Contribute as a Guest Writer on the Indiahikes website


It’s not every day that you get a chance to be read by thousands of trekkers. The Indiahikes website gives you just that opportunity. With over 5,000 users visiting the website every day, you get a chance to reach out to a large audience. Moreover, it is an audience that can relate to your writing. Here is how you can send us your mountain stories.

This is the process to follow:

1. Pick a topic of your choice (related to trekking)
2. Write to [email protected] Include the following:
a. Focus point / headline of your article
b. A 40-50 word brief about the article
c. A sample article that you have written previously
3. Latika will respond to you and take it forward

Perks of contributing as a Guest Author

1. As an author, you get recognition. Your picture and a paragraph about you will go on the website along with each of your articles.
2. You’ll have an author page to yourself that looks like this.
3. Your article will be shared on Indiahikes social media. Our Facebook and Instagram pages have a large following – being there itself will get you enough recognition
4. The article will have links to your personal website as long as it is related to trekking and travel.

If you are interested in submitting documentations for a trek you have done or upgrading our existing trek documentations, get in touch with [email protected]

We look forward to reading your submissions!


Aswati Anand

Aswati Anand is a journalist in love with the Himalayas. She is interested in stories of resilience from difficult terrains and sustainable living. When not mooning over the mountains, she can be seen doodling in her sketchbook.