Hampta Pass 2012 Photo Contest

The Hampta Pass summer 2012 photo contest results are out ! The top three winning photos are below. Post your comments below.

First Prize: The first prize goes to Swarna!!!

Goecha la photo contest

Second Prize: The second prize goes to Sidhartha!

Goecha la photo contest

Third Prize: The third prize goes to Tarun Razdan!

Goecha la photo contest

Congratulations to the winners. Your prizes will reach you soon.

A note from Indiahikes

The winners and the submissions get the following awards from Indiahikes.


The winner of the photo contest gets a Rs 5,000 Trek Voucher from Indiahikes, plus a Trekking pole plus an Indiahikes T-Shirt.
The second runner up get Rs 2,500 Trek Voucher from Indiahikes, plus a neck warmer from Decathlon, plus an Indiahikes T-Shirt
The third runner up gets Rs 1,000 Trek Voucher from Indiahikes, plus a neck warmer from Decathlon, plus an Indiahikes T-Shirt.

Hampta Pass Summer 2012 Photo Contest

Here are the shortlisted 12 best photos of the Hampta Pass trek photo contest. Trekkers were asked to submit their best photos from the trek for the contest.

The judges, Saurabh Chatterjee and Neelima Vallangi, will now run through these photos and choose one among them as the winner. Before the judges choose, tell us which of these photos deserve the best photo award (use the comments box below). If your choice matches the judges, you get a special print of the best photo sent to you by post. 

The photographs selected here are in random order. The numbers attributed to the photos are to identify the photographer and does not denote any ranking by Indiahikes. Use the number and the name of the person to make your comments.


Goecha la trek

Neeraj’s green view from the Chikha campsite.

Goecha la photo contest


Sujoy Sen clicks the vast white carpet

Goecha la photo contest

The flow of a crystal clear stream, well captured by Priyanka Singh.

Goecha la photo contest

Swarna shoots the trekkers taking one step at a time, on route to Hampta Pass

Goecha la photo contest
Sidhartha’s shot of a picturesque ‘V’.

Goecha la photo contest

Sidhartha’s shot of a lone trekker captured our imagination!

Goecha la photo contest

Its not very often that a photo shows the high heights and the deep depths of the mountain at the same time. Swarna’s click here manages to do just that!


Goecha la photo contest

Tarun Razdan’s artistic click.

Goecha la photo contest 

The blue view of shiagoru landscape by Tarun Razdan.

Goecha la photo contest

Neeraj clicks the last water body before Hampta Pass, the ridge in the middle of the pic is the Hampta Pass.

Goecha la photo contest

The rocky green trail well captured by Pankaj Vaksh.


Goecha la photo contestPankaj Vaksh clicks the scenic beauty from chikha campsite


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