. Would we make it?

Read the entire blog here.

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