What makes Roopkund one of the most popular treks in India?

Roopkund is one of the most popular high altitude treks in India and that isn’t a surprise. With few of the largest high altitude meadows in Asia and a grand climb to the glacial lake, it is a perfect trek to do! Swathi and Arjun discuss the trek in detail.


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One thought on “What makes Roopkund one of the most popular treks in India?

  1. Planning for a Trek from October 20 to 29th.
    Which trek would you experts suggest to be the best in scenic view/beauty, with a little snow/snowfall on the way, or snow laden fields , & clear views of a series of mountain range just in front of us…( during this period) gradewise moderate-difficult..
    Expectations r high, but….
    Please, Please Suggest with a brief itinerary
    With due regards,