Latest Update: Bad Weather Forces Us To Pause/Retreat From Treks

Latest Update: 10-05-2018 : 15:20:00

Roopkund: Few trek groups are returning back from their respective campsites. After clear weather yesterday they had hoped of completing the trek, but the trails were covered under 4-5 feet of snow. Trek Leader Venkat spoke to us in the morning and took the decision to call off the trek. All trekkers are making their way back to the basecamp Lohajung.

Latest Update: 09-05-2018 : 18:30:00

Gaumukh Tapovan and Kedartal: In light of recent IMD forecast that states bad weather post May 13th, we have suspended both these treks for the next week. The forest department has also issued notices prohibiting any treks in the Gangotri region. The weather continues to be rainy and prone to avalanches for the next week. All trekkers are being intimated by calls and emails.

Are you heading out to these 2 treks in the next week with us?

1. Yes, I am there in the Gaumukh Tapovan group for the next week: Read this article, now.

2. I am there in the Kedartal group for the next week: Read this article, now.

All other treks have good weather and will run as per their scheduled timelines.

Latest Update: 09-05-2018 : 15:17:00

Gaumukh Tapovan: Both the trekking teams have safely reached the basecamp Gangotri. All trekkers are safe.

Latest Update: 09-05-2018 : 11:30:00

Rupin Pass, Har Ki Dun, Kedarkantha: All trekkers are safely proceeding with their treks. They had paused at their respective campsites yesterday because of bad weather. But the weather in this region is stable with mild showers now. They will be continuing their trek.

Pangarchulla: As per latest update from our trek leaders, the weather is clear and sunny. The groups are given a green signal to proceed to the next campsite of Khullara.

Roopkund: All groups have resumed their trekking to Roopkund. As many as 4 groups on this trek had stayed back at their campsites yesterday. Based on current safe weather patterns they have decided to move on.

Gaumukh Tapovan: Trek Leader Dushyant called us now and informed of his decision to head back with the team. The group had been staying at Chirbasa for the entire day yesterday. Further ahead another group with Trek Leader Tanmay started early morning on their descent back to Chirbasa from Bhojbasa. The 2 groups are hardly separated by 10-15 minutes and expect to reach basecamp Gangotri around the same time. We expect them to reach in another 3 hours.

Kedartal: All trekkers safely reached Dharali last night, where they had food and rested. Our rescue teams are still on the slope looking to retrieve the porter-Akash. Our next group departure for May 12th for this trek is cancelled due to heavy snowfall on the trails. Read this article to know more about our cancellation decision and the complete story as it unfolded.

Latest Update: 08-05-2018 : 23:00:00

Roopkund, Rupin Pass, Deoriatal, Gaumukh-Tapovan: With the ongoing snowstorms and hailstorms in the mountains, all our trekkers have stayed put at their campsites today so they are all safe.

Kedartal: On the Kedartal trek, however, the trekking team was trying to return to Gangotri from the first campsite, when an avalanche blocked the trail. None of the trekkers was hurt, but they were stuck on the other side of the avalanche.

So earlier this evening, a rescue team of 13 went to their aid. Even the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and the forest department has joined the rescue team.

They have met with the trekking team and all of them are on their way down to Gangotri. We had a word with the rescue team just a few minutes ago. The entire team will be back in Gangotri in the next hour.

The weather is slowly clearing up too, and we hope the worst is over.

Because of the storm, almost all communications in these regions have shut down. We’re receiving news and updating you as promptly as possible.

However, we have some bad news to report. Two of our porters who left much before the team and strayed away from everyone else were caught in the avalanche. While one of them was immediately rescued, the second porter, Akash, remained buried in the avalanche. He is yet to be found. The rescue teams will conduct further searches tomorrow for him.

Kuari Pass: All trekkers who were on the trek have returned to Lata, the base camp, and will be staying the night there.

Kedarkantha, Har Ki Dun: We received reports that the weather has not been too bad on this side of the mountains. Trekkers are on the trek and not at the base camp. They are all safe.

Latest Update: 08-05-2018 : 15:30:00

Gaumukh Tapovan: Fresh snowfall at Gangotri and rains at Dharali. All trekkers are still on hold inside the first 2 campsites of the trek – Chirbasa and Bhojbasa.

Latest Update: 08-05-2018 : 09:30:00

Roopkund Trek: All 4 groups are on hold and waiting for the weather to clear. Trekking teams are staying at Lohajung, Ghairoli, Bedni, and Bhagwabhasa campsites respectively. There is a drastic drop in temperatures – with fresh snowfall reported at Bedni campsite and rainfall at others. Although it’s super snowy and freezing cold at these campsites, all trekkers are safe and sound inside their camps.

Kuari Pass: Heavy snowfall at Khullara campsite has forced our trekkers to retreat to lower heights from the campsite. All 3 batches are now returning back to the basecamp Lata

Deoriatal Chandrashila: Due to heavy rains, our group is not going for the summit climb to Chandrashila. They are staying back at Chopta campsite.

Gaumukh Tapovan: Trekkers are staying put at the first campsite of the trek – Chirbasa. The weather there is really windy and rainy. Another group further ahead is on hold at the Bhojbasa campsite.

Latest Update: 07-05-2018 : 17:08:00

Rupin Pass Trek: Trekkers have made their way to Sewa (second campsite) from Dhaula. They encountered mild rains for 2 hours, but nothing extraordinary. Trekkers will be camping at Sewa for the night.

Latest Update: 07-05-2018 : 12:37:00

We’ve paused all our treks following IMD’s notice on bad weather warning.

All trekking teams will be staying at their respective campsites until further notice.

Last night India Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a fresh warning about thunderstorms and hailstones over isolated places in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Punjab. The western Himalayan region in the northern plains is likely to have thunderstorms with squalls and hails from Sunday until Wednesday.

Here’s the official notice by Department of Revenue & Disaster Management in accordance with IMD’s notice.

The notice sent in by Department of Revenue & Disaster Management.

What does this mean?

Due to the expected heavy rainfall in the next 2 days, all trek teams will be staying at their current campsites. These teams will either utilise their buffer days or return back to the basecamp if the weather takes a downturn.

Our on-slope operations team is keeping a close watch on the local weather.

All paused trekking teams will only proceed to the next campsite if the local weather is absolutely fine.

What is the current condition?

As of now, most of our treks have clear weather conditions.

The weather patterns differ greatly with distance and altitude.

Local conditions such as humidity, wind speed and precipitation affect the weather. For example, a thunderstorm at Dayara Bugyal doesn’t mean that the same is applicable at Roopkund.

We are in constant touch with all our trek leaders and guides communicating the latest on weather conditions. We will report any mild change in the weather patterns.

“My trek starts in the next week, do I need to worry?”

No. At high altitude, change in weather is a regular thing.

None of the upcoming treks is cancelled. We are closely observing this situation and will issue regular updates.

Don’t forget to carry your ponchos and trek poles. Buy/Rent a trekking shoe now, if you haven’t done already. Double check all your gear before heading for a Himalayan trek.
Snapshot of the official notice by IMD on their website. Click the picture to read the entire notice.

We assure a safe trek to all our trekkers.

At Indiahikes, we understand that high-altitude trekking is vulnerable to uncontrollable weather factors. In case we cancel the trek, we assure a free of cost re-attempt at the trek for our trekkers.

If you still have questions, drop in a comment below and my team will reply back.

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51 thoughts on “Latest Update: Bad Weather Forces Us To Pause/Retreat From Treks

    1. Hi Sahil,
      Everything seems alright on the Har ki Dun trek so far. Our batch that started on the trek yesterday will be staying put at the campsite. There are homestays at some places on the trail. If the weather gets bad, trekkers will take shelter in one of these.

    1. Hi Ananth,
      This advisory holds for only the next 2 days. We will be running our treks as scheduled unless there’s any further notification about the weather.

    1. Hi Raj,
      The advisory is till Wednesday. We expect that the weather will get better after that. Please proceed with your plan. Our Trek Leaders will be monitoring the weather on a daily basis to decide how to proceed on the trek.
      We expect the storm to pass tomorrow.

    1. Hi Chandrashekhar,
      The weather advisory is till Wednesday. We expect the storm to pass tomorrow. The weather should get better after that.
      Please proceed with your plan. Our Trek Leaders will be monitoring the weather on a daily basis to decide how to proceed on the trek.

      1. Hi Sneha,
        I want to know about the present weather conditions and have you decided to proceed the trek

        1. Hi Chandrashekar,
          The weather at Dayaras Bugyal is holding up fine. The current batches are running as per schedule.

    1. Hi Kishore,
      Kuari Pass batches are returning to Lata, the base camp today. There has been heavy snowfall at Khullara and above so they will not be proceeding further.

        1. Hi Bhooshan,
          The 6th May Pangarchulla batch stayed put at the Akhrotgete campsite yesterday. It is sunny there this morning and the team is proceeding to Khullara. The trekkers are all fine.

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      The weather at Roopkund has started clearing and it is sunny today on the trail. Batches will continue as scheduled.

    1. Hi Prajwal,
      The trekkers are all fine. They reached Gangotri at around 11.30 pm yesterday and are now safe in Dharali.

  1. Really sad to hear about Porter Akash, maybe rescue team will find him tomorrow. And your updates are quite helpful for people those who are not trekking with Indiahikes also, Thank you.
    My wishes for Akash and his family members under this time of distress.

  2. It feels horrible to read about all this, I hope the porters are safe and the teams manage to find the second porter. It’s only when a natural calamity hits, do we realise to how much lengths the trek staff goes to make sure we are safe. Please keep us posted on the porter who is stuck in the kedartal trek.

  3. Please update on the Kedarkantha trekking group from Canadian International School, Bangalore that started on May 6th. How is the weather coping up in this part of the mountain. As per your report on May 8th at 11:00 pm this part of the Mountain weather was fine. But today is Day 4 and they are planning for the 12,000 ft for the peak. Update on the morning situation and what safety measures are taken by your team in case of bad weather.

    1. Hi Saravanan,
      The weather is sunny and clear at Kedartkantha today. This region has not been affected by the thunderstorms and snow that hit other parts of Uttarakhand.
      Both the batches from the school are on the trek and are running as scheduled.

  4. Hi SNEHA,

    I am supposed to join 25th May batch for Gaumukh-Tapovan Trek. Hope all the trekkers are safe those who are in the middle. As we can’t predict the weather still can you please confirm whether the trail in unaffected till Tapovan.

    1. Hi Biman,
      We had two batches on the Gaumukh Tapovan trek. One was at Chirbasa and the other at Bhojbasa. All the trekkers are safe. They are all returning to Gangotri today as the snow is too unstable for them to proceed beyond Bhojbasa.
      We expect the snow to clear in the coming week.

  5. Hi sneha.
    I have registered for Trek to chandrashila on 13 th may. Any updates on that. Has the route been affected with storm or rain or snow anyway?

    1. Hi Virag,
      The last couple of batches did not go to the summit because of heavy rain. However, the trail is fine.

        1. Hi Virag,
          Your Trek Leader will take a call about the summit climb depending on how the weather turns out to be on that particular day.

    1. Hi Arpit,
      The 5th May Har ki Dun batch is now at Sankri. They came down a day earlier than planned due to heavy snowfall.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Given that some roopkund trails are under 4-5 feet snow what is the realistic chance of reaching roopkund, even assuming fair weather. Its too soon for the trails to clear up in the cold temperatures, right?

        1. Hi Gauri,
          If the weather remains clear and it is sunny, the snow will melt quickly. It will then be possible for you to go to Roopkund. However, it depends completely on how the weather turns out to be in the coming days. The first batch that left last weekend had to return from Patar Nachauni.

  6. I have planned a trek to roopkund on 25 th i will be reaching the summit omewhere on 28-29th may?…will the conditions be ok then?

  7. Hi Sneha,

    Can you please update on current status. I am in the 25th May Tapovan Batch. Is there any update on the trail ?

  8. According to the schedule of Har ki Dhun 6th May batch, the trekkers were supposed to start from Sankri to Dehradun today. Have the trekkers returned?

  9. Hi, I have a trek scheduled from 10th of June, reading the news I am really apprehensive. What do you think about the weather then? Should I make alternative plans?

      1. Hi Harsh,
        The weather is expected to get better from next week. As of now, you need not worry if you are trekking to Roopkund in June. A lot of snow beyond Bhagwabasa will have melted by then, making the trail much more manageable.