Watch this video on Why Brahmatal is the Best Peak Winter Trek

Not many winter treks can be done in January and February. Brahmatal that way is a classic winter trek for that period. For one, most of the trek is on snow, which makes it terribly exciting. Trekkers love camping beside the shores of the frozen Bekaltal. Then, when they get to the open snow covered meadows near Brahmatal, that’s when the full grandeur of the trek hits you. Stretched across the sky are the big mountains of Gharwal, and everywhere around you are the white undulating snow fields of Brahmatal.

“I am glad this trek is a hidden gem. The crowd is almost absent. The silence of the forests is still loud enough to hear a hare scampering through the snow.” says Arjun. In the video below he talks about the highlights of the trek. Take a look.

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