Money management in Kilimanjaro

Money management in Kilimanjaro

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By Usha Hariprasad


A trek to Kilimanjaro will cost you a hefty sum. Flight charges, daily entry fees to Kilimanjaro National Park, food and rescue expenses, local travel – all these may reduce your bank balance by a large sum. But for a lifetime experience, it’s worth it, believes our Trek Leader, Soumya Jyoti Mitra. He has listed out few of the expenses one will incur through the course of this trek.   


Four reasons why Kilimanjaro is expensive:

  • Kilimanjaro is an expensive trek compared to treks in India. It’s mostly because of the exorbitant park entry fee. From July 1, 2013 Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) raised the entry fee for Kilimanjaro National Park. The new rate to enter the park is $120 per day. If you are staying inside the park premises for seven days, you are paying $840. There are other charges too, like rescue fee, staff entry fee, etc. Altogether, a trekker has to pay close to $1000 to the park authority.
  • Transportation is also an expensive affair on Kilimanjaro. Apart from your flight to Arusha, you have to spend a good amount to reach the park gate from Arusha and back. Depending on the team size, the size and rate of your vehicle will vary.
  • Accommodation in Arusha is again little on the higher side. A good place to stay will cost you around $45 per night including breakfast. Good bargaining skills may help you to reduce that to $35 per night. However, there are budget hotels available for $10-12. They have a common washroom.
  • Hiring staff for the trek is an area where you again need to spend a hefty sum. And the last thing you have to pay for is the food.


Usha Hariprasad

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