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The Jannat on Earth – Tarsar Marsar by Rajesh Kalajji


The best of the journeys are the ones that are least planned. This strikes me as the mini bus we are travelling in winds through the snaky and precipitous road inside Aru National park. The drive brings back the memories of the fear I felt when I first journeyed in a recklessly driven and rickety Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam bus along the treacherous, hilly stretches of Uttarakhand. But what breath-taking surroundings!

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Life Lessons – A trekking experience in Kashmir by Bhairav Patel

Trekker blog - Life lessons from a trekking experienceA Himalayan trek was something I always had on my “To-Do” list. The splendor of nature, the stillness in the valleys, the astounding views of night sky, the ardent display of colors during the sunset, the delight of staying in the tents out there in open, etc. had always fascinated me. However, I had not realized that a trek experience can teach us so much about LIFE!

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“Shuddh Desi Unravelling” – Kashmir Great Lakes trek by Kanishka

Twin lakes in Kashmir. PC Shyam KumarTen minutes before take off, I boarded the plane pleading my way through security checks, all in an attempt to meet you. You have always been hyped everywhere. Treks in your gorgeous mountains have been looked upon with a mixed sense of awe and envy for years. But your name also triggers caution in people. They don’t consider you safe. Divinely images of you have been marred by violent gashes from memories of the past.

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Tarsar Marsar trek: Through heaven and back – Sukrit Sodhani

Tarsar Marsar - SukritThe mere mention of the name is enough to evoke a myriad of emotions in us all. A sense of wonder at the hidden natural treasures, a sense of despair for the things that could be, a sense of wanting to belong.
In my short span of existence, Kashmir is by far the most exquisitely beautiful place that I have ever been lucky enough to step foot in. I do not tread lightly in using these words, Kashmir is truly heaven on Earth.

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The cursed waters of Tarsar Marsar – Himanshu Arteev

Tarsar Marsar - Caveman“Stay away from these waters or face a torrential downpour for the rest of the hike” announces my guide just before we sighted the ridgelines of the mountains. I consciously record my guide’s instruction to my list of things to avoid at high altitude, which also includes gawking ruminatively on chancy boulders while reflecting on life and its meaning. Having had 3 fortunate days in this mercurial Himalayan weather, this was definitely a warning to be taken seriously.

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The Time Stood Still – Tarsar Marsar by Suhani Jain

Tarsar Marsar - Suhani JainThe time stood still wondering to stop by forever,
conspiring to stay, fighting the sun so clever..
The only constant it was, for that was a game of million frames,
sad as he was bound to pass by, unlike the others..

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The world as I see it – Kashmir Great Lakes by Sauravi Shome


Trekking has not been too high on my wish list. All said and done, no shower and loo for 7 days is not very fun. But I have two very dear friends who become starry eyed at the thought of walking through mountains and I do adore them. So, the seven days long, 65 kms hike to the seven alpine lakes of Kashmir happened in July 2014. We went with India Hikes. There is a sense of security going with a group (about 25 people).

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Kashmir Great Lakes – Himalayan trek by Ravindra Joisa

Kashmir-Great-LakesKashmir Great Lakes – one of the most beautiful places in India and on earth. This place is know for the most beautiful landscapes, clear water, snow covered peaks, forests near Sonamarg and Naranag, meadows, razor sharp mountain peaks. I would say that it’s a must place that you need to trek atleast once in your lifetime. If you are new to trekking then this would be the ideal Himalayan trekking that you can start with.

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Beside the 2 heavenly lakes – Kashmir Great Lakes by Sangeeta

nundkol-horseThe first glimpse of the 2 heaven lakes at the feet of the mystic mountain had knocked me senseless for a while. We were reaching the end of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek and the last few days were eventful as we trudged from lake to lake with nature’s virgin beauty unfolding in a new avatar at every bend. I was excited to say the least since we were getting to spend a day next to the twin lakes ( Gangbal and Nundkol) at the feet of Harmukh Peak was a bonus of sorts.

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What it’s like to fall in love – Kashmir Great Lakes by Aditi Kodipady

12It’s been six months since I last posted, and I figured I’d pick up the threads from where I last left off – trekking. Less than a week ago, I returned from literally one of the best experiences of my life. The 5th of July was a date I’d been counting down to since January; it was going to be the day I started my trek in Kashmir. The Kashmir Great Lakes trek seemed like an enticing option from the start, with its beautiful meadows, snow capped passes and of course, those terribly captivating, crystal clear lakes that monopolized most of the foreground.

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Mountain Traipse: Kashmir Great Lakes by Kavya Guddehithulu

blog1“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.”
It has been a little more than two months since I got back from the trek and I still find myself reminiscing about it. Exulansis would be a better word to describe the feeling.75 odd hours of travel across nine states followed by a week up in the mountains was asurreal adventure which will remain etched in my memory for a long time.

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The Accidental Climber – Mt. Kang Yaze by Aloke Surin

High CampIt took us some time to realize that we had been outwitted by the owner of the Nezer View Guest House, Leh. We had arrived in the town at 8 pm on 15 June 2001, after a gruelling 13 hour drive from Darcha in our overloaded blue Maruti Gypsy. As we cruised into town in the darkness, driving hesitantly in a place that was new to all of us, a white Gypsy passed us. In a flash, it had made a U turn and was now beside us, driving parallel.

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The Kashmir Great Lakes experience by Arun R

kgl blog 2Your body aches. The calf and thigh muscles are struggling to cope with continuous ascent. The body screams. The mind ignores the screaming, cajoles and motivates it. “A little more and we’re there. You can do it. You’re the best there is; if you can’t, no one else can”. The body responds and you lumber on.
The breathlessness catches up with you. The weight of the backpack seems unbearable. The shoulders ache. The lungs are fatigued. The mind steps up again. “Let’s do this in phases”, it says. “Every fifty steps, you can rest”. The power of the human brain at work!

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In the forest of the night – Kashmir Great Lakes by Kunal Sharma

blog 3 kglIn the deepest recesses of every Indian is a desire to visit Kashmir, a desire that remains unfulfilled for most of us because of several notions and fears about the valley.
I managed to relive my childhood thrill and landed in Kashmir for an intensive trek. And what a time it was. Before the trek actually started, I roamed around Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam – all while be
ing severely sick, cold, fever and perhaps reeling under the fact that the low atmospheric pressure was playing with my brain.

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My Chadar trek experience by Vikas Thwani

blog 22I had been to Ladakh for the first time in 2011 summer timeframe. We were there to visit tourist spots like monasteries, Pangong lake, Nubra Valley, and to bike on the highest motorable road in India (the Khardung-La pass). The tranquil atmosphere and the sheer natural beauty had puzzled me and I vowed that I would return to this heaven. Before we move forward, I would like to thank my friend, Santhosh HV for organizing this first Ladakh trip, this one was special!

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An experience that has taught me the best lessons in life – Chadar – by Ritika Gupta

blog 21When sitting at home we think about work, food, partying & shopping. Which company one works for, what car one drives, what brands one endorses, where does one party are the things that we tend to notice the most.
Have you ever had a moment where you noticed a new tree on the road, or a sunny patch in the garden?
This is why exposure to nature from time to time is recommended. It is heart rendering & heartwarming at the same time.

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Trek on the frozen Zanskar river – Chadar by Srikanth Parthasarthy

blog 19I guess it all began when I watched an amazing documentary about this very famous trek called Chadar on the National Geographic Channel. Since then I was longing to do it and was in constant discussion with my friends about the same. After a couple of futile inquires over a few years, finally this year we made it happen.
It all got finalized within a few hours and we had our tickets booked in no time. I had never experienced the mighty Himalayas in winter and that made it all the more exciting and preparations were in full swing.
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