What is the best time to do the Roopkund trek?

The Roopkund trek is one of the most popular treks in the Himalayas. Many of you have trouble deciding the perfect time to go for the trek. In this video, Swathi talks about the highlights of the trek in each season. And how the best time for the trek can vary from person to person. Watch the video to find out.

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Swathi Chatrapathy is a journalist from Bangalore. She heads the content team at Indiahikes and runs a video show called Trek With Swathi. Writing, reading and trekking are up there on her list of favourite things!

29 thoughts on “What is the best time to do the Roopkund trek?

    1. Hi Anish, there are hardly any skeletons left there. Just a couple of them now. You’ll be able to see them in September. But I would advice you not to time your trek going by the visibility of he skeletons.

  1. I want do Roopkund in the last week of June. Is it the safe time considering the onset of monsoon at that time?

    1. Hi Anil you are safe in the last week of June. July is when the real rain sets in. Expect some showers in the last week of June as well. Make sure you take some rain wear with you.

  2. Hi swathi, I had watched some of your videos on you tube.. I would like to know which will be the best trek in the snow. And what is the best time to do that? I am actually more interested in trekking where it’s very cold.

    1. Hi Vaibhav the best time to trek in snow would be from December to May. If you want to trek when it is very cold and snowy, then do the Brahmatal trek in January. It is peak winter, the temperatures drop to around -10 and there is a LOT of snow. 🙂
      Here are details about the trek – indiahikes.com/brahmatal-trek/

  3. Hi Swathi,
    I have planned for Roopkund trek in October 1st week, but came to know that there wont be snow in any of the camp sites.

    I would like to trek in himalayas where I could get to see “lush greenary and also walk/stay in snow for atleast a day” or 2.

    Could you please kindly suggest me a trek which can full fill my dream of trekking in himalayas.
    any time between “August to december” is fine.

    Indraneel Agasthya

    1. Hi Indraneel, I would suggest you try the Hampta pass in the month of August. You may find patches of snow but it is mostly lush green. You will also find huge stretches of flowers in vivid colours blossoming over the green meadows, especially around Shea Goru. You could also go to Bhrigu lake in September. There is no snow in September. However, the skies are usually clear and meadows lush green. The green carpet of grass rolls all around you while the mountains dot the skies. Another perfect month for the trek. Happy trekking 🙂

  4. Can I see greenery and snow as well if I trek in October second week. .. ?? During Roopkund trekking …..

    1. Hi Harshita. In October the trails start browning and the winter snow starts setting in. This is the time when the weather becomes extremely cold. I will not promise you greenery around this time.

    1. This is harder than the Sandakphu trek in terms of terrain, altitude and camping – at Sandakphu you stay in tea houses. Here you stay in tents.

  5. Hii,
    Planning to go to Roopkund in 3rd week of October. Is it the right time to visit.?
    Will there be snow at that time.?

    1. Hi Bharath in October the meadows start turning brown. The first winter snow comes in towards the mid-October on higher reaches. The weather at this time will be extremely cold. You will definitely see snow!

    i want to do a difficult level of trek and want to do in snow,it doesn’t meter if i cant see the human skeleton at roopkund lake , plz suggest me a good time for roopkund trek.

    1. Hi Darshil
      Well Roopkund is a moderate trek. If you want something more challenging why don’t you try something like Gaumukh Tapovan? It is quite challenging and rates moderate-difficulty on the trek difficulty level. But we do not advice first timers to attempt such a trek. If it is your first time trekking then try going for Roopkund in September because it is truly the best time to be trekking in Roopkund. You won’t find any snow at this time but it will be a beautiful autumn brown. But if you insist on making it challenging then try Roopkund in May because this is when it will be full of snow.

  7. Hi, I wd like to do roopkund trek and also want to see snow. so cd u pls tell me wic month is the best to encounter snow ? is it september or october ? pls advice.

    1. Hi Yatish
      If you really want to see snow on the Roopkund trek then you must do it in May or June. However, the months of September and October are also a good time to do the trek if you want to see crystal clear views.

  8. Hello. I am planning for Roopkund trek in Sept end. Could you let me know how the monsoon/rains are in the region at that time? Also any chances of early rain at this time? What are the night temperatures like?

    1. Hello Mohit
      We cannot predict rain in the mountains. It might rain or it might not. However, there is no snow in September. During this time the skies are usually clear and meadows golden. A perfect month for the trek. The temperatures will go up to 20 degrees during the day and down to zero degrees during the night.

  9. Hi,
    I’m planning for a trek in November last week, considering I’m a first timer, Which trek would you recommend where I can enjoy both lush green scenic beauty and snow?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Darshan
      Its difficult to get a trek with snow in the month of November. Those treks that have snow during that time have too much snowfall so they are only accessible again in the summer months. Take a look at something like Deoriatal chandrashila, its a great trek to do in the month of November. This is the time the autumn views come alive on this trek. You can see the details of the trek here – https://indiahikes.com/deoriatal-chandrashila-peak/

  10. Hi,
    I’m planning for a trek in November last week, considering I’m a first timer, Which moderate difficulty level trek would you recommend where I can enjoy both lush green scenic beauty and snow?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Darshan
      I’d suggest you go for the Kuari Pass trek. The views on this trek are absolutely breathtaking. You see big mountains like Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, and Hathi Ghoda peaks up close and throughout the trek. As a beginner, this will be a very good experience for you. You can take a look at it here – https://indiahikes.com/kuari-pass/

    1. Well, there are hardly any skeletons left there. But late June is a good time, when there is lesser snow. September-October is even better when there is usually no snow at all at the lake. But the skeletons aren’t really the highlight. The best time to see snow and the lovely green meadows is the first half of June!

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