When Tripoto contest winner went to Hampta Pass

Venkatesh Allu couldn’t believe his luck when he got chosen as a winner of Tripoto’s #TripotoTakeMeToHamptaPass contest! Indiahikes sponsored his trek in September 2016. It was going to be his first solo trip. All the arrangements had to made, tickets booked, hotels reserved, travel to the base camp planned. Everything on his own. Boy did he learn the rough side of solo trekking!

Here is an excerpt from the blog.

“Suddenly at that moment you realize in the wilds out from civilization for a couple of days now. It is time to talk to your inner self. For most of us, our life is full of outside influences. We have parents telling us to work hard and find good jobs. We have teachers telling us to study hard and get good grades. We have bosses directing our careers. We have girlfriends/boyfriends swaying our decisions. We have society creating a mould and constantly pressuring us to fit into it. With all these voices in our head, our decisions are so heavily influenced that it’s impossible to figure out what we truly want.” Read more

Click on the images below to read parts one, two and three of the blog.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3








A whirlwind of philosophical thoughts, travel mishaps, thrilling adventures and the breath taking Hampta Pass trek. This three series blog takes you through every up and down on he faced.

Venkatesh Allu

Venkatesh Allu

Venkatesh loves travelling, and exploring his new found passion for photography. Capturing beautiful landscapes, is what keeps him happy. He recently went on the Hampta Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh.

2 thoughts on “When Tripoto contest winner went to Hampta Pass

  1. Hi, I am planning for a hike across Hampta. I am planning to go without local guide or any trek groups. We shall be traveling with camping gears. However, I want to know if food supply is available in the duration of the hike? Or should we carry food for the duration. Awaiting reply. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lokesh, you’re not likely to find any food on the trail – there are no dhabas as such. It’s better to go prepared with food for all days from the start.

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