Chirbatiya Nature Festival Schedule by Forest Department Uttarakhand

The Forest Department of Uttarakhand has shared an interesting schedule for the Chirbatiya Nature Festival. It includes activities like bird watching, interacting with locals and discussions on Human – Wildlife Conflict.

In case you are unable to participate in the Indiahikes trek to Patangniya meadows, you can stay back and participate in the Nature Festival at Chirbatiya.

The schedule for Chirbatiya Nature Festival is as follows:

Friday – March 12, 2021

6-10 am: Bird-watching for students – Chirbatiya

10-10.30 am: Puppet show for students – Chirbatiya Campus

11-11.30 am: Opening Ceremony – Chirbatiya FRH Campus

12-1 pm: Introduction with participants and briefing about the program – Chirbatiya FRH Campus

1-2 pm: Lunch – Chirbatiya FRH Campus

2-5 pm: Living with Leopards awareness session for locals – Chirbatiya Village

2-5.30 pm: Bird-watching – Chirbatiya Trails

6-7.30 pm: Kahaani Guldaar Ki (Chaupal with Joy Hukil and Lakhpat Singh Rawat) – Chirbatiya FRH Campus

7.30-9 pm: Cultural and Music Session by various artists – Chirbatiya Camp

Saturday – March 13, 2021

7 am-5 pm: Bird watching (Trek to Rai lake)  – Chirbatiya Trails

8 am: Hike till Patangnya Bugyal (Camping overnight) by Indiahikes – Chirbatiya and Panwali Trails – Register Here

10 am-12 pm: Human – Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Discussion – Chirbatiya village

10 am-1 pm: Graffiti session by Kalakar Art Studio & Living in Himalayas, village tour of Chirbatiya (In association with Himalayan Tribe) – Chirbatiya village

1-2 pm: Lunch – Chirbatiya

2.30-4 pm: Hot Air Balloon – Chirbatiya

6-9 pm: Culture and Music Session by various artists – Chirbatiya Camp

Sunday – March 14, 2021

6 am: Session on Yoga and Meditation – Chirbatiya FRH Campus

8-10 am: Chirbatiya Mini Marathon – Chirbatiya

7 am-2 pm: Birdwatching in Badhanitaal – Jakholi

2-2.30 pm: Closing ceremony – Chirbatiya FRH

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