December 2015 Photo Contest – Results

With stunning photographs like these in front of him, our judge Ravindra Joisa had a tough time picking the winners. We don’t envy his position- our trekkers captured the various moods of our winter trek in a way that transported us to a different time and place in our armchair. 

Here are the winning photographs. Congratulations!

Hope you all get to explore more shades of Himalayas and capture more wonderful pictures!


Aditya Siva – Deoriatal-Chandrashila

What an amazing shot! The temple to the right is at the point of intersection when you are considering the rule of thirds in photography. Well-captured considering the foreground, midground and unique pattern in the sky which is the background. Sun rays fall from top but not over exposed, starburst like effect cause by higher aperture. Sharp image full of colours, amazing location.

Chandrashila trek - Aditya Siva – A view adjecent to tungnath temple_renamed_23702

1st Runner up

Varunn Raju – Sandakphu

There are three things spectacular about this picture – the fence in the foreground, the snow-covered plants and that angelic light in the background! It shows how hard village life can be in these Himalayan mountains. I especially love the sharpness and details in those plants.

Sandakphu _ Phalut – Varunn Raju-2_renamed_30549

2nd Runner up

Raghu Srinivasa – Har Ki dun 

Simple and beautiful. Amazing landscape shot, showing the beautiful Himalayan range. I would say it is a postcard-perfect shot. This image is sharp and not over processed.

har ki dun - Raghu Srinivasa - above kalkatiya dhar campsite_renamed_23918


1.  Nivetha – Kedarkantha

This shot is special because the pine trees elegantly frame the Himalayan ranges in the background. The blue of the sky, the green of the trees and the snow make this is a very pleasing photo. 


2. Komal Daal – Kedarkantha

Images captured during the golden hours are always amazing! This is one among those incredible shots.

Kedarkantha - Komal Daal 1_renamed_18296

3. Vikrant – Kedarkantha

The play of light is just amazing in this picture! Love the subtle golden light on the trekkers, and the contrast in the big grey cloud. The sharpness in the mountains is something else! Fantastic shot!

Kedarkantha - Vikrant - Get that air of satisfaction from achievement (2048 x 1365)

4. Raghu Srinivasa – Har Ki Dun 

If there’s one thing on the Har Ki Dun trek, it is the Himalayan culture. This photograph captures that beautifully! A small village with uniquely built houses in this extreme landscape. This photograph is here because of the story it tells. 

har ki dun - Raghu Srinivasa - Osla Village_renamed_7862

5. Jaydeep Babar – Kedarkantha

Technically speaking, the diagonal trail in the images takes viewer directly to the campsite. It’s a very well-composed shot that speaks a million words. 

Kedarkantha Trek - Jaydeep Babar 5_renamed_24429

6. Devesh – Kedarkantha

I liked the clarity in this image and the snow-covered mountains. The landscape is just too beautiful. The human element (which you might have missed) makes the picture more special, showing us how small we are! It’s an incredible shot! 

kedarkantha-devesh-3 smoky mountains_renamed_24456

7. Ayush Garg – Kedarkantha

The trail to the mountains has been captured really well. And the photographer hasn’t lost focus on those sharp mountains, which can be achieved with higher aperture. The vastness of the landscape is exaggerated in this picture, as it is in real life! 


8. Ayush Garg – Kedarkantha

What a place to sit and relax! Would have been great if rule of thirds was followed – with lesser sky and more land. But beautiful layers, captured with sharpness and precision! 

Kedarkantha-AyushGarg-view from the top1_rena med_17479


9. Pradeep Saxena – Kedarkantha

This panoramic shot shows a huge chunk of the ranges seen from the Kedarkantha peak! It’s not very easy to capture that! The man sitting to the extreme left, gives the feeling of how it would be sitting at that place with the start burst-like effect (caused by higher aperture settings) of the sun to the extreme right.

Kedarkantha- Pradeep Saxena- Panoramic view from KK summit_renamed_22738


A note about our judge: 

Ravindra Joisa
Ravindra Joisa

Ravindra Joisa is a resident of Bangalore and has spent his childhood days in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. He is an outdoor lover and has completed several treks such as Kashmir Great Lakes, Tarsar Marsar and Roopkund.

He was gifted with his first camera – Canon Powershot 100/130 IS (Point and shoot) at the age of 23, using which he had experimented different types of photography for about 5 years. At 28, he bought his first DSLR Nikon D600 (full frame, currently using D610) along with a 50mm 1.4D prime lens.

Ravindra now specializes in photographic education and plans for leading photo tours on weekends. He uses a unique blend of illustrations, animations and photographs along with his experience in photography, all of which makes learning photography easy and fun. 

You can take a look at this website here –
You can also follow his accounts on Facebook or Twitter. He’s always posting fantastic pictures!

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Swathi Chatrapathy

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