15 Winter Trek Tips that Experienced Trekkers Swear By

I am always surprised at the amount of knowledge our trekkers have about trekking. In fact knowledge is something that I love about Indiahikes.

When we say we stand for information and that today we are the largest database of trekking information in India, people often only connect the vast amount of trek documentation that we have done. 

They miss out on these nuggets of information that we have in our store. Information that we have collected over the years.

Today I present you 15 winter trekking tips that our trekkers have shared with us on our Instagram page. Each of them is worth its weight in gold. 

They are practical, easy to implement, and perhaps some of the best hacks on winter trekking I have come across. 

Without further ado, here we go.

WInter Trek Tip Indiahikes

Winter Trek Tips Indiahikes


Winter Trek Tip Indiahikes

Winter Trek Indiahikes

Winter Trek Tip Indiahikes

Winter Trek Indiahikes

Winter Trek Tip

Winter Trek Tip

Winter Trek Tip Idiahikes

Winter Tip Indiahikes

Winter Tip Indiahikes

Winter trek tip Indiahikes

Winter Trek Tip Indiahikes

On a side note, our winter treks are back! Almost all our winter treks are booked out. If you are still looking to find a place, do register quickly. If you don’t find a slot, email [email protected] personally to help guide you on other options. Suhas, is the head of our Trek Coordinator’s team. 

Also, even though our treks are booked out, there is a strict 31 point Covid protocol in place. We don’t want anyone catching covid on our treks. 

If you know of some nifty winter trekking tips that I missed, do share with me in the comments section of this blog. 

Stay warm and happy trekking!

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5 thoughts on “15 Winter Trek Tips that Experienced Trekkers Swear By

  1. On winter treks-high altitude treks- make sure to carry -“camphor- kapur..”in Hindi….
    It’s called solid oxygen.,,,
    Jus one deep inhaling-will make u feel rejuvenated…
    Experience- Chadar trek.

  2. Apply cream like Himalaya antiseptic cream every evening after trek. Also apply Vaseline every morning. This is to avoid sunburns.

  3. – Use mittens instead of gloves, fingers will be warm
    – Winter and summer boots are different, expect your feet to swell, so buy the next size of boot and fill it with an extra insole. When your feet swell take the extra insole out
    – Drink water even if is cold, it will warm you
    – IH provides hot water with ginger, drink it and keep it in your sleeping bag. You will get a hot water bottle

  4. If doing winter trek, do Carry ginger laddoo. Have it every night before sleep. It will help to get warmth. – winter treks – Brahmatal and Dayara Bugyal