Winners of July 2017 Photo contest

This month has been a complete treat to the eyes! We’ve got entries from one of our favourite treks in Kashmir, the Tarsar Marsar and the Kashmir Great Lakes trek alongside the lush green Hampta Pass, Bhrigu Lake and the outstanding Pin Bhaba.

We got close to 500 photo entries this month. Our guest judge Vishwas H K has picked out the top three winners.

But in addition to that, we have a Trekkers’ Choice Prize!

You can vote for your favourite photo and it will be given the Trekkers’ Choice Prize! Scroll down to vote!

Trek Photographer of the month 

Ashwin – Kashmir Great Lakes 

KGL- Ashwin- Gadsar lake -Nature at its best
Nature at its best!

This photograph has all the elements for the perfect photo! Judge Vishwas says, “Flowing water, glacier lake, a waterfall, blooming flowers, snow, green grass, mountain ranges close to LoC and a blue sky spattered with clouds. Did I miss anything? Print and frame it I say!”

First Runner Up 

Sanjib Das – Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass - Sanjib Das - MOONSOON HIMALAYA
Monsoon in the Himalayas

Monsoons in the Himalayas are truly refreshing. Judge Vishwas says, “A good use of basic composition technique; using foreground, background with a subject. The rain baring clouds adds spice to this photo.”

Second Runner Up 

Vaibhav Jain – Kanamo Peak 

kanamopeak_VaibhavJain_Reflection of a mammoth mountain range in a tiny pond at Chandrataal
Reflection of a mammoth mountain range in a tiny pond at Chandrataal

This reflection of Chandrataal Lake is beautifully staged for the perfect shot! Judge Vishwas says, “The sharp reflection stands out, thanks to the calm waters at that great altitude.”

Trekker’s Choice Award

Mohit dev – Hampta pass

Hampta pass- Mohit dev - Mesmerizing fog on its play at jwara
Mesmerizing fog on its play at jwara

This looks more like a sketch than a photograph! Judge Vishwas says, “Not all Monochrome pictures come alive in a photograph but this one does! The smoothness of the clouds and the sharpness of the subjects captures the viewers’ attention.”


 Arjun Bhalla – Kashmir Great Lakes

KGL-Arjun Bhalla -The beauty of nature is everywhere
The beauty of nature is everywhere

Can you spot any sheep grazing with their heads turned towards the right? Our judge Vishwas says, “You could call this nature, science or simply a stroke of luck!”

 Deekshitha – Valley of Flowers

VOF - Deekshitha - View on trek to VOF near pushpavati river
View on the Valley of Flowers trek near Pushpavati river

This photo makes us want to grab our raincoats and trek up to the Valley of Flowers. Judge Vishwas says, “This is shot from a point and shoot camera; and this shows you just need to have a vision in mind about framing. Very well framed and it brings out the essence of a trek.”

Ravindra – Hampta Pass

Hampta-Ravindra-Grazing Horse
A Grazing Horse

This is a classic Hampta Pass photo! You’ll definitely find these majestic horses in Shea Goru. Judge Vishwas says this photo has all the necessary elements for a complete shot.

 Jagadeesh – Pin Bhaba Pass

PinBhaba_JagadeeshDM_From Pushtirang campsite
View from the Phustirang campsite

Now we know why our Trek Coordinator, Vishnu Benne nearly cried at the sight of the flowers on the Pin Bhaba trek. Our Judge Vishwas says, “This composition could have been better by enhancing the depth and a being a bit cautious about the focusing. Just love the colours!”

 Rahul Chattopadhyay – Kashmir Great Lakes 

KashmirGreatLakes-Rahul Chattopadhyay-Satsar campsite at night
Satsar campsite at night

Who else loves star gazing? This isn’t an easy shot. A person who has experienced the pleasure and pain of photographing the Milky Way is definitely a photographer in the making. Judge Vishwas says the photo is, “A brilliantly composed show with all the tents around.”

 Phaniraj – Kashmir Great Lakes

KGL- Phaniraj - Horses Grazing in the meadows of Gadsar
Horses Grazing in the meadows of Gadsar

This photo sets an example for perfect symmetry. The yellow and purple flowers add to the drama. Judge Vishwas says, “The symmetry between the horses and the contrast between their colours makes the photo quite interesting.”

Vishwas H. K.  is a competitive insights professional associated with a leading IT firm in Bangalore. He is an avid trekker and has trekked extensively in the Western Ghats. Besides photography, the Himalayas hold a special place in his heart.  He is passionate about landscape and long exposure photography.


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