Winners of June 2016 Photo contest!

The June photo contest is very special to us. The entries we received were mind blowing so we left the decision to you. You picked your favorite photos! We received 1509 votes! Your participation was overwhelming.

Three cheers to the winners!

Winner : Amit Ghangurde with 423 votes – Buran Ghati trek

The “Wow Point” on the Buran Ghati trek, where you exit the pine forests and enter the huge grasslands of Litham! A grand capture by Amit! The depth of the valley with the treeline in the foreground and snow-capped mountains in the background add another dimension to this picture.

2. Buranghati_Amit_Trail on way to Lithum

1st Runner up : Ramshesha N with 348 votes – Hampta Pass

The diverse textures in this photo make it interesting. Fluffiness of clouds, rough mountain slopes, vibrant greenery and the meandering river reflecting it all!

6. Hampta Pass – Ramshesha N – Quenching Thirst After Day Long Work @ Balu Ka Gera

2nd Runner up : Nikhil Kataria with 317 votes – Roopkund

This has got to be one of the most dramatic sunsets one would have seen in their lives! Standing above the clouds, seeing the hills bathed in golden twilight. It’s a beautiful moment captured well!

10. Roopkund - Nikhil Kataria - Beautiful Sunset at Bedni Bugyal

Judges choice – Sushrut Sardesai – Rupin Pass

This is a print-worthy picture, to say the least. The landscape bathed in golden light at Dhanderas Thatch. A vibrant picture captured in the nick of time.

12. Rupin Pass - Sushrut Sardesai - Golden Sunset at Dhanderas Thatch



Sreedharlal B Naick – Rupin Pass

The play of light in this picture of the Rupin Waterfall is almost magical! Also, he has managed to time the picture perfectly, capturing the mist just before it shrouds the waterfall. Seeing the Rupin Waterfall this green in June is a rarity, and Sreedharlal has made the best of it! 3. Rupin Pass- Sreedharlal B Naick-The mighty waterfall

Venu Madhavan – Rupin Pass

Venu has managed to capture the Rupin River winding it’s way through so many kinds of terrain – snow, moraine, grass. There are several elements and colours in this image that make it nomination-worthy!

4. rupin pass 5th June venu- amazing nature in its best move

Gautam Watve – Hampta Pass

A shot of the Shea Goru  campsite that encapsulates all three elements in the landscape beautifully. The rushing river, towering mountains and blue skies. It shows how serene a campsite can be!

5. Hampta Pass_Gautam Watve_Shea Goru1

Ramshesha N – Hampta Pass

What a dream-like picture! There’s an amazing play of contrast in this photograph! The subtle greys beautifully bring out the green and yellow. There’s a lot of drama, with the clouds coming in, a play of shadows and light on the mountain face, the picture has a lot going on.

7. Hampta Pass – Ramshesha N – Shea Goru

Sumit Sadhu – Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass is not an easy trek to capture on camera. The terrain is rugged, and the scale of the mountains is massive. Capturing all that in one frame and in such a beautiful manner requires sheer talent!

8. sumit sadhu-rupin pass-13 june-Preparing for ascent of Rupin Pass-

Vikrant Deshmukh – Hampta Pass

We love this story-telling picture of the Balu Ka Ghera campsite. The activity of the campsite against the quiet and majestic mountains in the background make for a great contrast.

9. Hampta Pass - Vikrant Deshmukh - Balu ka Gera camp site

Rohil Waghmare – Rupin Pass

The Upper Waterfall Campsite in all its glory! You can almost feel the serenity in this picture, with the undisturbed tents, the gently flowing Rupin River and the quiet mountains. Nicely captured by Rohil!

11. Rohil Waghmare Rupin Pass cloud bridge at lower waterfall campsite

Sujan Joseph – Roopkund trek

Sujan Joseph perfectly captures clouds fleeing in haste over the green meadows of Ali Bugyal.

1. Sujan Joseph Roopkund



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