Finally, a Trek Film Worth Watching – Heroes of Himalayas

Today is a special day. Because you’re about to see one of the most meaningful films made on trekking.

It’s called Heroes of Himalayas

After a long long time, we’re seeing a documentary that’s not only worth watching, but has also left every single one of us who saw the first screening teary eyed.

Ambuj Gupta is the filmmaker behind this. It took him almost a year to make this film. The film releases today. In this film he brings in his perspective of Indiahikes’ Green Trails initiative.

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The story behind this film 

Ambuj Gupta of Searchglass films has been making films and documentaries for quite some time. His documentary “Community” on stray dogs earned critical acclaim. 

Almost two years ago, Ambuj wrote to us, wanting to make a documentary on the Indiahikes’ Green Trails initiative. 

The Searchglass team had heard a lot about our Green Trails initiative and wanted to explore it deeper. 

“When Ambuj approached us to make the documentary, we were a bit skeptical. Though many filmmakers have tried to make a film on Green Trails, rarely has anyone been able to showcase Green Trails with the depth it requires. We were wary of that,” shares Arjun Majumdar, the founder of Indiahikes.  

Nevertheless, we gave Ambuj a green signal.

The Searchglass team approached the project very differently. They first went to our Sandakphu trail, documenting the Green Trails processes there. They interviewed an entire cross section of people. 

Then they travelled to our office in Bangalore to understand Green Trails better. “They shot extensively at our office. After their shoot, we didn’t hear from them for the rest of the year!” shares Lakshmi Selvakumaran, who was then heading the Green Trails team. 

It was only after almost a year that Ambuj resurfaced. They had been working on the film all the time! That’s when he shared the first cut of his film with us.

Arjun Majumdar
Founder & CEO
When we saw Ambuj’s film, we were stunned! Suffice to say it’s one of the finest documentaries made on Indiahikes’ Green Trails I’ve seen.

True to that last statement, most of us at Indiahikes were left teary-eyed by the end of the 38 minute film. 

“This documentary shows the world the true emotion behind Green Trails. It helped all of us zoom out, see it from an outside perspective and realise how powerful Green Trails really is,” shares Neha Satheesan, who heads the Green Trails initiative now. 

In a gist, Neha captures how all of us felt about this documentary. 

“My hope with this beautifully captured documentary is that it makes the Green Trails vision everyone’s vision for trekking in India,” says Lakshmi Selvakumaran, who now heads the Experience Team at Indiahikes.

Give the film a watch. If you’re an Indiahiker, you’ll be extremely proud that you’re a part of this community. 

And if you’re not an Indiahiker, you’ll still love the film. This film on the Heroes of Himalayas is a terrific documentary.

Drop in a comment with your thoughts on the film. We’d love to hear from you.

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10 thoughts on “Finally, a Trek Film Worth Watching – Heroes of Himalayas

  1. A wonderful video and message not just to watch and forget but to be remembered all the time. Plastic is the biggest enemy mankind had ever faced and will ever face in the future.

    I hope this video will reach the maximum people and creates awareness. All the best to the team.

  2. Hi,

    Nice initiative and much needed one if it’s aired on all media platform to reach the common people.

    Let’s keep up the great work which change the people’s attitude for a better living.


  3. Wonderful video. I have participated in green trials carrying the green bag for collecting waste on the trails. The work India Hikes doing is very commendable. It is good to showcase that work through this video and hats off to the team that created this video.

  4. I must congratulate Shri Ambuj Gupta of Searchglass Film to have made a good documentary film Heroes of Himalayas. It shows the good work done by India Hikes on the important and very relevant issue of waste management through it’s Green Trails programme. I have been going to the Himalaya since almost 45 years now very regularly and have seen the destruction and ravage of some of the popular trails by the hordes of “educated” trekkers coming from the city. Lot of time and money has been spent to educate and make trekkers aware about this problem. The white wash actions like collecting the trash and shifting it to villages down below are done by many people. That is not the solution. According to me that is just “trans locating” trash from one place to another place.

    Why can’t trekkers and organisations simply just not carry any disposable items to the higher camps. With the ongoing pandemic the use of plastic is on the increase and people have started using disposable plates, cups, spoons and other items without any guilt.

    The mountain climbing fraternity has polluted even the highest camping spot South Col on Everest and hence the clean up expeditions. I have always believed that let there be crowds on popular treks and on other off beaten treks only limited number of trekkers should be permitted.

  5. Must say ‘Hats off’ not only to the IH but also to the film producer.
    It was not only a virtual tour of the country but also creates an awareness about the impact of tourism created by an ordinary trekker or tourist. The role played by Majumdar and his great team deserve a standing ovation.
    Must clap for the guts of the IH in facing wrath of the locals on the Chadar trek but still making sustained efforts in educating the common man ,to do it himself than expecting the IH to do their job.The crux of the solution is to change the attitude of the people to save the mother earth than just think of Me and Myself.
    Narrations by Majumdar and Lakshmi are very impressive but surprisingly the main spokesperson of the IH is conspicuously missing (understandably her domain is different) .
    Must put this interesting and educative docu for an award and choosing 1st Oct as the right date for its release,on the eve of Mahatma’s s B Day,on whom the Swatch Abhiyaan is based.
    Heartiest congrats on educating the common man through a short but powerful docu.
    Let the Green Trail of the IH leave a long and sustainable trail ,in this difficult ‘lock-up’ period,when most of the other Agencies are in deep snores,IH has effectively utilised the ‘house arrest’ to perform it’s CSR role .Equally heartening is the initiative of the IH to re-open it’s treks,the First one to do it,and that too with 32 points Safeguard check list.
    Surely you would grow from strength to strength.
    Happy Green trailing.

  6. I am thankful to the omnipresent that at India Hike beautiful people Majumdar jee , Swathi, Nitesh Goutam+++…….. still exist in this commercial world… who can look beyond ….

  7. I have done one trek with India Hikes till now and that has been one of the best experiences of my life.. I am a real conscious person about environment around and with India hikes, that was the best thing I saw in the trail. The documentary is awesome and actually depicts the efforts each one of us have to take in protecting our environment. Earth is our home and as I always say, if each one of us are aware and take our own responsibility of protecting the environment, we would not need Green Trails in 10-12 years from now as rightly mentioned by Arjun sir. Kudos! Lets contribute what each one of us can and spread awareness! Hope people awake now before it is too late! We need to protect our Mother Earth! Attaching photograph from my India Hikes Kashmir Great Lakes trek with bio degradable bag for garbage collection.

  8. Great initiative by Indiahikes. I think entire Indian population should shoulder this responsibility instead of a few organisations or government. A wonderful film to bring awareness globally regarding sustainable environment. Everyone must contribute this noble cause of maintaining cleanliness.