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 Magical Mountains- Ashis Nayanar

20160412_155617It started with a very random conversation in office. We were discussing the necessity to be away from the noise for some time, and it invariably led to treks and the name indiahikes popped up. One of our senior colleagues had been on some treks with indiahikes and she strongly recommended that we check them out. We did look up and finally decided on kedarkantha.

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My first Himalayan Expedition- Sridhar Salian

dsc_0450Going on a Himalayan expedition is no more a dream to me. As a traveler, I always wanted to visit this special place where every walk turns into a glorious experience, every sight is a distinctive postcard, every moment spent here will get entered in your travel diaries, every sunset/sunrise becomes a first time ever seen one. I had a long term plan to visit these spectacular vistas and explore the hidden mountains. I wasted no time to chose my first trek to one of the most amazing expeditions – The Kedarakantha trek.

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Finding a little valley of flowers in Kedarkantha- Sindhu S

kk2-6I had read about the experiences of the Kedarkantha Trek on numerous blog. Since a lot of bloggers had praised galores about the trek, I had set pretty high expectations from the trek. All my expectations were met much beyond anticipation but there was one thing that came as a sweet surprise for me during the trek. While I had expected to witness beautiful snow covered peaks, green meadows and gushing rivers in the pristine valleys; least did I know that the trekking trails and campsites on the Kedarkantha trek were home to vibrant variety of flora.

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Postcards from Kedarkantha- Sindhu S


I went on a winter trek to Kedarkantha with my family ( 4 of us- Me, Murali, Shruthi and Sridhar) in the month of April this year. Since it was our first trek in the Himalayas, we chose to go with IndiaHikes because of  its reputation  in the trekking community in India. Being avid nature lovers, we couldn’t agree more with IH’s motto of green trails and leaving the  mountains in a better condition. That was one more reason we choose IndiaHikes.

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 My Kedarkantha trek – Sridhar Salian


How often do you get to spend 6 technology-free days with good friends in the laps of Himalayas? We truly enjoyed this life through out our trek. Along with us were guides, cooks, porters and a team of mules to carry our bags. Not only did we enjoy tasty multi-course meals, we were also assisted, guided and motivated by our trek leaders at every step. The crew set up our tents before we got to the campsites. This was more of glamping.

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A Snow Trek At 12,500ft To The Terrific Kedarkantha That Left Me Awe Struck

KK Blog 2

What do you do if someone offers you 6 days of pure bliss, pleasure, and ecstasy? You take it, without questions, without second thoughts, without doubts! Indiahikes, an amazing trek group gave me this chance this March, and that’s just what I did, I took the chance to experience the most beautiful Himalayas, the charming moonlit Trees, the amazing way to test my endurance, and a ‘walking hand in hand with the one I love’ experience.

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My climb to the skies and my slide down – By Kavya Joseph

KK Blof - Kavya Joseph

After many plans having been made and discarded, it was in Jan this year that I finally got down to getting on a conference call with a friend and giving life to something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – backpack. I kept putting it off due to lack of funds, or fear of getting molested, or work. So, finally coming across a company, IndiaHikes, that was reliable, reasonably priced, and did interesting treks through off-beaten tracks, I was elated.

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The Winter Embrace of Kedarkantha – Sudhir Khandelwal

KK blog

I am in Berlin, and trying to write this blog entry at 4 am in the morning. This has long been overdue; though I came back to Delhi after doing the Kedarkantha trek in the second week of January. But it is not to say that the experience has sunk down deep in my memory lane; I often think, remember, live and cherish the time I had with the group during this snowbound trek in very low tempertatures. Even here I wish to look at the photographs.

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Get lost to find you – Kedarkantha by Gokul Anand

Kedarkantha blog by Gokul Anand

When a person from Madurai/Chennai (one of the hottest places in India) whose coldest endeavor was visiting the Kodaikanal in the summers decides to do a winter trek in the Himalayas, you tend question his sanity. What’s life without a bit of crazyness.

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Getting high – 2016 at 12,500 ft by Ananya Mody

Ananya Modi's blog

I refuse to have a mundane existence. I believe in tasting the air that I breathe as it knocks the wind out of my lungs. I choose not to succumb to routine which I have seen far more closely than I would have liked to. Change is the master I respect, whose path I follow. And when I notice a pattern forming, a cycle taking shape, I realise that it is time I take a lesson from my master again.

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The magnificent Himalayan winter trek by Ruchika Wason

Maya Gone missing

So its been a day since I returned from my first ever snow trek.I am still spellbound with the sheer beauty and aura of the mountains that surrounded me all these days.The Himalayas can be overwhelming and serene at the same time,can be tough and easy at the same time,can make you feel small and giant at the same time and can make you very happy and teary all at the same time.


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One life experience that made me mature significantly – Kedarakantha by Sarthak Pranit

Sarthak PranitI think everyone must have had that one wild idea of doing something thats not fancy, but something that was one’s version of ‘Let it go’.After 21 years of slogging my ass over 10th and 12th boards, JEE entrance and engineering, I really wanted to give myself a break. It was important for me to go astray from the paths of life and career, and give thought to one question “Am I making any sense with whatever I am doing? So I thought ‘Lemme go far! Himalayas sounds good.”

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My tryst with the divine – Kedarkantha by Priyanka

blog 11

At the top of the snow covered summit, his breath came out like steam, releasing some of the heat from his body and mind into the cold mountain air. He made a strange, albeit stunning picture. Matted flowing hair, broad shoulders and rippling muscles and those magnetic eyes. The scar in the centre of his forehead seemed almost like a third eye, that which made people fear him, some revere him and some even worship him! It tickled him no end that people would want to worship him. It was from them that he wanted to escape now. mountain.

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You know what they say about the mountains – Kedarkantha by Maneesh Madambath

blog 12Every two years, I pack a bag and leave for the mountains up north. For the record I stay in the city of Bombay, a bound together set of islands where no one has time to see the sea, in India. A day’s ride in a train takes you to some of the most pristine havens of pastures, huts and snow.
I have hiked, biked, rafted and slept on these verandas of nature since the past 4 years. My work doesn’t let me the luxury of doing it more often, because I run my own firm. So it is that every two years I go away to answer the call of the mountains, that I feel within me.

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The whitest christmas ever – Kedarkantha by Aditi Kodipady

blog 13Exactly a month ago, I set out with my family on our first trek to the Himalayas with a group called Indiahikes, who organize treks like this in different parts of the Himalayas and the Western Ghats.Our trek was a four day long one that started in Sankri, a small village 180 km north of Dehradun, took us up to Kedarkantha peak at 12500 ft and ended in Sankri again.
Sankri is a pretty cold place. The temperature the night we went was -3 degrees C. I’m a tropical animal, so this was pretty tough for me to adapt to.

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A Himalayan expedition – Kedrakantha by Ashish Gupta

blog 1432 people , from different parts of India , came together with just one mission in their mind – to reach the summit of Kedarkantha (A Peak in the Garhwal Range of Himalayas). The journey from Sankri,Uttarakhand to the summit was mesmerizing.
The strenuous trail passing through the woods with tall pine trees , the frozen Juda-Ka-Talab and extreme low temperatures at Kedarkantha Base Camp result in the hypnotizing beauty of the Himalayas at the summit.
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Kedarkantha peak trek by Divij Sood

KK Peak - Diviji SoodRising to a not so unimpressive 3810 meters, the Kedarkantha peak is one of the jewels of the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, India. It is what I would think to be a ‘friendly’ peak. Not too high, not too low; not too challenging, not child’s play either. KK gently guides you along her bosom as you trudge through knee deep snow in a bid to summit her. But she is adept at surprising the unsuspecting climber as well.
The ridge to the peak seems easy only from afar. Get closer and you find yourself struggling on a 50 degree slope. But the feeling you get once you reach the top is so amazing that

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For more about our Kedarkantha Trek, click here.

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