This blog on Goechala will blow your mind!

If we had to name a blog that left us speechless, this would be it. The Goechala trek has always been one of our favorite treks, Divas Mishra has put down his experiences so beautifully that it makes us want to do the trek again!


Goechala-Crossing the Bridge to Bhakim -Indiahikes
Crossing the Bridge to Bhakim PC-Divas Mishra

Here’s an excerpt:

As we continued in silence, there came a point when we crossed a ridge to reveal the view beyond. The mountains stood silently, like sentinels of the twilight. The many peaks of Kabru lay to our left now, and a flank of Kangchenjunga lay beyond. We walked awestruck, as if we had stumbled into the fabled Shangri La. And all of a sudden, a deafening crack like a thunderbolt tore through the silence. It came from far away, and I knew what it was even though I had never experienced it.

Read the entire blog here.

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2 thoughts on “This blog on Goechala will blow your mind!

  1. Literally speechless after reading this blog !
    Description of the view ,emotions and the pictures are simply perfect.
    Happy writing 🙂

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