Dehradun Railway Station Closed For 3 Months Starting November 10th

We have an update about the Dehradun Railway station which may affect your travel plans.

Due to maintenance and extension of the railway platforms, the station is going to be shut for three months from the 10th of November.

This means that no train will be stopping at Dehradun — this includes the Jan Shatabdi Express, Mussoorie Express and Nanda Devi Express.

How can you go about your travel to Dehradun?

You have two options.

Option 1: Get off at the Haridwar Station and take a bus to Dehradun

Trains scheduled to stop at Dehradun will stop at Haridwar. This is the station before the Dehradun station. You could get off at Haridwar and take a bus to Dehradun. The Haridwar bus station is just across the road from the railway station. Buses ply once every hour. If you miss the bus, you can take a shared cab. The journey is around 2 hours long.

The same holds true for your return travel. Take the trains from Haridwar. To get to Haridwar, take the local bus or share a taxi from Dehradun bus station.

Pros: This will work for you if you have already booked your train ticket. You will not have to cancel anything. You can just get off at the previous station.

Cons: The bus journey from Haridwar to Dehradun will take at least 2 hours.

Option 2: Get off at Roorkee and take a vehicle to Dehradun

Roorkee is a stop before Haridwar, but the road journey from here to Dehradun is much faster because the roads are better, with lesser traffic. 

From the station, walk 10 mins to the highway and take a bus to Dehradun. You will get buses are 15 min intervals, both private and state transport buses. The UPSRTC bus costs Rs 210 from Roorkee to Dehradun.

It will take you an hour to reach Dehradun. This route is faster and with less traffic. 

Option 3: Cancel your train ticket to Dehradun and book a bus to Dehradun

If you have already booked your train ticket, you could cancel it right away and book a bus to Dehradun instead. The cancellation charges are small on IRCTC. If you haven’t yet booked your travel, directly book a bus from Delhi / nearby cities to Dehradun.

Pros: In terms of cost, cancelling your ticket and taking a direct bus to Dehradun will work out cheaper than keeping your ticket to Dehradun, and taking a bus from Haridwar.

Cons: Small cancellation fee incurred.

Our recommendation: Go for Option 3. It will save you a lot of time and hassle. Also, try reaching Dehradun a day before your drive to the base camp. You’ll get much-required rest before the trek.

If you’re trekking with Indiahikes, please note these changes:

1. This note is relevant to trekkers going to Kedarkantha, Har Ki Dun, Dayara Bugyal, Mukta Top, Nag Tibba, Deoban Weekend Trek and Phulara Ridge.

2. Your pickup point will now be Dehradun bus station at 7 am on Day 1, and not the Dehradun Railway Station. This would mean, you will have to book a direct bus to Dehradun to reach on time.

3. For your return travel, your drop off will be on the last day of your trek at Dehradun bus station between 6 pm and 7 pm. You can take a bus to Haridwar and take the same train you’re scheduled to go on (if it’s Mussoorie Express / Nanda Devi Express). Or you could cancel your train ticket and book a bus from Dehradun.

4. If you are getting to Dehradun a day prior to trek date, book a hotel near the bus station.

5. If you have already booked a hotel near the railway station, take a share auto (called Vikram) from the railway station to the bus stop. It costs Rs. 30 per person. Keep at least 30 minutes for this journey.

We will send you details of the transport coordinator 3 days prior to your trek date.

If you have any doubts, drop in a comment below. We’ll help you out.


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19 thoughts on “Dehradun Railway Station Closed For 3 Months Starting November 10th

    1. Hi Abhinav, we will be organising transport only from Rishikesh and not Hardiwar. So you’ll have to make it to Rishikesh.

  1. Hello india hikes. We have booked 10th Jan kedarkantha trek. So will it be okay if we board bus from Delhi on 9th Jan and reach dehradun in the morning? Is the overnight bus journey safe

    1. The overnight bus journey is safe, no doubt about that. But just make sure you take a bus that reaches early enough! Keep at least an hour’s buffer time if possible, in case the bus gets late.

  2. Hi Swathi,

    Is Jan Satabdi running till Haridwar? As there is no info in IRCTC site.
    Can you suggest best possible way to reach Haridwar

    1. Hi Niloy, Jan Shatabdi does go to Haridwar. Nanda Devi Express is another train you can opt for. Coming by bus directly to Hardiwar / Rishikesh is a better option at the time being because lots of trains are getting cancelled with no prior notice.

  3. Hi Swathi. I have booked for Kedarkantha trek from 26th Dec 2019 .. I have booked tickets of Nandadevi Express. I am confused in getting down at Roorki, Bcz the train will reach Roorki around 3am in the morning. Do buses ply around that time ? Also I understand the highway is around 10 mins walk..Will appreciate your help..

    1. Hi Kunal, the Nanda Devi Express reaches Hardiwar at very unearthly hours. It’s best to cancel that and take a bus. That might be less expensive than taking a taxi from Hardiwar or waiting for a bus till day light.

    1. All our vehicles will leave from Dehradun at 7 am. The journey is long, around 8-10 hours. So all buses leave on time.

  4. Hi Swathi,
    I am planning for Dayara Bugyal trek on beginning 15th Nov ’19.
    Please confirm what is the pick up point to reach base camp and drop point from base camp.
    Dehradun bus stop / Haridwar Railway stn / Hrishikesh Bus stand?
    need to make travel arrangements accordingly.

    1. Hi Priya, I’m assuming you mean December 15th since it’s already Nov 19th. We will be organising transport to Raithal from the Dehradun Bus Stop at 7 am. So just make sure you’re there 10-15 minutes in advance. All trekkers will be meeting there and driving together to Raithal. Please plan your travel accordingly.

  5. Thanks Swathi. Rightly noted as 15th Dec ’19.
    Can you confirm if drop point post completion of trek is also Dehradun Bus Stop?
    Also, for 15th Dec ’19 slot, we would be returning to Dehradun on 20th Dec ’19? Is it correct?
    Need to plan my return travel arrangements accordingly. So please confirm on both.