Kuari Pass – The Best Himalayan Trek For Beginners And Children

Are you confused about choosing your first Himalayan trek?

The Kuari Pass trek is an easy-moderate trek suited best for a first time trekker.

This is one of the few treks where you will spot big mountains from the very first day of the trek. The very first of them is the Nanda Devi.

Our founder, Arjun, who visited Kuari Pass in summer 2017 was surprised at how underestimated the trek was! “Not only do you see these big mountains but you see each of them isolated – just a big mountain from the base to the top!” he says!

In fact, the Khullara campsite has Mt. Dronagiri rising right in the background.

To top it all, the trek is an easy-moderate trek that is suitable for children too. Arjun himself trekked with his 8-year-old daughter to the Kuari Pass.

In this video, Arjun Majumdar talks about the trek just after returning from Kuari Pass. Take a look.

Karishma Jayapaul

Karishma Jayapaul

Karishma Jayapaul was an assistant content manager at Indiahikes. A journalist by profession, she loves to write about real life experiences. Her love for fitness and writing made her join the Indiahikes content team. Baking is her first love, while in her free time she plays the piano.

5 thoughts on “Kuari Pass – The Best Himalayan Trek For Beginners And Children

  1. Hi Karishma,
    I am planning for winter trek to Brahmtal in Dec last with wife and 2 kids aged 13 years and 6yrs. We have been visiting mountains quite frequently but it would be Ist trek for kids. Is it advisable to take 6yrs old daughter to Brahmtal?

    1. Hello Raj, I don’t think it is advisable to take your 6-year-old daughter on the Brahmatal trek. It gets very cold up on the mountains during this time and the temperature goes even below minus. More importantly, children get exhausted very quickly and she might find it very difficult to cope up with the trek.

  2. Hello Indiahikes,
    I want to take my 6 year old daughter for a trek in Himalayas, she is already experienced with easy Treks around Ooty. But my concern is we get holidays only late December, so I need you to suggest place where it is not unbearably cold at that time of the year.
    Thank you,

  3. Hi Karishma,
    I am planning for winter trek to Kuari pass in Dec last with my kids 9yrs. Is it advisable to take 9yrs old daughter ?

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