When Can We Trek Again? An Interesting Perspective From The Founder Of Indiahikes

Of late, we’ve been seeing several instances of tourism looking to inch back to life. Uttarakhand, Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir have opened their borders to trekking. The Indian Mountaineering Foundation recently laid out an advisory about trekking in the Himalayas during COVID times. 

Our trekkers too are constantly asking us about when we can start trekking. There is a lot of pressure on us to restart trekking.

Here, we interview the founder of Indiahikes, Arjun Majumdar, to see what he has to say on this topic.

Surprisingly, he brings in a completely new perspective. And trekkers who have watched the interview so far, have been extremely appreciative of seeing things in a new light in this situation. 

We are curious to know your thoughts on this topic as well. Can you share your thoughts after watching the video in the comments box below? We look forward to reading them.

Watch the video here:


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84 thoughts on “When Can We Trek Again? An Interesting Perspective From The Founder Of Indiahikes

  1. Completely agree with what Arjun had said. I would appreciate the fact that unlike other trek organization whose aim is to revive their business, IH is concerned about health and safty of trekkers, their staff and local people.
    We will wait for Green light notification from IH on this 🙂 and would pray for this situation to get settle soon.

  2. Hey swathi , i missed rupin last year bcz of injury.. and also was working hard on my fitness.. so i was dying to do a himalayan trek. But arjun sir really helped me to calm down. Hehe.. he is damn right.. saftey matters most.. its not about one person , its about the team , the orgnisers , the people lives on hills.. so its betteer to wait rather than puting everyone at risk including youself.. .. hoping to see the mountains soon.. thankyou

  3. Good talk, being patient and being generous with common-sense is the need of the hour. No need for rush, mountains are not going anywhere. Just wait and watch. IH is doing the right thing and I couldn’t agree more with Mr Arjun. Stay home and stay safe.

    1. Think what Arjun has said is very wise .With every day changing scene,it is foolhardy to predict and open all gates just to get some chips.
      Noway,before we get the vaccine so presumably group treks after winters only .As rightly advised by HI do solo or small grp outings with due precautions. Most of people are asymptomatic. So why we insist upon taking ‘panga’. Panga is a full time job.
      Medical Advisory based on foreign internet is not practical in India.
      Utilise this ‘house Arrest’ for buildg mental muscles.
      See my comments on you tube of yesterday.

    2. It’s better to resume treking from month of Oct 20,as WHO says the cases of vivid 19 may be increased in coming two months I.e.Aug& Sep

  4. Completly agree to Arjun, i think it’s just not about our temptation, we definitely carry a responsibility towards the locals as well, can’t go and make life miserable for them.
    This is the biggest reason i love Indiahikes, thanks Arjun for putting safety and hygeine as top most priority always!!

  5. Very well put. I wasnt expecting anything better in response from Mr. Majumdar.

    Its going to be totally driven by the fear factor and also the numbers in play. In current scenario, most people (if not all) are extremely cautious to carry out even the most basic routine works in life. The fear of catching this virus has had a mental impact on how we go about lives. And it will surely take lot of convincing both objectively and subjectively for a person to not only consider trekking in Himalayas but the multiple layovers in diferent modes of transportation.

    Apart from direct tranmission, fear of fomite transmission has made life too hard for everyone. Once you start noticing and taking extra care, you realise when you move out of your house the number of surfaces one is bound to touch casually. News keep comimg that this way of transmission is possible but chances are less. But a well documented research confirming the same can make life easier and also helo in deciding to travel of which trekking is a part too.

    My best estimate is we may start feeling safe only after the world has a proven drug or vaccine and as of now no deadline or timeline can be fixed for the same. My best estimate would be January 2021 and even later.

    Lets hope it’s sooner than that.

  6. Totally agree with Arjun. Trekking is all about responsible behavior – towards yourself and towards the society.

  7. A very good write up , Trekking in the Himalayas should start around mid-August with the group being as short as about 12 people including the guide and the cooks . Trekking will help promote better fitness in the country but also keeping in mind the precautions that one should take .

  8. Totally agree with Arjun Majumdar sir. A very valid point that it will be safe to resume trekking once it becomes safe to travel by air.
    We all are looking forward to treks resuming again. But it has to be done keeping in mind the safety of not only the trekkers but also the mountain people.

    1. Hi Swati,
      I agree with Arjun Sir! Even though I am totally missing the himalayas and trekking there, its our responsibility to keep in mind the safety of ourselves and the society and also the himalayan people. Once everthing cools down, we can always trek. In the meantime we can keep ourselves fit enough to continue trekking in coming years. This is the time let the himalayan environment remain cool n calm without the interference of the trekkers.

  9. Covid 19 is not a disease it’s unknown disease till date. Moreover it’s the most contagious virus for which every day a record number of people are being infected .As far as Himalayan Trek is concern our prime duty would be to keep the Himalayan region as pure as possible for our benefits.As far as income is concern Himalayan people are brave and hard-working and nature has given them in abundance,if humans co operate with nature then all will survive..So it would definitely be wise to postpone the trek wishes rather concentrate on minimizing the covid cases by keeping one self at home

  10. So true sir.
    I truly appreciate your concern and clarity on resuming treks.
    It sounds more assuring then others who are more into reviving their buissness.

    Best part of time is that no matter what it passes away..This time will also not stay forever.All should keep patience

    I am personally working on my fittness so that can plan a high altitude trek with India Hikes.

    Thank you

  11. Hai Swathi. I have watched the vedio. I agree with Arjun’s views. Before starting group treks. Health and safety of a trekker should be our top priority. Hence I would say that Himalayan treks/climbs may be put off for this year. Local treks with minimum Nos. Would be a good option- that also after taking into account all the pros and cons.. .i too am missing out on treks this year. As I had done the Mt. Kilimanjaro climb earlier this year, I am not feeling all that dejected. Still I look forward for starting as soon as possible. Hope the vaccine comes to our aid…

  12. Completely agree with what Arjun said. It is our moral duty during these challenging times to take care of the health and safety of the people leaving in the Himalayas. Our temptations are secondary.

    Have said this, I eagerly await the announcement of treks opening up…

    Hope and sincerely wish that IH sustain through these trying times and get back to the best trekking company ASAP….

  13. Can not agree more with the thought process and Health and Safety First approach of Arjun . It’s very difficult to put a time line to restart trekking given the highly dynamic situation of spread of infection. WHO has been warning of second wave Of infection in coming winters .Countries which tried opening up have paid very heavy price in terms of fatalities and are going back to resorting to lockdown . A lot remains unknown about COVID-19 , in my opinion trekking can only pick up once there is some definite treatment line or a vaccine or infection rate drops down significantly on a permanent basis. In my opinion 2021 will be the earliest one should think of exposing oneself .

  14. I always enjoy your conversion. Mr. Arjun’s advice is very valid with some different aspects. Thank you for suggesting local treks.

    1. I really appreciate the way your organization, founder is taking a clear stand on keeping the safety of trekkers and the mountain folks on top priority.
      Me and my wife are also eager to go on our first trek with India Hikes in the Himalayas at some point in time this year.
      Last but not the least, I just want to give Kudos to you and your entire team in persisting through these tough times with immense enthusiasm and positive energy and sharing those beautiful engaging trekking stories every week.

  15. yes its better to explore the treks close to you. you can reach their by Cycles also. and there are plenty of them.

  16. On point Arjun.

    In my opinion, and he rightly points out, we can only start when there is no fear around moving out freely.
    I see it happening not anytime before 2021 but let’s be hopeful for a early trek as well if situation improves.

    All in all, we just cannot put the lives of Mountain folks in danger. That is for sure.

    Stay Safe !

  17. A very good point brought up by you Swathi. Thank you for that!
    Trekking has been on most of our minds especially now that the lock down situation seems to have become softened and the weather is pleasant. The response from Mr Majumdar was indeed honest and to the point. No beating about the bush. I share the same concern for the safety of others, not just myself. I will wait for the good old days to come and till then try to discover small trails or treks around my home.

  18. Nicely spoken by Mr Majumdar. Very well explained all points. Just that the ballpark of 50 infections per day in metro to start trekking is not correct! Plus saying it is a group sports is also not correct. Trekking is not a group sport. A single or a family of folks can hire a guide and go for a trek. They don’t necessarily have to go with a group of unknown people.

  19. Yes Arjun is totally correct. All trekkers know how the locals live in the mountains and what all hardships they face. So we should not even think of trekking(I know it is impossible), least we infect the very same people who look after the mountains that we love so much. I know livelihood is also important, but like Arjun truly said the hospitals in mountains are very far off and even the locals are not that keen for trekkers, then we should respect them. On the contrary, IH and all trekkers should write to IMF not to start trekking or any other tours till everything becomes normal again.

  20. I think Arjun has clarified all doubts in an excellent manner, especially the risks people from the cities would bring to the common village people in the mountains, it would be nerve-wracking if someone has to live with affecting a village in far forlorn mountains. I found the particular note of 50 ppl/day great as well his kind of a figure gives us confidence the virus is really going downhill. We should request friends, families and other trekking organisations to totally not risk people’s lives. We can always trek next year as long as we’re okay and contributing in our small way to flatten/reduce the curve. Thanks a lot Swathi for bringing us these words if wisdom, great initiative.


  21. I completely agree here that health of self, fellow trekkers, staff and locals should be paramount in going for any decision now. Its a ‘new normal’ and we need to adapt to that.

    I would be keenly waiting for further updates and pray to get things back to acceptable normal.

  22. Hi Swathi,
    very sensible points by Arjun. As things stand to reach 50 infections per day looks very far away. at least not in 2020.Himalayan treks look very doubtful at least this year. but yes local treks in small numbers max of 6-8 people is a good option. Karnataka, Kerala , TN and Maharshtra has very good places.(1-3 days trek) hiring a local guide and trekking could be a very good idea.

  23. Safety is important and living/doing things as in pre covid times is important too. Not sure if and when indian metros and world across would come to 50 cases per day. Striking a balance will be important to make life normal while taking precautions in doing all activities. So though there is no hurry for a sport like trek, coming back to it sooner than later would help.

  24. I really appreciate the clear and sensible advises of Mr Majundar which prove,once again,his real and deep feelings and understanding for the mountains in all theirs aspects.Thank you.

  25. Yes he is absolutely Right, at this point of time safety is the top most concern for everyone. Its better to wait for sometime.

  26. Thanks Swathi & Arjun for the update.
    What are you doing about helping the local members that associate with you to help us trek safely? If you have taken any initiative to help them with their ration or food supplies or any other, do let me know. If not, can you come up with something in that direction please. I think, the trekking community is big enough to do some small contribution, if that helps the needy

  27. I totally agree with Arjun. It’s obviously not just about our safety, but travelling can only increase the probability of us being infected and then we infecting others. Social distancing during a group trek to me does not make sense at all.

  28. Looking at the present Covid – 19 present scenario Arjun is right. Also I must congratulate India Hikes, unlike other commercial organisations, to take this judicious decision. By opening up Himalayan Treks now we not only compromise the health and safety of the urban trekkers but put the simple mountain folk in extreme danger.

    Even short duration local treks are not advised in my opinion as it might introduce Covid-19 to areas which have been untill now a safe heaven. It has happened in one or two spots in Gujarat, because whatever you do there is bound to be some contact with the local people (chai wala, temples, toilets, etc.) and that might trigger the start of Covid-19 over there. So best is, do lot of exercise, keep yourself fit and pray for the best.

  29. Arjun is absolutely correct . At present , it can wait at this point of time safety is the top most concern for everyone. Its better to wait for sometime
    I would be keenly waiting for further updates and pray to get things back to acceptable normal.

  30. Agree with Mr Arjun.

    I can not travel from Mumbai to Delhi and basecamp in this situation. Even local treks are not opened yet.

    It’s high risk to go out and travel for trek until we get vaccine or have medicine.

    Thank you for your thoughts. Thank you Swati


  31. Informative video explaining in detail the effects of trekking during this ongoing pandemic and providing an insight on how prioritizing safety not only for the trekkers but also for the mountain folk is crucial. Wishing everyone at Indiahikes good health and thank you for your work in keeping your online platforms updated with wonderful pictures and stories of the majestic Himalayas and other mountain ranges in our country!

  32. Nice interview.infections will only go up.expecting to go down by november is not going to happen. Rather , than we should open trekking and ask people to get covid 19 negative certificate 48 hrs before trek start date.

  33. Dear Swati, hey….this is the first time i saw you in person. You are charming. Yes, I agree with your concerns…..since trekking is a group sport, a lot of responsibility is involved, n hence, a lot of care must be taken. I also am happy with local treks, but here, too….there are many restrictions. But, that’s how it is. And, I agree with you, lets wait for some time, n see how things unfold. Till the, take care, n stay safe.

  34. I 100% agree with Arjun Mazumdar and his comentry on when can we expect to start trekking was very apt.
    Lets all pray that we won’t have a second wave of covid infection.

    Till then let’s give time to the mountains to breathe in peace.

  35. I am in complete agreement with Arjun sir..we must be patient and think about the local folks and their safety.i have been hearing a lot of trek organizations and even the trekkers promoting this thought/opinion/perspective that the locals are now desperate to reopen treks coz they don’t have any livelihood..but I am glad that you made it loud n clear that the locals are not wanting to start treks unless it’s really safe..so I feel that all d City folks need to stop being selfish.. only because they are bored and want a change in life hence want to go trekking, they should really think and worry for d locals..I am glad IH is taking this stand unlike other trek organizations

  36. Arjun is absolutely right when he says that group trekking in the Himalaya can only resume when the infections go down below the 20/30 per day figures and when transportation returns to as close to normal as possible. It is delusional to think that it can resume just because state governments and the IMF have released “guidelines” on safe trekking and would like the income that they have lost due to the pandemic.
    His perspective about the lack of hospital care and facilities in the mountains is very insightful and should be taken seriously. Swathi was trying to put him on the spot by asking him for a timeline when trekking can open and I think that was a very unfair question! I am glad that he fielded the question appropriately. With a 1.3 billion population India has to be more than cautious about re-opening the economy in all its facets. Just look at the USA where idiotic guidelines from Trump’s administration has plunged that country (where the population is just one fourth of India’s and whose medical facilities infrastructure is way ahead of India’s) into being the country with the highest number of corona virus infections on the planet.

  37. Hi Team, it makes sense to open treks when the infection rate is considerably low as per standards where moving around is considered safe. Many reasons for that as Arjun described and apart from that starting operations and then again shutting down will cost not only in terms of money but the image of trekking in Himalayas and the company. I guess when have been waiting for so long, lets wait a bit more.

  38. Hey

    How safe is it to trek locally? Especially for folks with young kids at home.
    Appreciate if you can throw some light on trekking locally.


    1. Hi Roopashree, if you’re taking your own vehicle to the base camp, trekking and coming back, it is quite safe. This is provided you don’t make stops on your drive to visit any dhabas / restaurants. Just pack your own food, your own water, trek without coming in contact with anyone. Ideally, choose a trail that’s not frequented too often. Even a 30 minute trek can be really refreshing at a time like this.

  39. Hello Swathi,

    Thank you for sharing across this wonderful interview.

    We are sure that we would be safe under your esteemed trek team’s guidance and support.. but what is really risky us that during the time of transit – i.e. reaching to the trek team itself is something really something none of us could think of as the place where we come from may be a containment zone..also, if while on the way we unfortunately get the virus, we may be asymptomatic initially..but then if during the trek there happens to be the symptoms showing up, it would be difficult for everyone there. Hence, best is to wait for things to get better until w vaccine is out and start back only once everybody and every place is safe.

    Eagerly waiting to trek!

  40. Sorry guys but I absolutely take offense when you guys so casually say States like himachal, Uttarakhand and Kashmir.There is no state like kashmir.Its Jammu and Kashmir.It might seem a small thing to you guys but it isn’t for us jammuites.The least we expect from fellow citizens.

  41. Completely agree with what Arjun had said,as he answered a big question that every one has in their minds quite a long time and changed the perception on how we think.so let’s wait for the better results .Stay home stay safe for now

  42. safety of the villagers specially in the remote areas should be top priority.. the video is spot-on, do some local treks and one must treat 2020 as the year of no treks..

  43. Though I am really missing trekking, I completely agree with Arjun’s discussion and arguments. Not only the trekkers’ health but also the health of the mountain folks is important. I am all for whatever you decide as an organisation. I look forward to trekking when the pandemic subsides and we can walk outdoors freely. Kudos to IH for their constant updates, regular articles (which are truly awe-inspiring) and support for us trekkers!

  44. That was such an amazing perspective coming from the founder himself. Really appreciate the thought process behind determining the key factors for opening up treks at Indiahikes. Safety of not just trekkers, but the mountain folks as well is paramount at this stage, no second thoughts about that. Another highlight of the video was coming to terms with the fact that trekking is a social sport; so no amount of social distancing measures taken would help, at this stage.

  45. Thank you, Arjun Majumdar, for the excellent and clear advice. You remind us that we know little about this virus and what it’s lasting results may be, in terms of disability, for instance, and about the lack of medical care in the mountains. You also remind us to go on day treks near home. I will use your method of evaluating when it is safe to travel and participate in group outdoor activities.

  46. I agree with Arjun — I think it is a bit too early to begin trekking in the mountains. Primarily, because coming from the city’s and trekking into remote mountain villages we may endanger the health situation of communities in areas where primary and tertiary health care infrastructure for locals is very sparse. I think we must set internal guidelines — when daily new infections in cities from which trekkers come is less than 40-50 per day and when quarantine requirements are lifted etc seem like reasonable criteria to set a target start date. Unfortunately , currently we are very distant from that!

  47. The emphasis on safety of takers and the local population is commendable. We need to respect their space and lives, and not just their livelihood. Appreciate India Hikes for being realistic and not getting adventurous in a hurry. Advice to look for local treks whenever possible is a good lead i never considered. Thanks!

  48. It is very optimistic of Arjun to aim at Diwali to resume trekking. In fact we all would be happy and relieved if we are able to move freely without any restrictions by then. However, the numbers we see are just the tip of the iceberg. Some reports say that actual cases could be 4-5 times higher than what are published. If that’s true, we have a long road to normalcy.

  49. Covid is now at its peak, but it will stay with us in many ways in coming years. So we have to plan out future hikes in different ways. We all are waiting to see it restarting.

  50. Dear Ms. Swathi,

    Feel very great after this video, that INDIA HIKES doesn’t in hurry for restarting the treks in this critical situation. We all want to go on a adventurous trek again but while we are in the COVID-19 peak situation, we should also care for the people out there in Mountains (specially in Himalayas) that we shouldn’t be the reason for the spread of infections and ruin their life. While some people surely dependent on trekking industry and may face critical financial situation, but we should hope and prey for their best to pass this condition. Even bad times will pass soon and we all soon have a normal life again. Hope INDIA HIKES family is safe and healthy. Also hope INDIA HIKES will be back with great treks after situation gets normal. My healthy wishes are with INDIA HIKES family.

    Your Trekker
    Harshil Rajdev
    Maninagar. Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  51. I think the whole perspective has been nicely put up. There is no iota of doubt that personal health is utmost important in the present environment. It would be a while before we can go back to mountains which are far away from your state and involves traveling. I thing the suggestion a day trek in and around your area is best option available. So let us hope that the situation normalises soon and we are back to trekking.

  52. Arjun’s vision seems wise but not sure when Indian metros would come to 50 cases per day , the light is too too far away for us and we have to wait with patience , not for trekking only but life to be back at normal pace.

  53. Actually what i think i agree only local people can go for trek as i have been to inderhar pass few days back .yes i agree during thia pandamic we should wait for green signal.

  54. Arjun sir has rightly said that we have to wait till the situation becomes near normal. We can’t take risk even though we are eagerly waiting for Himalayan treks. Till then stay safe and pray God for our bright future.

  55. Hi …Thanks for the information..i guess trekking locally is a great idea .meanwhile continue your physical fitness journey to endure the challenges posed by covid. I personally think…this year should dropp trekking (saying with a heavvy heart).as monsoon and then winters are again going to see peak in covid ….Its not about one state or one metro city ..we have to consider pan india situation ..as trekkers travel from throughout the country.plus a covid negative report 72 hours is eye wash ..as 33%can still be positive and asymptomatic…..so i feel we need to keep our mountain and mountain folk safe …and be pateint .

  56. hello Swathi,
    Thanks for touching upon this topic and appreciate the frank and firm commitment to saftey . Will appreciate if you could help by grading treks based on locations , age , difficulty levels so that when the treks begin people have already decided the locations . Basically your recos . Thanks again for all the useful info you take the trouble to pen down.

  57. As a close friend of Arjun i must say that his views on trekking are very realistic during this disastrous situation. He has highlighted the fear factor and the risks involved for every body as part of the trek.
    Thanks a lot for the valuable experience.

  58. Very heartening to hear such a honest and logical reasoning from Mr Arjun on when to restart trekking.
    I find India Hikes to be very honest in all your interactions and your approach to the sport Kudos to the team and your philosophy.

  59. I agree with Arjun,we need to patiently wait till the pandemic wanes .Meanwhile small groups can do one day trek to keep fit.We need to be safe more than anything else during this period though a lot of business is lost it’s only momentary ,the future will he bright for trekking.

  60. Absolutely agree with Arjun’s decision to postpone trekking for a few more months. It’s better to be late than sorry. Also in such circumstances it’s very important to keep in mind the health of other people especially people living in mountains who don’t have access to medical care.

  61. Dear Swathi, Arjun and IH Team,

    Amidst the pressure from trekkers to resume trekking, coupled with the financial difficulties (and many more unknowns to city folks like us), I’m truly impressed and inspired at the response from Arjun.
    The balance, sensitivity, responsibility and maturity that he has expressed through this video reflects the stature of him and entire IH team. You’ve been giving great guidance to all the serious trekkers in India. Such Leaders are essential!

    Let us wait and hope for a safer future, when we all can celebrate trekking in newer ways!


  62. Hello Swati,
    I just saw this video and I felt tremendous respect for Arjun’s thoughts. The points that he mentioned are so valid. And he thinks in such a wide way.

    I’m badly missing trekking these days hence I watch trekking videos on YouTube every morning for 15-20 min after my breakfast. It gives me some satisfaction atleast.

    Last but not least, I look forward to come again for a trek with Indiahikes. But yes, only when the rate of Virus spread drops down below 50 new cases as Arjun mentioned.

    Thank you

  63. It takes a lot of conviction, restraint and will power for a trekker and more so for one who has been instrumental in this sport for a considerable time to say that trekking has yet to free itself from the clutches of the dreaded COVID-19. Despite being aware of the hazards, we don’t want to believe that we can’t trek yet. So, my compliments to Arjun for a balanced analysis of the situation and appropriate advice.
    I think one of the common problems in the Himalayan treks relates to breathing and it’s exactly which COVID-19 attacks too. So your suggestion for exploring and going for local, day hikes is really sensible.
    I’m very unsure of what I’m going to say now about possibility of High altitude treks, which is this-
    We may plan to offer HA treks for only those who can travel to the base collectively from their homes for the trek in dedicated vehicles. So each trek can be opened but only for such people who are in the vicinity of the base camp and can reach the base camp in own/chartered vehicles within a reasonable travel time.
    Social distancing even in the worst affected cities is not being followed to the desired extent. Even though this should not make anyone of us complacent, we should try to return to normal with the new paradigm rather that only displaying that we are following safety advisory but actually not doing so.
    I have seen that barring few exceptions trekkers are more serious, aware, meticulous and caring than most others. The management of Corona lies in being back to business with strict observance of safety guidelines and following it as much in spirit as in letters.
    Let’s not have an iota of doubt in that SAFETY IS SUPREME
    Safety of people must supersede the wish of advancing the recommencement of trekking.

  64. Yes I completely agree with Mr Majumdar, safety comes first, I think we should show little patience and wait till the infection level in the cities goes down, and when Transport are fully operational without any restrictions. Yes Mr Majumdar rightly made us realised that we should think about mountain folks safety, since they have medical access challenges. In the mean time lets work on our fitness ,stay safe, and wait till situation comes to normal.
    Thanks Swathi for the video
    Just one advise I have never done the trek before and have low BP issue, can you please guide on exercise regime to follow to be ready for my first trek

  65. Hi,
    I think monsoon one day treks r also at risk at least here in Maharashtra.
    We have wait & watch policy for another couple of months.

  66. Its always a pleasure to listen to your sweet voice and words, Swathi. As much as we are all waiting to get back to the mountains, it is only fair and best if we wait for the infected numbers to come down and also not put the people living in the mountains at risk, given that healthcare is mountains is difficult and I completely agree with what Arjun says. I would like to appreciate IH for keeping safety of all people as the top priority whatever be the competition around. We trekkers trust you to do your best for all of us. Thank you for this interview with Arjun and clarifying for us.

  67. I agree with Arjun. I believe we need to ensure we are part of the solution and not creators/spreaders of the problem. I look forward to trekking sometime soon and wish the folks at India Hike and the communities they support the very best during these trying times.

  68. Hi
    Thanks for this video where you shared thoughts about future possibilities of going on a trek.Right now its home time and what i would like you to do is post regular videos and interviews with trek leaders where they share their experience about any trek and also if you could interview via video chat or any other mode where you interact with your trekkers and share their experiences about various treks .It would be great till we hit the mountains again….

  69. Very true. This gives us clarity on when to expect trekking again. It’s of paramount importance that we think about our hosts and locals in the mountains first. Because there are less number of cases there, and it feels safe for us to go, doesn’t mean it’s safe for them to receive us. We might be a career, that even we would never know. It’s better to wait. Meanwhile, being in Delhi, I have explored the Bhardwaj lake trek as given in the IH website. I am soon plannin to explore another trek in Delhi from the list of DIY treks on your website. What better time to explore local trails than this. You guys are wonderful. Keep us posted. Hearing from you makes us happy 🙂

  70. Very balanced views Mr. Majumdar. Takes guts to say no at this point in time ! Esp when the cost pressures on your organisastion, peer pressure in the form of competitors restarting and the temptation to restart BAU , are all very high.

    I have been a fan of IH since 2018, and now a personal fan of Mr Majumdar .

    Much as i love the thought of resuming treks, the overriding concern should rightly be personal and group safety.

    All the best and see you all safe and healthy on the other side of this pandemic.

  71. Hi Arjun, I appreciate your honest and detailed assessment considering current situation. I am not if this has been brought up, but have you considered to do Covid testing prior to the trek? Along with this if you follow the recommendations the chances of having or spreading Covid is no worse (might even be better) than living normal life. This way people have the option to enjoy the treks and experience that IH offers. regards, Suresh.

  72. Hey Swathi,
    Last year I missed the Tarsar Marsar trek due to the tension in Kashmir. Ever since i learnt about Indiahikes I have been itching to go on a Himalayan trek.
    Frankly, I thought 2020 would be the year to start my trekking journey but Covid-19 has taken the entire world by surprise.
    I guess when the time is right everything will fall in place.

    Hoping for safety and prosperity to Indiahikes team during these tough times.