December 2016 Blog Contest Winners!

There must be something about December that gets city slickers to brave the minus temperatures of the Himalayas. Could it be the awe of the seasons first snowfall, the pleasure of huddling up inside the dinning tent with a hot cup of tea, just an escape from routine – the reasons are endless.

These blogs will take you right back to the cold nights in your sleeping bags. They are a pleasure to read. From the presentation and pictures to the writing, you can tell that this was a trek well done!

Blog contest winner – Neha Pant



Want to know who you are? Go take a hike! You will be surprised at what you will discover! There is something so spiritually elevating about trekking in the mountains, a process of self-discovery and a revelation, an incredible experiential learning is what it is…

Read the full blog here.

Catch Neha Pant speaking to you directly from the KK summit, here.

1st Runner Up – Subhashis Pal

Deoriatal Chandrashila Peak

Subhashish-pal-deoriatal-blog contest

Alpine lakes are my favourite. Add to that, majestic views of Mt Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, Kedardome and I was sold. This is enough to make a mountain lover happy. 

Read the full blog here.

Akanksha Raju

Akanksha Raju

Akanksha Raju is a content manager and graphic designer at Indiahikes. She has studied journalism and mass communication from Manipal University. Trekking, she believes, encompasses all the things she loves - fitness, a healthy lifestyle and nature. You can write to her on [email protected]

2 thoughts on “December 2016 Blog Contest Winners!

  1. While not trying to sound too rude and immodest, I would want to make some points here.

    1.) Though a blog contest, Indiahikes seems to have picked the prettiest stock website out there that was chosen to present the story.
    2.) While it is fully understandable that what goes into the blog is a personal choice, the judges seem to have picked the image heavy ones. The mountains evoke a variety of emotions and the winners (and the judges) seem to have taken the easy way out of expressing them through pictures.
    3.) While the judgement says that everything, including the writing, seems well done, naive language and obvious grammatical mistakes in the second blog puts one off.

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