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Indian Himalayas; the Hampta Pass trekking-

Surrounded by high pine trees I am listening to the  briefing of our Indian guides. I am slightly nervous if my condition is good enough for the Hampta Pass, but also uber excited for my first real high altitude trekking in the Himalayas. Important things definitely not to forget are sunglasses, check, warm socks, check, a warm beanie, check and of course a lunchbox. What?

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                                                                    14,000 ft of amazing experience by Tanvi Raul

Hampta PassIt was in the spur of moment on a boring Sunday I registered for the trek with Indiahikes, I had initially booked for Valley of flowers but due to bad weather conditions there, we were given an option to change to Hampta pass instead only a week before. Already had taken leave from work, so I decided to carry on without even reading about Hampta pass; even though others had backed out from the trek. But since I was travelling alone and went through all other blogs on this trek just 2 days before. So its exciting to have finally done a solo trek and be writing about it.

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My first trek – Hampta Pass by Devangini Patel


Trekking is an adventure that once you are into it you cannot get it out of you. You lure more and more of it. It’s even more tempting when its himalayan one. Yes, a lifetime experience, mixed feelings, strenuous but in the end a wonderful experience with.lots of memories.

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You, too, should go trekking in the Himalayas by Sara

1At this exact date last month, I was waking up, sleeping and spending time in one of the world’s greatest mountain range. I have always dreamed of visiting the Himalayas, and doing a trek there…
I mean what could be any better? Since I was already in India, I decided to dedicate the last couple of weeks before my departure to explore this great mountain range, and backpack North India. I signed up for the Hampta Pass trek.

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5 truths my first trek reinforced by Komal Shivdasani

Hampta Pass

Two months ago, I registered for the Hampta Pass trek. My dad, was as excited as I was, which is attributable to that ever-growing sense of adventure we share; and what better place to satisfy that feeling than in the Himalayas.
Before I tell you about my adventures, misadventures and what they taught me, let me ask you; What according to you is a trek? Is it, as the dictionary says, “a long arduous journey, especially one made on foot” or is there more to it.

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To know more about the Hampta Pass Trek, click here.

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  1. Every single location that you will move by offers great picturesque beauty with grass filled grounds and snow protected peaks keeping you company all along. This trip unfolds the beauty of the Himalayan region. The trek usually lasts for four to five days and nights where you get to truly seep in the splendour of the place. The best time to undertake the experience is in mid-May when the climate is right for an extended journey.