Getting to Arusha

Reaching Arusha, the base camp of the Kilimanjaro trek, involves the usual airport paperwork. Passport stamps and visa papers in Kenya and Tanzania are what will take up most of your time…

Planning your Travel in Kilimanjaro

Africa is a country that boasts of and thrives on tourism. Africa is also perhaps synonymous with jungle safaris. So if you’re off on a trek to Kilimanjaro, ensure you spare a few days to see Africa…

Money management in Kilimanjaro

A trek to Kilimanjaro will cost you a hefty sum. Flight charges, daily entry fees to Kilimanjaro National Park, food and rescue expenses, local travel – all these may reduce your bank balance by a large sum. But for a lifetime experience…

What is the best way to go about the Kilimanjaro Trek?

The trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro is a one-of-a-kind experience. Neatly laid-out in the Kilimanjaro National Park, several trails snake around on the 3,885 sq. km surface area of the volcanic mountain. To help you experience the best of the trek..

Basic facilities in Kilimanjaro

It’s only once you begin the Kilimanjaro trek that you’ll understand the term ‘well-organised.’ Expert porters, regular official checking by the park authorities, Western toilets with marble flooring in the middle of nowhere…

Best season to do the Kilimanjaro Trek

Mount Kilimanjaro is close to the equator. Here, there is no such thing as summer and winter. It mostly varies between dry and rainy seasons. During rainy season, it’s mostly muddy and at a higher altitude, there’s snow and ice. It’s also less crowded in this weather.

Trekking to Deoriatal-Chandrashila in winter. What’s it like?

There would be hardly anyone who would not be fascinated by the Himalayas. Within the Himalayas lies the mystic Garhwal region, the land of many forts. The land here narrates many stories about the mythical Deoria tal (lake) and the majestic Chaukhamba where reflection on the lake is one of the most mesmerizing sight in the Indian Himalaya. Very near to it lies the accessible Chandrashila Peak which offers 360 degree panaromic view of many peaks.

Rupin Pass Photo Contest Results

The Rupin Photo Contest results are out. With great difficulty, we have selected the top three pictures from the fantastic entries sent by trekkers.

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A firsthand account of the Roopkund Trek

Beginners love the Roopkund Trek. The easy ascents, alpine trails, lovely twin meadows – Ali and Bedni Bugyal – and the view from the Junargali peak make it a highly rewarding one. Hear all about it from Keerthy, who went to Roopkund in September Read More

Colorful stories of Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra

Once in 12 years in the Greater Himalayas, thousands of people climb up 280 km up to 13,000 feet, as part of the Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra. The procession starts from Nauti, near Karanprayag and ends at Homkund passing by glacial tarns like Roopkund. Here are some interesting stories from mythology and present-day reality that are bound to Read More

No ice on Mount Kilimanjaro by 2050?

Kilimanjaro boasts of 10,000 year old glaciers. But are they going to disappear by the middle of 21st century?