How To Fix Your Trekking Shoe If The Sole Comes Off

One of the most common problems with shoes is that the sole comes off from the front. When this happens on a trek – it can be a nightmare!

On a high altitude trek you will be navigating varied terrain. You might be hopping over boulders, pushing through scree and on a winter trek, you will be trekking in snow. This increases the wear and tear of your shoes. Although trekking shoes are designed keeping all this in mind, it is best to be prepared for the worst.

Here, Mukesh Panwar, one of the most qualified members from our Technical Team gives you a quick tip to fix your shoe sole with the help of a twine. It might not be a hack that will fix your shoe forever, but it will let you continue your trek comfortably till the end.

Watch this video to know what to do when the sole of your trekking shoe has bailed out on you


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