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The Placid Height and Plummet- Ajay Chawda

sandakphuTime is an essential measure of the varying profits in a layman’s life. Classified as Good times and Bad times, just count the former experiences. I had a Good time; No!!!! A Very Very Very Good time in midst of exotic landscapes and whimsical serenity of the Trekking tour few weeks back. Out of many life values indoctrinated by mountains one was that you cannot be at the highest level always.

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Walking amidst the clouds- Harshit Kumar

IMG-20160509-WA0004As the cliché goes, I did not chose this trek instead this trek chose me to be part of it. In the month of April while exploring, with a friend, the vague idea of doing a trek in Himalayas, somehow I zeroed down this trek. Although I wanted to be close to Mount Kanchenjunga from my childhood days, but never traveled that far. This trek gave me that opportunity to explore my childhood wish a bit further.

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Selah…Here I am with you again… – Polika Dmelo

img_2677-1I’m here in London, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, sitting in my office on the 26th floor. I enjoyed the London city view from my work station, but today I was looking for something, which could not be found in this view. I paused, Selah …I closed my eyes and now could see beautiful snow-covered blue mountains, my favorite Rhododendron trees and birds chirping over a beautiful lake.. Here I am with you again. Smiling now and knowing  I’m missing the mountains so much.

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Himalyan journeys-Swathi Sreenath

DSCN4217“I’ll come back to you! I’ll come back to you again and again” were the last words I said on my first trek. It all began last year when I and my husband Hemanth went to Kedarkanta, my maiden Himalayan trek. I never even imagined that I can trek in my life! I always thought am more of a luxury resort kind of a person. But Hemanth somehow convinced me that the best way to experience Himalayas is by trekking.

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A misty floral trail through quaint villages- Aparna Sharma

sandakphu-35If life begins at the end of your comfort zone,i think i have understood the meaning of life a little more now.It was during a casual conversation with my friend,i suggested,”let’s go trekking to the Himalayas” and before we knew it,we had booked our trek toSandakhphu.It was my first overnight trekking experience. I really wanted to see Mount Everest.

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A walk in the Himalayas- Sandakphu by Sanchita

I walked up slowly, employing all my senses to absorb the ambience. It was a truly beautiful day with azure sky, miles and miles of mountain layers on all sides and a few cowherds and shepherds out with their animals. Phalut wore a relatively desolate look, as there were only a handful of huts and much less number of trekkers than Sandakphu. While Everest, Lhotse and Makalu were as impressive as ever; it felt as if Kanchenjunga was simply a jump away from the hilltop.

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Treading through Clouds- Sandakphu by Ankan Hore

Colours & shades, wrapping the Sleeping Buddha and the Everest ranges made the sunset even more graceful. As these change momentarily, you don’t want to miss an inch. Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu were glorious with the sky-kissing Everest peeping from behind.  Some of you, who are still unable to sketch out  “Sleeping Buddha”, relax a bit. The picture takes the shape of a human body with the Mt. Kumbhakarna sketching out the head and face of Buddha while Kanchenjunga appears as the upper body.

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Back to Home- Sandakphu by Subhashis Pal

SANDAKPHU AND PHALUT-Subhashis Pal-On way to phalut resized
Truly speaking, the more you get closer, the more beautiful Kanchanjunga is. Whenever I felt exhausted, just stopped and watched Sleeping buddha for 2 minutes. It took away all my fatigue, for the whole route Kanchenjunga attracted me like a magnet.

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The first rays – Sandakphu by Dr. Sharat Kolke

sandakphu blog
It’s been 2 weeks since I have returned from my trek to Sandakphu /Phalut in Darjeeling district of WB. I can still visualize the spectacle of Kanchenjunga getting lit by the first rays of the rising sun. It simply refuses to fade away in the midst of the hustle, bustle of my beloved Mumbai. And in the cacophony of this city, I can still hear the sound of the wind rustling through my ears as I stand on top of the mountain watching the clouds beneath me getting colored red by the setting sun. The mountains are beckoning again!

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West Bengal’s crown jewel – Sandakphu by Atreya Nath

blog 17
You must have heard (if not then do hear now 😛 ) of the “Toppers of The World” -The Eight Thousanders that have been saving this country from the evil cold winds of the North ! They have largely impacted the woollen sector of our country’s economy.

Even though our Kashmiri Shawls are recognized globally for their quality we dont actually need them much in India! Because of these “Toppers” that I have just mentioned! The Topper on the Topper’s List is Mt.Everest !

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My invincible summer- Vika


So, in middle of the year, I elaborately planned the trek to Sandakphu-the flight tickets, the train tickets, the trek itself. Ekla Chalo Re. December came early, 2015 whooshing past faster than I could fathom and I found myself at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station on a Sunday morning. Already way out of my comfort zone, I did another uncomfortable thing. I called a woman’s number I had noted down from the trekker’s list to ask her where she was. Introductions check.  Shaking hands check. Commenting on our matching purple bomber jackets check.  We were set.

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