Can you trek during your periods?

One of the things women do while planning their trek is check the calendar and see if their period dates coincide with their trek. It’s important to keep track, but it’s important to learn how to manage periods on a trek as well. Periods are no reason to postpone a trek. They are as normal in the mountains as in the city. Sandhya UC, who has been trekking for 15 years, doesn’t let anything stop her from trekking. She gives all women trekkers tips to manage their periods on treks.


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2 thoughts on “Can you trek during your periods?

  1. Thanks Swati and Sandhya for this very informative video. Would like to know your inputs on use of menstrual cup during treks. Would be of great help if you could elaborate on
    1) whether menstrual cup is advisable to use and if it is better than tampons? ( as it does not cause any waste/ plastic)
    2) menstrual cups need to be rinsed with clean water before reinserting. Whether this is feasible during a trek?
    3)How to dispose the 10-20ml blood collecting in the cup during every change? Whether it needs to be buried under some soil or what needs to be done?

    Thanks and regards.

    1. Hi Anuja

      I have used menstrual cups on a trek. I can tell you that they are quite easy and comfortable to use on a trek. Much more than the pads, I would say.
      To answer your questions:
      1) Yes, menstrual cup is better than tampons. They are lot more comfortable and it doesn’t generate waste and hence it is easier to manage as well.
      2) You can use the clean drinking water we provide to clean the cups before reinserting. Although a bit tedious, this is very much doable.
      3) If you are in the toilet, you can dispose the blood in the pit directly. This is for both dry and wet toilets. If you need to empty outside, then please cover it up with soil after emptying it.

      If you use menstrual cups regularly, using it on the treks is not that different.

      Hope you found this information useful.