Instagram Contest: What made you go Bloody Hell?

We’ve announced a wacky, impromptu photo contest on Instagram because we just hit 1000 followers on Indiahikes Instagram page. Woohooo!

What’s this contest all about?

Here’s what – we’ve all had that one moment on the trek that has stayed with us long after the trek is over. Now, you can enter a photo contest by displaying those very moments and win a gift voucher of Rs. 1,000!

This wacky contest is called 1000@1000. And the theme of this contest is “Bloody Hell!” (‘Coz that’s how we reacted when we saw our Instagram page touching 1000 followers.)

So what do you have to do?

Tell us about that moment on a trek that made you go “Bloody Hell!”

Standing on top of a summit, looking down at the panorama below, the only word that comes to our lips is, “Bloody Hell, what a view!”

Milky way in the night sky – Bloody Hell!

Hot gulab jamuns after dinner – Bloody Hell!

Snow storm on the trek – Bloody Hell!

Getting to the summit after an exhausting climb – Bloody Hell!

Yes, anything that made you go “Bloody Hell!” counts.

How to enter the contest:

Use #BloodyHellMoment along with your photo on Instagram with a short story on what made you go Bloody Hell! Remember, the story is necessary to help us connect with your Bloody Hell moment. Tell the world what exactly happened in that moment.

The deadline for this photo contest is on midnight if October 15, 2015. And the results will be announced on October 18, 2015.

So hurry up and tell us what knocked the wind out of you and made you go “Bloody Hell!”

Note: You can enter this photo contest only through Instagram. So hop on to where all the action is happening by clicking on our Instagram page.

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Latika Payak

Latika Payak

Latika Payak has worked as a journalist with Femina, New Woman, and wrote articles for the weekly editions of Times Of India Crest before growing allergic to full-time jobs. So she broke free from the glass-walled buildings and became the official story-teller of the trekking world.

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