Why Kanamo Peak Is a Great Alternative To Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri is a trek that attracts many trekkers for its altitude. It is at around 20,190 ft. But many people don’t know that there is another peak that rises almost to the same altitude. And like Stok Kangri, it does not involve a technical climb. We are talking about the Kanamo Peak trek.

Kanamo stands tall and above all else in its region at 19,600 ft. It overlooks over almost 35 other summits. It is a thriller of a climb!

Why does it make a great alternative to Stok Kangri?

Well, Kanamo is a much lesser-known trek that is hidden away in the heart of Spiti Valley. This is a region of Spiti that is still untouched by modernity, unperturbed by civilization. It is a quieter, prettier and an equally challenging alternative.

Watch the following video to know why Kanamo Peak is a great alternative to Stok Kangri

At Indiahikes, we are always looking for fresher, newer trails to give older treks some breathing space. Kanamo is one of the fresher treks, where you’re likely to be the only group trekking.

If you’re looking for a difficult trek, and if you have the required fitness levels, then give this trek a shot.

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4 thoughts on “Why Kanamo Peak Is a Great Alternative To Stok Kangri

  1. Hello,
    First of all, i would like to thank you for the content you post. It is really helpful for alpine style climbers like me. It is because of India hikes i was able to complete roopkund trek solo. I was planning to go to stok but after reading this article i am considering Kanamo trek. i have the following question :
    1. Is the trail well established?
    2. Can this be done in june end with crampons and ice axe if required?
    3. Can we hire the above equipment from kibber or kaza?
    4. Are guides available from kibber just to guide me for the route part?
    Any other suggestion?

    ps- I did my basic mountaineering course in 2017 with A grade and am physically fit. Will it be possible for me to complete the trek in 3 days?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Parth, the trail is well established but there are multiple trails to the top. Therefore, you need to study the trails well. A word of caution here – it is easy to get lost if the weather turns bad. To answer your next question – you can do this trek in June with crampons and ice-axe, but you need to be experienced mountaineer. You can hire the equipment from Kaza, not Kibber. And, guides are available at Kibber. It is NOT recommended to do the trek in 3 days, and that doesn’t have much to do with fitness levels. Even fit trekkers require time to acclimatize. Our suggestion would be to give your body at least 2-3 days to adjust to the high altitude 🙂